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Written by Gopal Krishna   
Monday, 31 March 2014 09:56
My fellow Republicans,

Today I was elected as Co-Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. I have been a Republican all of my life and have worked hard for Republican candidates all across Iowa.

I believe our party is strong and can be even stronger with a unified message. I look forward to the next 10 months and right away I will be working to give our candidates everything they need from now until the elections in November.

The Republican Party of Iowa has a voter registration advantage over the Democrats and I want to continue to build upon that.

In order to be successful we must reach out to new voters, especially those who may not look or sound like those who we have reached out to before.

As one of the only Asian-American Republican Party Chairmen or Co-Chairmen in the entire nation, I know I have a a role to play.

I have already reached out to the RNC and its Chairman Reince Priebus about Iowa taking the lead to reach out to minority voters.

I pledge that as long as I am Co-Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, our party will take the lead in being a good example in minority outreach.

From now until November I will make sure the Republican Party of Iowa is seen as a party that wants to reach out to minorities and will treat them with respect.

As long as I am Co-Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, our state will be known across the country as a state that deeply values all people, and will work to help people realize why all people, regardless of skin color, should vote Republican.

I will also work hard to travel across the state of Iowa, talk with all of our counties, and raise monies for our excellent candidates.

While sometimes there will be different groups or factions within the party, I believe we must get past that and work hard to election Republicans.

I look forward to being Co-Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa through our election cycle.

We've got some tough races ahead of us, but from now until November I pledge to work as hard a I can to give our candidates everything they need.

Thank you for your support and for working with me to create the strongest Republican Party we can.

Gopal Krishna
Republican Party of Iowa
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