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Written by Mary McNeil   
Friday, 17 April 2009 12:09

Making Musicians Leaders – that is the goal of a new group being formed by local high schoolers. A Kick Off Concert is scheduled for Saturday, April 18th at Mojo’s Café in Davenport to raise money for the group which will help local bands find venues to perform

A handful of local teens have teamed up to create “J & J Musician Corporation”. The group, spearheaded by 17 year-old Jake Dopler, plans to raise money through concerts and then use the money to help foster local arts programs. Dopler, a junior at United Township in East Moline, has been playing music since the 6th grade and feels there is a big void in the community when it comes to promoting local musicians.

The newly formed “J & J Musician Corporation” has a two fold mission. First it will advertise, promote and publicize local bands; help struggling bands find venues to perform. Secondly, the six member group will raise money and use the dollars to create school music programs. Dopler says musicians have a high status in our society—setting trends with hair and clothes, creating lyrics that can change thinking—and the power of musicians should be put to good use. Dopler says the goal of the new organizations is to make musicians leaders.

Dopler also says the group plans to volunteer in local environmental efforts—such as cleaning up local rivers—and other community needs.

The kick off concert and fundraising campaign begins Saturday, April 18th beginning at noon at Mojo’s Café in downtown Davenport. Four local bands will perform at the café, located at 131 W. 2nd Street, and donations will be accepted.

For an interview with Dopler, please call Mary McNeil at 309-236-7317 or 309-277-0062 to set up an interview time.

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