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Friday, 09 December 2011 15:14
Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011

Sen. Chuck Grassley made the comment below about his request for documents from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about its dealings with the firm, LightSquared.

Grassley has been seeking information from the agency as part of his effort to understand why the agency has allowed the company to move forward with its plans for a terrestrial 4G network, despite serious concerns of interference with the GPS systems used widely in military, aviation and emergency response venues.  The agency has refused to provide the public with insight into its approval process.

Months ago and subsequently, Grassley asked the FCC to provide documents regarding its interactions with LightSquared and LightSquared’s parent company, Harbinger Capital Partners.  The FCC has refused to comply with Grassley’s request.

Earlier this month, Grassley announced that he would place a hold on Senate action on two FCC nominees when the nominations are placed on the calendar for floor consideration until the FCC provides information, saying the public’s business ought to be public.

In October, Senator Grassley wrote separate letters to the top investor in and the chief executive of the company, seeking related information.

The Commerce Committee today is holding a hearing on the FCC nominees.

Grassley comment:

“There’s nothing new on whether the FCC will provide the information I requested.  The FCC hasn’t made any move to provide the information.  As a result, my intention to place a hold on the FCC nominees, should they reach the floor, stands.  The FCC needs to make itself accountable to Congress and the American people.  An agency with control over a major piece of the economy can’t be allowed to operate as a closed shop.”

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