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Tuesday, 27 September 2011 11:27

During his weekly video address, Senator Chuck Grassley discusses the Senate hearing this week on whether Google’s search engine is being used to unfairly reduce competition in the marketplace.

Here is the text of the address:

This week I participated in a subcommittee hearing of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee about Google, and whether its search engine is shutting out competitors.

Iowa businesses – both big and small – depend on open and fair access to the internet to reach potential customers and to expand their businesses.

I’ve heard from Iowans who are concerned that Google is unfairly using its market power to manipulate internet searches, and drive web traffic to its own sites to the detriment of small businesses and consumers.  They’re frustrated by the lack of transparency.  They’re concerned that Google is engaging in anti-competitive behavior.

I’ve also heard from Iowans who support Google products and services.  These people rely on the products and services to access customers and grow their businesses.  They’re concerned that the federal government is being overly aggressive, and will place burdensome rules and regulations on a company that is creating good jobs and innovative consumer tools for Iowans.

The federal government’s job isn’t to pick winners and losers.  And, we shouldn’t be penalizing successful companies that are innovating, providing cost-effective and productive services, and creating the jobs of the future.  At the same time, companies should not take unfair advantage of their market power, use their dominance to quash worthy competitors, and engage in deceptive business practices that negatively impact the marketplace, small businesses and consumers.

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