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Written by Joel Kurtinitis   
Tuesday, 12 February 2013 10:33

PAC-endorsed legislators lead the charge on Personhood, 2nd Amendment

Des Moines, Iowa – State Representatives endorsed by the Liberty Iowa PAC have introduced new legislation protecting the right to life and reinforcing gun rights in the state.  A bill introduced by Rep. Tom Shaw (R – Laurens) would define personhood to include all life from the moment of conception, and would make abortion at any stage a crime in the state of Iowa. 

While the proposed legislation has angered many on the left, Shaw says that his bill will provide equal protection for every person as guaranteed under the 5th and 14th Amendments to the US Constitution.
“For far too long in this nation, we have been murdering innocent persons without due process of law,” said Shaw.  “Any elected official who will not protect your inalienable right to life, will not defend your other rights.” 

Shaw also introduced two bills expanding gun rights in the state:  HF169 would allow those already possessing carry permits in the state to carry concealed weapons on school property, HF170 would limit the jurisdiction of federal agents seeking to impose federal gun control measures on the state.  Both gun bills were co-sponsored by Reps. Jason Schultz of Schleswig and Jake Highfill of Johnston– whom LIPAC endorsed in their House races last year.

Adil Khan, Executive Director of Liberty Iowa, says that the new legislation showcases the priorities of the Liberty Movement in Iowa.  “These bills showcase the kind of courageous, principled leadership that has come to define the Liberty Movement,” Khan said. 
“Liberty Iowa stands with Rep. Shaw completely in his efforts to protect the Constitutional rights of all Iowans.  We will work tirelessly to make sure that this important legislation garners the support it needs to pass both the house and the senate.”

With the PAC quickly approaching its one-year anniversary, Khan sees this bold legislation as an opportunity to identify representatives that will take strong stands for the rights of average Iowans.“These issues are important to Iowans across the political spectrum, and we will ensure that the votes cast on these bills will not be forgotten by voters in the 2014 elections.”  


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