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Thursday, 01 August 2013 13:46

New book helps readers see themselves in new a light

Wayzata, Minn. – In “The Great Awakening” (published by AuthorHouse), author Mark Elsen’s new collection of poetry and short stories, readers are treated to lessons the author has learned throughout his life.

“These poems and stories cover things I have struggled with and things that I feel need to be said,” states the author. “Life is good and we need to celebrate it.”

Each poem and story takes readers on what the author hopes will be a spiritual journey into themselves and their lives. Each piece has been specifically written to talk about God and direction in life. This way, Elsen believes, readers will come away with a positive outlook on life that will help them – inspire them – to develop good habits and leave their old habits behind.

An excerpt from “The Warrior” in “The Great Awakening”:

“Push me to strive for my goals. As I get old the story is never left untold. Behold the bravest warrior and his sword made of steel guarding his gold protecting himself from the cold. Its well known that the dragon guards the cave where the men try to slay the dragon before he flies away. It causes terror to the strange they try to slay the dragon before he leaves his cave and a pot of gold is portrayed to the warrior that slays the dragon in his cave. For the town will be saved from the terror of the flame of the dragons heart for it will tear apart the town square and everyone that lives there. So beware of the dragon and his heart it takes a mighty warrior to tear apart the mighty dragon and his heart.”


“The Great Awakening”

By Mark Elsen

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 148 pages | ISBN 9781477227831

E-Book | 148 pages | ISBN 9781477227848

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

Mark Elsen grew up with a supportive family. Over time, he fell into drugs and alcohol as a teenager, dropped out of high school and earned his GED. He went to college at Dunwoody Institute. He continued to drink in his 20s while working several jobs. In March 2011, Elsen was admitted into a hospital and proceeded to sober up. He started taking medication to manage his bipolar disorder and started writing inspirational poems, prose and short stories to inspire him and others to go further in life. Now, he is in transition readiness, moving along with treatment with a better grasp on reality. He has written seven other books.

. For the latest, follow @authorhouse on Twitter.


Christopher David’s New Book Reminds Readers about Stranger Awareness among Children PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 29 July 2013 13:55

An illustration of one of the many ways strangers will try to abduct children and what should be done to prevent it from happening

KANSAS CITY, Miss. – (July 29, 2013) – Whenever the evening news brings the story of a kidnapped child or teen, the terrifying prospect of abduction fills the minds of parents everywhere. But it's more important to remember that all kids should pass through their childhood safely.

A DAY AT THE ZOO WITH FRIENDS is an illustrative picture book written by author Christopher David about predator awareness (stranger danger) for children who are getting victimized through abductions. It tells the story of Josh, Amelia, Sydney, Sky and their new friends Ally and Michael who all went to the zoo to have some fun and watch the animals play.

However, as they continue walking through the zoo, a stranger approached them and said that he will take them to their mom and dad. What will they do? Will they go with the stranger? Will they scream or call for help? Or will the stranger abduct them?

A DAY AT THE ZOO WITH FRIENDS will teach children that when there is a stranger that approaches them, they should speak loudly and make the correct decision not to go with these predators.  There are many ways strangers will try to get children to go with them and this story teaches one way in which both children and their parents could learn from. Another thing we need to understand is that research shows that children are more likely to be abused by someone they know.

For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to

About the Author

David Butler is a former teacher of over 16 years who had struggled with drug abuse for 20 plus years. His addiction came to a head when he was arrested for possession of crack-cocaine on March 1, 2005. He was born in Wichita, KS in 1965. The family then moved to Alton, IL in 1967. Upon leaving Alton in 1972, his family settled in Waukon, IA in 1974. Butler graduated from Waukon Senior High in 1983, and attended the University of Northern Iowa from 1983 to 1988. He walked-on and ran varsity track for a little over a year, and graduated with a BA in education in May of 1988. Butler was recruited to teach math for the Ysleta I.S.D. in El Paso, TX in the spring of 1988, moved to El Paso the summer of 1988, and taught math for the district a total of 13 years. Butler relocated to Tempe, AZ the summer of 2001. He taught math and science for the Cartwright District, in Phoenix, for the 2001-2002 school year, and stayed with the district for the first quarter of the 2002-2003 school year before resigning after finding out his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Butler, then was hired by the Mesa Public Schools and taught math from 2003-2005. He worked various jobs from the fall of 2005 to the spring of 2010 in the Phoenix area before relocating to Kansas City, MO the summer of 2010. He was married in the fall of 2011 to his lovely wife Jennifer, and has devoted his life to our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ glorifying God, and to help people understand the evils of drugs and the damage they do to relationships, be it personal or professional.

