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Friday, 05 September 2008 07:53

For Immediate Release: Re. Jeremy Greenberg—Comedian From: Ron Placone, Publicist, Seattle, WA

International-touring comedian and writer JEREMY GREENBERG will be in the Quad Cities area SEPTEMBER 11-13TH at PENGUINS COMEDY CLUB. He will be promoting his new book, RELATIVE DISCOMFORT. He plans to visit surrounding bookstores in the area.

Here is some information about the book, RELATIVE DISCOMFORT:

"Seeing family is like catching a head cold: a temporary discomfort
relieved by a snifter or four of brandy." --Jeremy Greenberg

Relative Discomfort is a sidesplitting, guffaw-inducing guide to
living through and laughing at all of our family encounters. You know
that knot you get in your stomach when you're about to come
face-to-face with your Uncle Drunk and Aunt Enabler, or the
brother-in-law who always wants to show you his gun collection? This
book unties that knot.

*RELATIVE DISCOMFORT also includes a humorous section which addresses dealing with family members with different political leanings. This could be an attractive angle considering the upcoming election.

If your family more closely resembles the Simpsons as opposed to the
Tanner, Keaton, or Huxtable clans, then chances are this book is for
you. International headlining comedian Jeremy Greenberg writes from
the premise that although we love our families, many of us don't
particularly love spending time with those who share our dysfunctional

About the Author:
Jeremy Greenberg is an internationally headlining stand-up comedian
and joke writer. He has written for Comics Unleashed, MSN, Atlantic
Business Magazine, and many other publications. He resides in Seattle,
WA, and maintains a virtual presence at

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