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Written by Craig Cooper   
Friday, 28 December 2012 14:06

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Dec. 27, 2012 – Olivia and Mason were the most popular names for babies born at Genesis this year.

Olivia (18 babies) edged out Isabella (17) as the most popular name for newborn girls at Genesis BirthCenters in Davenport and at Genesis Medical Center, Illini Campus, Silvis. Sophia, No. 3 on the Genesis list this year, held the top spot the past two years.

Olivia moved up from a tie for sixth in 2011.

Mason, which didn't make the Genesis top ten last year but was No. 1 in 2010 at Genesis, was the name for 17 baby boys born at Genesis.

The rest of the top most popular girls names for Genesis babies were Ava and Madison (12); and Emma and Zoey (11).

Following Mason as the most popular boys name at Genesis were Benjamin (14), William, Alexander and Noah (13 each).

Babies born at Genesis were trendy again in 2012. The top five girls names nationally, according to were Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Isabella and Ava. The top five boys names were Aiden, Jackson, Ethan, Liam and Mason.

Isabella, the most popular baby girls name at Genesis in 2009 and No. 1 nationally in 2010, continues to be a regular on popular baby name lists. Isabella instantly became one of the most popular baby girl names in the U.S. with the release of the "Twilight" series of books and movies.

A few babies born at Genesis in 2012 can be pretty certain they won't have to share their names with classmates. Among the unique names given to babies born at Genesis in 2012 were Aabro, Akyndrea, Ellashawnee, Jahzzyiah, Laushantiana, Princess Tylaiz, Unterriona, Izhais, Souleymane and Xhevdet.

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2012 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Olivia (18); 2. Isabella (17); 3. Sophia (14); 4. tie, Ava and Madison (12); 6. tie, Emma (11) and Zoey (11); 8. tie, Avery and Chloe (10); 10. Lily (9).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2012 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Mason (17); 2. Benjamin (14); 3. tie, William, Alexander and Noah (13); 6. Elijah (12); 7. tie, Henry, Anthony, Jayden and Jackson (11). 

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2011 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Sophia (22); 2. Ava (17); 3. tie, Addison and Isabella (16); 5. Lily (13); 6. tie, Olivia, Emily and Ella (11); 9. Madison (10); 10. Kylee (9).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2011 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Alexander (17); 2. Elijah (15); 3. tie, Noah and Landon (14); 5. Logan (13); 6. tie, Owen, Aiden, Brayden, Liam (12); 10. tie, Gavin and Jackson (11).

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2010 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Sophia (30); 2. Isabella (23); 3. Emma (22); 4. Ava (20); 5. Addison (18); 6. Ella (17); 7. tie, Madison (14) and Madelyn (14); 9. tie, Lillian (13) and Abigail (13).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2010 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Mason (22); 2. Aiden (17); 3. tie, Alexander (13); Jacob (13); Jayden (13); Luke (13); Zachary (13); 8. tie, Noah, Owen, Caleb, Benjamin, and Carter (12).

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2009 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Isabella (27); 2. Olivia (20); 3. Addison (17); 4. Abigail (16); 5. Ava (15); 6. Grace (14); 7. tie, Emily; Emma and Madison (12); 10. tie, Alexis and Hailey (11).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2009 At Genesis BirthCenters

1. Noah (20); 2. tie, Ethan and Carter (19); 4. Alexander (18); 5. Logan (17); 6. tie, Jacob and Aiden (16); 8. Benjamin (15); 9. Jack (14); 10. William (13).

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2008 At Genesis Birth Centers

1. Addison (21); 2. Hailey (20); 3. Madeline (18); 4. tie, Abigail, Emily and Emma (17); 7. tie, Isabella and Olivia (16); 9. Chloe (15); 10. Ava (12).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2008 At Genesis Birth Center

1. Jaden (25); 2. Aiden (23); 3. tie, Alexander and Noah (21); 5. tie, Kaiden and William (19); 7. tie, Landon and Logan (17); 9. Elijah (16); 10. Benjamin (15).

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2007 At Genesis Birth Centers

1. Ava (22); 2. Olivia (21); 3. tie, Addison and Lily (18); 5. Elizabeth (16); 6. tie, Madeline, Alexis, Sophia, Isabella (14); 10. tie, Emma, Madison (13).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2007 At Genesis Birth Centers

1. Aiden (29); 2. tie, Noah and Jacob (18); 4. Ethan (17); 5. tie Jackson, Tyler, Landon, Gabriel, Benjamin, William and Alexander (Alex) 15.

Most Popular Girls Baby Names In 2006 at Genesis Birth Centers

1. Emma (29); 2. Olivia (20); 3. tie, Ava and Hannah (19); 5. Addison (18); 6. Grace (17); 6. Isabella (16); 7. Abigail (15); 8. tie, Alexis and Lauren (14); 10. Emily (13).

Most Popular Boys Baby Names In 2006 at Genesis Birth Centers

1. Ethan (28); 2. tie, Aiden and Carter (20); 4. tie, Andrew, Logan, Mason and Noah (17); 8. tie, Alexander and Jacob (16); 10. tie, Hunter and Joseph (15).


News Releases - General Info
Written by Rev. Richard Hendricks   
Thursday, 27 December 2012 09:55
In January of 1994, an electrical fire at the Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities (“MCC QC”), then located in Rock Island, Illinois, left the congregation temporarily without a home. Several communities of faith in the Quad Cities were quick to lend a hand, including Temple Emanuel in Davenport, which housed MCC QC worship services at the Jewish synagogue for a time until the current facility at 31 st and Harrison Streets was purchased.