A Day At The Zoo With Friends * by Christopher David

Publication Date: July 3, 2012

Picture Book; $15.99; 24 pages; 978-1-4771-1139-0

Picture Book Hardcover; $25.99; 24 pages

Ebook; $3.99; 978-1-4771-1140-6

Rock Island Library’s August Art Exhibit Depicts the Vanishing Tall Grass Prairie PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 26 July 2013 14:59
Rock Island, IL: A vanishing slice of the environment will be on display at the Rock Island Library in August, with an exhibit of Midwest Prairie Paintings by Davenport artist Pamela Bradner Ohnemus.

The show will be available for viewing during library hours from Aug. 2 to 30 on the second floor of the Main Library, 401 - 19th Street.

Ohnemus works in acrylics and notes that, “The natural landscape has always been a powerful focus of my work.  Currently I am conducting on-site research at local prairies, depicting the landscape in paint.  Prairies have been reduced to isolated fragments that require conservation and preservation.  Less than one percent of the pre-settlement tall grass prairie remains.”

Her highly detailed works involve layers of color over complementary under paintings, bringing delicate flowers and plants to life with subtle texture and natural patterns.

Ohnemus taught art for the Davenport School District from 1980 to 2013. Born in Ashcroft, British Columbia, she became a naturalized US citizen in 1999. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Northern Iowa in Art Education in 1980 and a Master of Arts degree from Western Illinois University in 1999. Her website is


New Book Captures Wisdom of Every President PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Don Bracken   
Tuesday, 23 July 2013 13:48

Their words put into Perspective and 40 Categories

Harry Truman said, “There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.” His words first appeared in a biographical work by William Hillman, sixty years ago.   They now appear in Wisdom from the Oval Office, a new book by Pierce Word who has assembled 40 categories of quotations of all the presidents of the United States. It is considered the largest assemblage of U.S. presidential quotations in publishing history. Its pub date is July 26, 2013

Along with Mr. Truman, the words of Washington, Obama and the others, are presented about a broad range of subjects such as love, religion, God, and friendship, subjects not the usual presidential subjects, but war, peace, honor, leadership, freedom and liberty receive an abundance of attention. The flow of quotations and the manner in which they are categorized shows, interestingly, the frame of mind of each president such as Lincoln’s spirituality, Nixon’s binocular view of love and fear, and Obama on parental love. Of particular interest is the diversity of interest on the subject of politics of which they all have commonality.

The idea for The Wisdom from the Oval Office was compiled by author Pierce Word while a student at the University of Chicago. Frustrated at the difficulty he had finding the “right” quotations for his various academic projects, he knew there had to be a better way and made one with his new book after culling through library stacks and  Internet portals for two years.

The results of his two year search was hailed by reviewer Gordon Osmond of “” who wrote “…as for anyone interested in savoring the full range of presidential statements as a means of acquiring a fuller understanding of this country’s past glories and contemporary challenges, this book is surely required reading. The aptly named Mr. Word should be sincerely thanked for it.”

Author Pierce Word is a resident of Chicago, Illinois and received his undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago. He did graduate work at the University of Cairo in his pursuit of Mid-Eastern studies

Wisdom from the Oval Office, 9781933909448 was published by History Publishing Company on July.23, 2013. It is available at Barnes and Noble booksellers and in fine bookstores nationally and on and and other internet sites globally.

