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  • Health, Medicine & Nutrition
    Smiddy Legislation Expands Cancer Screening Coverage PDF Print E-mail
    News Releases - Health, Medicine & Nutrition
    Written by Paul Ferraro   
    Friday, 27 March 2015 15:03
    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - Women across Illinois may soon have assurance that preventative screenings will be covered in their insurance plans under legislation offered by state Rep. Mike Smiddy, D-Hillsdale, which advances in committee today.
    "Research has consistently shown that early detection is the key to treating breast cancer," Smiddy said. "The opportunity to detect and fight breast cancer in its early stages should be available to every woman in Illinois."
    House Bill 3673 requires that every insurance plan in Illinois include preventative breast cancer screening for women 35 years and older. The bill mandates that the screening centers be certified by the American college of Radiology. For his work attempting to expand breast cancer screening, Smiddy was honored by the Metropolitan Breast Cancer Task Force as the Legislator of the Year earlier this month.
    "As a husband to a breast cancer survivor, I know that screenings can save lives and early detection can cut some of the high costs of invasive treatments at later stages of cancer," Smiddy said. "I'm honored to be recognized by the Task Force, and I'll continue to work to expand healthcare for Illinoisans and help allow everyone to get the preventative medicine they deserve."
    House Bill 3673 passed the House Human Services committee on March 25.

    Smiddy Pushes a Plan for Doctors to Safely Practice in Multiple States PDF Print E-mail
    News Releases - Health, Medicine & Nutrition
    Written by Paul Ferraro   
    Thursday, 26 March 2015 13:00
    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – To help serve patients in rural areas at a time of shortages of physicians and more patients seeking health care state Rep. Mike Smiddy, D-Hillsdale, advanced legislation Wednesday to bring a multi-state agreement to Illinois, helping doctors safely and transparently practice medicine in multiple states.
    “Many areas of Illinois have little access to healthcare, and this bill will help those areas attract doctors from cooperating states to help those patients receive the high-quality care they deserve,” Smiddy said. “Illinois joining the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact will give families and seniors in our towns access to more methods of care in a safe and transparent way.”
    Smiddy introduced House Bill 3680 to add Illinois to the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, allowing doctors to practice medicine here and in multiple states. The agreement will help expand access to healthcare, especially in rural areas which are often underserved. The compact will also help state share information regarding doctor performance and any ethical concerns to help protect patients.

    5 Signs Your Headache May Be Caused By TMJ PDF Print E-mail
    News Releases - Health, Medicine & Nutrition
    Written by Ginny Grimsley   
    Wednesday, 25 March 2015 07:55

    Medication Will Mask The Pain, Not Cure The Underlying Problem, Expert Says

    Nearly everyone on occasion experiences a throbbing headache that interferes with concentration at work or school, or saps the joy from the day.

    But sometimes the source of that headache can be surprising. For many people, the pain that emanates from the head can be traced back to their teeth, their bite relationship and the alignment of the lower jaw.

    “Pain doesn’t happen randomly or because of bad luck,” says Dr. Fred Abeles, author of the book “Break Away: The New Method for Treating Chronic Headaches, Migraines and TMJ Without Medication” (www.FredAbeles.com).

    “There’s a cause and effect to almost everything in the human body.”

    With many headaches, Abeles says, the cause is the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, the place at the front of the ear where the lower jaw and the temporal bone on the side of the head meet.

    Sometimes the bite and the lower jaw are out of alignment, putting additional strain on muscles, which leads to the headaches. And for many, TMJ headaches aren’t going away because people try to mask the pain with medication rather than correct the underlying cause, Abeles says.

    But how do you know a headache is caused by TMJ? Abeles says these are some of the warning signs.

    •  Your jaw clicks or pops. Any joint in your body should work silently and seamlessly, Abeles says. If your jaw clicks or pops when you open or close it, it’s a clear sign that the lower half of the joint is not in the proper position. Even if the popping and clicking don’t produce pain, he says, the muscles that have to support and stabilize the joint become fatigued and will produce pain.