In January of 2013, history will repeat itself in reverse – sort of. The MCC QC congregation sold the Harrison Street facility in December and is excited to be seeking a larger facility with adequate parking that is handicap accessible. Now finding itself again in need of temporary worship space, the Tri-City Jewish Center in Rock Island has opened its doors to the growing church. So when the congregation lost its home in Rock Island, it took refuge at the Jewish Temple in Davenport. Now when the congregation leaves its home in Davenport, it will take refuge at the Jewish Center in Rock Island.

“God has called us to go and we will go where God leads us,” says MCC QC’s pastor, Rev. Rich Hendricks. “I am so pleased that we will have a temporary worship home at the Tri-City Jewish Center and we are very grateful for their hospitality.” MCC QC strives to live up to its mission of providing lively worship and reaching out to all people with God’s inclusive love, and that includes those with physical handicaps. “We can’t say ‘You and your spiritual journey are welcome here,’ and mean it if we are not handicap accessible,”

says Hendricks. During the past year, the congregation met once a month at the Clarion Hotel in order to provide handicap accessible worship services at least once a month. From now on all of the Sunday morning services will be handicap accessible.

The growing 33-year-old congregation hopes to find a permanent home soon, as its facilities housed AA groups, QC Pride meetings, feed the hungry cooking and many other weekday activities. All of that has had to be relocated for now. Rev. Hendricks remains confident: “We know that this is a great community and we feel sure there is a wonderful facility out there for us that we can afford.”

The congregation will hold its worship services at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays at the Tri-City Jewish Center, 2715 - 30th St., Rock Island for now. For more information about MCC QC you may call the church at 563.324.8281 or check them out on the web at .


Loebsack Statement on Congress Leaving Washington for the Holidays PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - General Info
Written by Joe Hand   
Friday, 21 December 2012 15:37

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Dave Loebsack released the following statement today after the House of Representatives left town for the holidays without taking meaningful steps to address the “fiscal cliff” that the nation will go over in 10 days.

“The last thing Congress should be doing is going home rather than working to move forward with a meaningful solution. Months ago, I proposed a compromise plan that would bridge the gap by asking those who have the most to contribute a little more to protect the middle class, small businesses and family farms.  I will be remaining in Washington, prepared to work with anyone who is willing to actually get things accomplished to move our country forward.  Unfortunately, instead of pursuing a solution, it seems the majority in Congress has again decided to bring the economy to the brink.  Washington needs to get serious, get to work, and get this done now.”


Loebsack: The National Conversation Should Begin at Home PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - General Info
Written by Vonnie Hampel   
Friday, 21 December 2012 15:36

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Dave Loebsack announced today that in the coming weeks, he will convene different groups of people to discuss how the nation should move forward in addressing how to ensure our children stay safe.  In the aftermath of the shootings at Newtown, Loebsack will bring together law enforcement officers, members of the mental health community, parents, teachers and administrators, as well as the general public to begin the conversation.

“Everyone from the President to the many people from Iowa who have contacted my office have called on the nation’s leaders to have a national conversation about how we can move forward after the senseless violence in Newtown. I think we have to have every option on the table and open for discussion.  That doesn’t mean everything will be implemented, but when you have an open and honest discussion, it is good to have as many points of view as possible. I will use these meetings to hear from people that are directly involved with protecting our children and I look forward to getting ideas and taking them back to Washington with me while we debate how to move forward.”

Details on the formats, as well as the dates and times will be announced in the near future.


Governor Quinn Proclaims “Day of Mourning” in Honor of Sandy Hook Elementary School Victims PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - General Info
Written by Leslie Wertheimer   
Thursday, 20 December 2012 14:28

CHICAGO – December 20, 2012. Governor Pat Quinn today proclaimed a “Day of Mourning” in Illinois in honor of the 26 students and faculty that lost their lives in the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

WHEREAS, tragic incidents remind us to reflect upon what is truly important in life; and,

WHEREAS, on Friday, December 14, 2012 a gunman opened fire inside Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, tragically ending twenty-six lives; and,  

WHEREAS, the families and loved ones of the victims, the wounded, the Town of Newtown and the State of Connecticut continue to suffer from the horrific acts of violence that occurred on that fateful day; and, 

WHEREAS, these twenty innocent children and six dedicated educators will always be remembered:

Chase Kowalski

James Mattioli

Jack Pinto

Caroline Previdi

Avielle Richman

Benjamin Wheeler

Allison Wyatt

Rachel D’Avino

Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung

Anne Marie Murphy

Lauren Rousseau

Mary Sherlach

Victoria Soto

Charlotte Bacon                           

Olivia Engel                         

Dylan Hockley

Jesse Lewis

Ana Marquez-Greene

Grace McDonnell

Emilie Parker

Noah Pozner

Jessica Rekos

Daniel Barden

Josephine Gay

Madeleine Hsu

Catherine Hubbard

WHEREAS, the remarkable and selfless acts of heroism by Sandy Hook Elementary School staff and first responders undoubtedly saved many lives; and, 

WHEREAS, the people of Illinois send their condolences to the people of Connecticut and grieve the unconscionable losses suffered by the families and loved ones of the fallen; and, 

WHEREAS, in the event of this recent tragedy, the State of Illinois remains committed to promoting the values of peace, faith, and community, with the hope of ending all acts of violence; and,  

THEREFORE, I, Pat Quinn, Governor of the State of Illinois, do hereby proclaim Friday, December 21, 2012 as a DAY OF MOURNING in Illinois in remembrance of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  

I call upon citizens of our state to observe this day with a moment of silence at 8:30 a.m. (CST). I also ask, wherever possible, for public, private, faith-based and all other corporate or not-for-profit organizations, to join neighbors near and far in ringing bells twenty-six times in honor of each life lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.


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