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Written by Office of the Governor of the State of Iowa   
Monday, 07 April 2014 08:28

(DES MOINES) – Gov. Terry E. Branstad today signed the following bills into law:

House File 514: an Act specifying procedures for resolving claims against purchased or pledged good held by pawnbrokers. 

House File 2132: an Act establishing the Gideon fellowship program in the Office of the State Public Defender.

House File 2181: an Act relating to the maximum weight of motor vehicles covered under the lemon law and including applicability provisions. 

House File 2278: an Act restricting disclosures of specified information by regional transit districts, and providing a penalty.

House File 2325: an Act relating to certain corporations organized prior to July 1, 1971, by eliminating requirements relating to publication.

House File 2344: an Act relating to drainage of levee districts by providing for mergers, the liability of trustees, bidding requirements, the annexation of land, and authorizing the imposition of assessments upon affected landowners. 

House File 2435: an Act relating to taxation by updating the code references to the internal revenue code, providing for the repeal of the generation skipping transfer tax and Iowa estate tax, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.

Senate File 220: an Act relating to funding for retirement incentive programs offered by school districts and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.

Senate File 2080: an Act relating to exchanging information contained in the Iowa information program for drug prescribing and dispensing.

Senate File 2091: an Act relating to common forms of co-ownership of real property and including effective date and applicability provisions.

Senate File 2092: an Act relating to the criminal offense of fraudulent practice and making penalties.

Senate File 2121: an Act making changes to the controlled substance schedules, and providing for penalties.

Senate File 2185: an Act concerning the determinations of native horses for purposes of pari-mutuel wagering.

Senate File 2198: an Act providing for the issuance of a paddlefish fishing license and tag and providing penalties.

Senate File 2211: an Act relating to the civil commitment of a sexually violent predator. 

Senate File 2212: an Act relating to land disposal of yard waste and including effective date provisions.

Senate File 2257: an Act relating to programs and accounts administered by the College Student Aid Commission.

Senate File 2259: an Act modifying provisions applicable to personal information security breach notification requirements, and making penalties applicable.

Senate File 2271: an Act relating to the duties and authority of the College Student Aid Commission relating to the registration of certain postsecondary schools, to interstate reciprocity agreements, and to registration fees collected by the commission.

Senate File 2273: an Act allowing the holders of interests in certain entities eligible to hold agricultural land to be elected as trustees of drainage or levee districts.

Senate File 2291: an Act providing an exemption from registration fees for certain new completed motor vehicles purchased by an equipment dealer for modification and resale.

Senate File 2296: an Act relating to mental health treatment costs of certain persons accused of a crime.

Senate File 2315: an Act relating to the scope and nature of use restrictions on land.

Senate File 2320: an Act relating to providers of medical assistance program consumer-directed attendant care and consumer choices option services, including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.

Senate File 2321: an Act relating to jurisdiction over certain offenses committed by members of the state military forces, and establishing certain notification and reporting requirements.

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