    •  Your bite feels off. The TMJ is the only joint in the human body that has 28 teeth stuck between the opening and closing motion of the joint to complicate things, Abeles says. Every other joint is completely controlled by muscles, and the position of the joint, its movement and range of motion are mediated by muscle.

    The TMJ’s position is dictated by where our teeth come together in our bite. So if your bite feels off or your teeth don’t fit together well, there’s a good chance your TMJ joints are off, too.

    •  You have pain around your forehead, temples, back of head or radiating down your neck. Ninety percent of pain comes from muscle, Abeles says. If your muscles are not functioning well because of fatigue from supporting one or both of your TMJ joints in an improper position, they produce pain. It’s much like when you exercise or work hard and feel muscle pain later, he says. The only difference is that TMJ is more subtle and chronic.

    •  You have forward head posture. Our heads are supposed to be centered over our shoulders. If yours is in front of your shoulders when you are upright, you have “forward head posture.” That relates to your bite and your airway. The human head weighs about eight to 10 pounds. The farther forward it is off the center axis, the more strain it places on neck muscles and vertebrae.

    •  You snore. Snoring is a red flag that respiration during sleep is disturbed, Abeles says. Several factors can lead to snoring, but one of the most important is the position of the lower jaw, he says. If your lower jaw is a little too far back, then the tongue is farther back as well.

    “If the tongue is slightly farther back than optimal it vibrates against our soft palate, closes off our airway and we snore,” Abeles says. The snoring doesn’t cause the headache, he says, but it could be a sign the lower jaw is too far back. As a result, the muscles that support the jaw in an improper position produce the headache pain.

    About Dr. Fred Abeles

    Dr. Fred Abeles is known as one of the most sought after TMJ experts in the United States (www.FredAbeles.com). He’s famous for getting results where all other have failed and getting those results without the use of surgery, needles or drugs. He is author of the new book “Break Away: The New Method for Treating Chronic Headaches, Migraines and TMJ Without Medication.” Abeles is the Clinical Instructor and Regional Director for the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies – one of the most prestigious post-graduate teaching centers in the world today. Dr. Abeles has been featured on NBC and CBS, consults with leading dental manufacturers on the development of new dental products, been on the cover of the profession’s biggest magazines and instructed dentists throughout the United States and Canada on state-of-the-art techniques for treating headaches and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

    Be Healthy QC Recognizes Local Organizations for Their Workplace Wellness Initiatives PDF Print E-mail
    News Releases - Health, Medicine & Nutrition
    Written by Be Healthy QC   
    Monday, 23 March 2015 09:50

    The Be Healthy QC Worksite Wellness Workgroup of the Quad City Health Initiative (QCHI) is pleased to announce the launch of their Be Healthy QC Workplace Recognition Program and recognize an initial group of 8 organizations. This program was designed to highlight the work of local businesses and organizations and to bring awareness to workplace wellness. By recognizing organizations that create a healthier workplace, the Be Healthy QC Worksite Wellness Workgroup strives to create an overall culture of health within the community. Among the first organizations to receive recognition are Davenport Community Schools, Genesis Health System, MetroLINK, Royal Neighbors of America, Scott County, Scott County Family Y, Two Rivers YMCA and UnityPoint Health - Trinity.

    All organizations interested in applying for recognition are invited to complete the "Be Healthy QC: Creating a Healthy Workplace Assessment". The brief assessment identifies worksites in Rock Island and Scott Counties that are choosing to implement evidenced-based best practices promoting physical activity, nutrition, tobacco cessation and/or overall employee health and well-being. The assessment is intended to be completed by human resource or administrative staff at worksites in the Quad Cities. Instructions and the assessment can be found at www.behealthyqc.org.

