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Written by Jeffrey Hines   
Wednesday, 30 October 2013 13:27

Mid Term Elections Are  Coming

The year 2014 is coming and the political pundits, power brokers and junkies are deciding who will run in the Mid Term and who you can choose from in the next Presidential Election.

Corporations, Political Extremist and Super PACS are more than willing to take control without a second thought.   If this concerns you, than Life In “Corporate America: 2041” is the book you need to read.

The reader will find that Life in “Corporate America: 2041” is more than just about politics.  It allows the reader to follow Michael DeMerit as he travels from city to city looking for work.

Life in Corporate America: 2041 takes place after 25 years of Conservative government.  The Corporations have become Owners/Operators of Counties/Cities/States and the Federal Government “For Profit”.

You will also be able to view the story through various other eyes through newspaper excerpts and reports.

Hines writes “Perhaps we should have realized what was happening behind the scenes.  Perhaps we should have realized special interest and corporations were becoming more powerful than any of our political parties”

In addition, you can view “the history “that took us from 2016 to 2038 and also read excerpts of Articles Michael collected along the way. Life in “Corporate America: 2041” allows the reader to see this “Corporate America” through the eyes of more than just Michael DeMerit.

They are available to the General public by ordering on line at, and   You can also request additional information at B This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Experience Life in “Corporate America: 2041” and Ninety Miles: A Book of Poetry for FREE. You can view/request Free Power Points or mini-review copies.  Check out the Face Book pages by the same name to find more information and quotes.

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