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Friday, 22 February 2013 15:40

Des Moines, February 20, 2013—On Tuesday, March 12, the Iowa Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Sioux City, Iowa. The proceeding will take place in Morningside College Eppley Auditorium, 3625 Garretson Avenue. The session will begin at 7 p.m.

The court will hear lawyers argue in two cases:

In the Matter of the Estate of Lois L. Hord

In this case the Iowa Supreme Court will settle the law on issues arising from the transfer of real property subject to a spendthrift trust. Iowa law recognizes the validity of spendthrift trusts, which "restrain both voluntary and involuntary transfer, assignment, and encumbrance of the beneficiary's interest" in the trust. Appellants seek to invalidate transfers they made of their future interests in farm land to their aunt, who held a life estate interest in the land under her husband's will.

State v. Kooima

In this case the Iowa Supreme Court will consider whether an anonymous citizen's tip called into the 911 dispatcher was sufficient for a law officer's investigatory stop of appellant's vehicle. The stop resulted in a second offense OWI conviction. Appellant argues the court should have allowed him to present evidence on the unreliability of the anonymous tip.
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