    Be Healthy QC is a community wide effort to create a culture of health that supports healthy eating and active living. The Quad City Health Initiative is a cross-sector community partnership working to create a healthy community. A 25-member community Board oversees the organization, which was established in 1999. The Initiative seeks to be our community's recognized leader for creating collaborative action on health and abides by the core values of commitment, collaboration and creativity. Major financial support of the Quad City Health Initiative is currently provided by the generous direct and in-kind investments of Genesis Health System and UnityPoint Health-Trinity. Additional financial support over the last year has been provided by Deere & Company, Mississippi Valley Health, Davenport Eye Group, KJWW Engineering Consultants, Modern Woodmen of America, Palmer College of Chiropractic, First Midwest Bank, Russell Construction Company, Community Health Care Inc., ILLOWA Construction & Labor Management Council, United Way of the Quad Cities Area, Rock Island County Health Department, Scott County Health Department, IMC Construction Ltd., Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce and Hy-Vee Inc.

    For more information, please call 563-421-2815 or visit our website atwww.qchealthinitiative.org.

    What Is Your Obesity Costing You? PDF Print E-mail
    News Releases - Health, Medicine & Nutrition
    Written by Ginny Grimsley   
    Monday, 23 March 2015 07:44

    From Dollar Amount To The Intangibles, M.D. Says Condition Is A Ubiquitous Factor In Life

    Sometimes celebrities or otherwise physically fit people will put on a fat suit and document their experience with a video camera, usually to be aired on a daytime talk show. The overall impression is universal: Being severely overweight is taxing on almost every level, says Dr. Eleazar Kadile, who specializes in treating patients with obesity and associated chronic disease.

    “Physically, emotionally, mentally and even spiritually, being obese is an ever-present condition to the experience my clients face every day,” says Dr. Kadile, director of the Center for Integrative Medicine and author of “Stop Dying Fat” (www.kppmd.com).

    “Obesity is a vicious cycle that usually starts with bad eating habits during childhood. Childhood obesity has quadrupled in recent decades. I don’t think enough of us appreciate how established bad habits are before most obese people reach adulthood.”

    Overweight or obese people often eat for comfort when they’re depressed or as a reward when things are going well, “much like an alcoholic,” says Dr. Kadile.

    Like substance abusers, obese people pay a significant price.

    •  Bigger is costlier. Many are emotional eaters, and when you eat for emotional satisfaction rather than physical satiation, you eat more, which increases the dollars spent. Obese people often have to buy clothes specially tailored for their size, which adds costs. The biggest cost, however, is healthcare due to bad health. Obesity has severely taxed our country’s healthcare costs.

    •  What’s your self-esteem worth? Being a large individual often proves challenging in public, as daytime talk shows sometimes attest. Obesity can keep you from social engagements and make you feel self-conscious while out and about. This can lead to depression and lack of activity, fueling the vicious cycle of the obese lifestyle.

    •  Time – arguably the most important metric. What do we really have in life? Money, work, love, relationships and material goods – these are all good and necessary things. But they are all for not if your health does not permit you to live long enough to enjoy them.

    •  Opportunities, quality of life and happiness are compromised. You can be the most qualified professional at work, but obesity can cost you a raise. You may be a funny, intelligent and attractive person, but being too big might keep you from finding love. Simply having 100 or 200 pounds of extra fat is a burden obese people cannot escape throughout their waking existence.

    “As a society, we should be more compassionate toward obese individuals – they have it hard enough without our critical judgment,” Dr. Kadile says. “If you are obese, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to save on the associated tangible and intangible costs. If you don’t take action today, it can cost you many days from your future that you’d otherwise have.”

    About Eleazar Kadile, M.D.

    Dr. Eleazar Kadile is a complementary physician who specializes in treating patients with obesity, who may suffer from heart disease, hypertension, type-2 diabetes, arthritis, depression or ADHD. With decades of medical experience throughout the United States, he has been developing a comprehensive and systematic approach to battling obesity. He is the director of the Center for Integrative Medicine in Green Bay, Wis. (www.kppmd.com)

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