Governor Pat Quinn Statement on Judge Ruling Against Suspension of Legislative Pay Print
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Written by Brooke Anderson   
Monday, 30 September 2013 15:50
CHICAGO – Governor Pat Quinn issued the below statement regarding today’s ruling by Judge Neil Cohen to allow legislators to receive their paychecks:

“I respectfully disagree with the judge’s decision.

“On behalf of Illinois taxpayers, I intend to appeal the decision and seek a court stay that would prevent any legislative paychecks from being issued until this case is considered by a higher court.

“However, this case is about far more than just the Governor’s constitutional authority to suspend the appropriations for legislative paychecks.

“The reason I suspended legislative paychecks in the first place – and refused to accept my own – is because Illinois taxpayers can’t afford an endless cycle of promises, excuses, delays and inertia on the most critical challenge of our time.

“Illinois’ pension crisis is costing taxpayers millions of dollars a day; robbing our children of the education and public safety services they desperately need; and holding our economy back from real recovery.

“I will not accept a paycheck until a comprehensive pension reform bill is on my desk, and neither should legislators.

“Nobody in Springfield should get paid until the pension reform job gets done.”



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