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Written by Laurie Bluedorn   
Monday, 11 March 2013 11:53
The Illinois Republican Liberty Caucus aims to refocus the Illinois Republican Party by promoting the policies of limited government and free enterprise here in Illinois.

Monday the Illinois RLC welcomed a fellow RLC member from Kentucky, U.S. Senator Rand Paul. Paul was guest of honor at the Northwest Suburban GOP's Lincoln Day Dinner in Palatine and received a certificate of honorary membership in the Illinois RLC. IL-RLC stands with Senator Paul in his insistance that the government follow the rule of law, which is a fundamental principle of republican government.

The Illinois Republican Liberty Caucus Convention -- held February 26th -- unanimously elected officers committed to taking an active role in changing the Illinois political environment. The IL-RLC executive board now consists of Chairman Allen Skillicorn, Vice-Chairman Scott Davis, Treasurer Michael Smyk, and Secretary Laurie Bluedorn. At-large board members are Alan Fortini-Campbell, Justin Kuehlthau, Patricia Hampton, Harvey Bluedorn, Blair Garber, and Dane Stier.

Founded in 1991, the Republican Liberty Caucus promotes the principles and practices of individual liberty, limited government, and free enterprise within the Republican Party, working among party officials and its various organizations, identifying and supporting candidates sympathetic with these goals, and promoting caucus membership among Republican Party registrants, officials, and officeholders.

The IL-RLC recognizes that Illinois’ single-party Democrat rule is not healthy for good governance and the well-being of Illinois families. The IL Republican Party offers the best vehicle to change Illinois for the better, but after decades of patronage and conformity, the Republican brand has been tarnished. We believe that less government intrusion means more liberty, and we will work through local activists, candidates, and persons of influence to oppose government excess and to demand accountability to the people. In 1854 the Republican Party was founded on the principles of liberty, and it is
the objective of the IL-RLC to reclaim the Republican Party as the party of liberty.

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