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Written by Crystal Oberholtzer   
Monday, 16 March 2009 09:50
Hot, humid summer weather is quickly approaching. With energy rates increasing across the country, homeowners will see some of their highest energy bills ever. A home and duct performance test helps homeowners find real solutions to increase energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling bills.

Most homes are not nearly as energy efficient as they should be, leading to energy loss and higher than necessary heating or cooling bills. Up to $0.40 of every heating and cooling dollar spent is lost through poor construction, leaky ductwork and improperly sized or installed equipment according to the Department of Energy.

Professional testing of the home to find problems now can save homeowners substantial money on heating and cooling in the long run.

A home and duct performance test will pinpoint exact causes of energy loss, comfort and indoor air quality problems. A qualified comfort consultant performing the test will offer solutions to insure equipment runs efficiently and cost effectively. Many energy loss problems discovered during the checkup in the home can be simply and affordably solved by the homeowner.

“An HVAC contractor is like a doctor for your house,” says Comfort Institute President Brendan Reid. “Without diagnostic testing, your doctor would just be cutting you open and poking around. There’s a reason doctors don’t do that anymore. This test lets us find the problems in a scientific manner so we can offer real solutions.”

Homeowners who choose to have a home and duct performance test performed on their home should do research before hiring a contractor for the testing. A qualified contractor will provide the homeowner with a full list of problems and solutions to energy, comfort and indoor air quality problems found during the testing and will offer a money back guarantee if the homeowner does not see value in the information found during the testing.

For more information about whole house comfort checkup, visit www.comfortinstitute.org and click on “Whole House Comfort Check-up.” Comfort Institute Member Contractors are fully trained on performing the testing. Certified Comfort Institute Member companies are listed on the Comfort Institute Web site under “locate a CI contractor.”

Comfort Institute provides short educational videos explaining the home and duct performance test to its member contractors. Locate a Comfort Institute Member company to view the videos from that company’s Web site.

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