Harkin's Analysis of House Republican Budget Cuts on Education in Iowa – Major Proposed Cuts from Head Start to Pell Grants Print
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Written by Sen. Tom Harkin   
Thursday, 17 February 2011 08:38
February 15, 2011

Later this week, the U.S. House will consider a budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2011.  The current funding proposal (called a “continuing resolution”) expires on March 4, 2011.  Analysis released today shows that the budget proposal will have a devastating impact on education in Iowa if enacted.  Below, please find some specific details.

Harkin’s full statement on the budget proposals before Congress can be found here: http://harkin.senate.gov/press/release.cfm?i=331165.

“From crib to college, Iowa students will be at a disadvantage if the House proposal is enacted,” said Harkin.  “There is no question that the time has come for tough budget decisions, but the smart way to bring down the deficit is for Congress to pursue a balanced approach of major spending cuts and necessary revenue increases, while continuing to make investments in education.  That is the only way our country will remain competitive in the global economy and create good jobs that provide a sustained economic expansion in the years ahead.”

Head Start:
The House proposal would eliminate comprehensive early childhood services nationwide for 218,000 low-income children and their families next year (a cut of over 20 percent), close over 16,000 Head Start and Early Head Start classrooms, and lay off 55,000 teachers, teacher assistants, and related staff.
  • Estimated Impact on Iowa: 1,794 fewer kids in Iowa will have access to Head Start services.

Title I Grants:
The House plan cuts an additional $5 billion from the Department of Education, including slashing Title I education funding by nearly $700 million, meaning 2,400 schools serving 1 million disadvantaged students could lose funding, and approximately 10,000 teachers and aides could lose their jobs.

  • Estimated Impact on Iowa: our state would see a cut of more than $4.5 million in grants to local educational agencies.

Special Education:
The House Republican proposal would cut almost $600 million in federal special education funding.   This reduction could lead to the loss of 7,000 education staff serving such students.

  • Estimated Impact on Iowa: Lost jobs and potentially higher state and local taxes to make up for the loss of more than $5 million in federal funds to support special education.

Pell Grant program:
The House proposal cuts the maximum Pell Grant award by $845 per student from $5,550 to $4,705, a 15 percent cut.

  • Estimated Impact on Iowa:

Under current funding levels:
Aid Available $809,200,000
Average Award: $3,937

Under the House Proposal:
Aid Available $675,700,000
Average Award: $3,290

For more information, please call Kate Cyrul or Bergen Kenny in Senator Harkin’s press office at (202) 224-3254.

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