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Written by Narveen Aryaputri   
Tuesday, 16 August 2011 12:50
During our summer break we are working on getting the Go Loopy bus completed and ready for tours to the Artist's studios, so collectors can buy directly from the Artists as well as to Art Galleries in the towns and cities along the Mississippi where the river flows west, i.e from Muscatine to LeClaire on the Iowa side and Illinois City and Port Byron in the Illinois side. Of course we will need to adjust to restrict ourselves to where there are art galleries and artists who have studios which they want to open up to collectors.
This Go Loopy bus is a joint project between The Institute and Johannes Bus Services. 7 area Artists are painting a yellow school bus, no longer yellow, to be converted to an Art Bus for an Art Open tour.  The art work on the bus flows beautifully. It is the only example of a moveable art installation in our area thus far. I trust there will be more that will follow.

More news and details of the Art Open tour will be circulated as the art venues firm up.  The bus is almost done, getting clear coated this week.
We will post the photos on our website and also, physically, at the Institute itself, so you can see hard copies of the photos of the art work, as well as about the artists.
The other part of our summer is the continuing work on the Herb and Spice food plate. At the beginning of  the new semester we will be circulating what we have completed for open commentary.
We are looking to resume our Independent Scholars' Evenings on September 1st. 2011. The first Thursday of the month.  We will be resuming earlier since supporters are requesting and missing the evenings.

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