Jacobs: Silvis school still waiting on money from the state after a decade Print
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Written by Mary Shaw   
Tuesday, 19 February 2013 13:07

SPRINGFIELD – After waiting through three governors and countless capitol bills, Silvis school still has not received the money first promised by former Gov. George Ryan.  The school found out this month from Governor Pat Quinn’s administration that the money is again on hold.

Senator Mike Jacobs (D-Moline), who has continued to fight for the school construction grant for Silvis, said today that enough-is-enough.

“Silvis school district originally applied for the school construction grant in 2002,” Jacobs said.  “They have been strung along by the state for long enough. At a time when Quinn is providing funds for other construction projects across the state, it is time for the state to man up to its commitments and give Silvis the money promised over a decade ago.”

Silvis applied for, and was awarded the school construction grant in 2002, but the funds were never received. Then, Gov. Rod Blagojevich visited Silvis in 2004 and held a press conference with a big fake check guaranteeing the district would receive the money. It didn’t.

In 2009, the General Assembly passed a construction program that was supposed to make the Silvis a priority.

“I am tired of the run around,” Jacobs said. “If the state was never going to live up to its promise of construction dollars, why approve the project and give the people of my district false hope. The state made an agreement, and needs to come through on that agreement now.”

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