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Written by John Phillips   
Friday, 08 June 2012 11:56
BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA - 06/05/2012 - Catch a lot of catfish, and build a memory that will last a lifetime. Most youngsters prefer to catch fish, than fish for fish. The more fish they catch, the more excited they get. One method for catching catfish at this time of year is fishing with Catch-O-Matics (automatic fishing reels also known as Yo-Yos). A Yo-Yo works by simply tying a string attached to the Yo-Yo to a green limb of a tree that hangs-out over the water. Next, pull the line out on the other end of the Yo-Yo that has a hook and bait on it. As you pull the string out with the baited hook, a string inside the Yo-Yo is caused to compress. When a catfish takes the bait, it trips the trigger, making a spring inside the device uncoil. This process sets the hook and keeps tension on the line as the catfish tries to swim away.


To collect your catfish, you can land small fish by pulling on the line. To land bigger catfish, you may have to use a dip net. But, check state rules and regulations about using Yo-Yos, before you fish with them. Another technique for catching a lot of cats and having a lot of catfish this summer is to jug fish for cats.


In John E. Phillips' new book, "Catfish Like a Pro," he interviews some of the best catfishermen in the world, to learn the techniques for not only catching big catfish, but also for catching large numbers of eating-size catfish. You can go to, and type-in the name of the book to find it.


Tips for Tasty Catfish


* Catfish in some areas may have an off-flavor or a fishy taste to them. To solve this problem, put your catfish fillets in an ice chest or a large container, cover the fillets with ice and then cover the ice with 7UP. Allow the catfish to stay in the ice and 7UP for at least 2 or 3 hours; then remove them from the ice, and cook them anyway you like. The meat will be sweet and tasty.


* The meat of catfish will be firm and tasty when frying, if you'll put your fillets in ice and water for at least a minute, before you batter and fry them. By following this procedure, when that cold catfish hits that hot oil, the meat will stay firm and delicious.

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