From Pampered Housewives to Comic Heroes, How Media Trends are Made PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 22 July 2013 08:24
Film Producer Explains the Forces Driving Contemporary

Take a look at what’s offered in media today – did you ever think you’d spend so much time with ice truckers and over-pampered, middle-aged housewives? What about your childhood comic heroes? Did you expect the sense of humor in so many commercials would be so intentionally obtuse?

What accounts for the seemingly drastic differences between what people watch today and what audiences gravitated toward 10, 20 and 30 years ago?

“There are important differences between today’s media and that of 1983 – and there will be noticeable differences between what we experience today and 2043 – but underneath the apparent differences are important commonalities and overriding themes,” says Vlad Yudin, ( a Russian-born media entrepreneur and successful filmmaker, currently juggling multiple projects.

Yudin, a writer, director and producer, reviews five characteristics that feed an audience’s media sensibilities at any given time:

• It’s messy and organic. The zeitgeist, or the spirit of a time period, is never fully accounted for by any one thing; there are always many influences, including politics, economy, technology and a host of similar factors. For example, Yudin is working with “Game of Thrones” producer Mark Huffam on adapting into a film C.C. Humphrey’s historical fiction novel “The French Executioner,” which takes place in 1536. Why does there seem to be an appetite for stories set in the distant past? “One reason is that audiences want relief from today’s technology and rapidly changing world,” Yudin says. “The distant past was a far more dangerous but, on the surface at least, a much simpler time.”

• Visceral and emotional content works. Whether a storyteller appeals to the heartstrings of a mostly female audience in a romantic genre or the masculine appetite for violence and action, audiences pay attention to visceral content. One of Yudin’s recent projects, a graphic novel titled “Head Smash,” has quickly garnered traction among comic fans, and he already plans to turn into a film. In recent years, comics have proven to be part of a winning formula for a film project’s success. “Today’s audiences have nostalgia for the comics they read as kids, but they gravitate toward darker, flawed heroes,” Yudin says. “They’re not kids anymore.”

• People aspire to ideals. Human beings have always interpreted gods as ideal human specimens, from the grace and beauty of Venus to the power of Hercules. People who look perfect pique attention, which is why Yudin decided to revisit the fascination behind the 1977 hit “Pumping Iron” with his docudrama “Generation Iron,” which updates viewers to today’s body builders. “Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t become a household name through his acting talent,” Yudin says.

• Gravitation toward an inspirational narrative. The ethos of the United States – the American Dream – appeals to contemporary ambitious immigrants, including Yudin. People want to improve themselves, and they like experiencing movies where characters start off low, but end on a high. That’s the idea behind Yudin’s 2010 film release “Last Day of Summer,” about a low-ranking fast-food protagonist who finds his confidence. “Most of us want to root for the underdog, even if his actions for improving his lot are less-than-noble,” he says.

• We fancy the fanciful. Ghosts, monsters, fairies, trolls, witches, wizards – our stories are filled with magic. Aliens are a comparatively more recent manifestation that even highly educated scientists believe are a possibility somewhere in the universe. We like to think that what may be impossible is possible, which is why Yudin created “Catskill Park,” a film to be released this year. It follows three friends who document an extraterrestrial presence during their camping trip to upstate New York.

About Vlad Yudin

Russian-born writer, director, producer Vlad Yudin is the principal of The Vladar Co., a media and entertainment production company. New projects include the ARCANA Comics graphic novel and film “Head Smash,” and the bodybuilding docudrama “Generation Iron,” a remake of the 1977 hit “Pumping Iron.” Additionally, he is currently working with “Game of Thrones” producer Mark Huffam in adapting into film the historical fiction novel “The French Executioner,” the story of the greatest executioner in all of Europe, Jean Rombeaud. Yudin is developing the graphic novel “Head Smash,” which is led by Sean O’Reilly, publisher of “Cowboys and Aliens.” The sci-fi thriller centers on an orphan named Smash who finds a safe haven with a brutal syndicate, The Horde. Yudin is best known for directing and producing the docufilm “Big Pun: The Legacy” (2008), a critically acclaimed biopic about legendary rapper Christopher Lee Rios, and “Last Day of Summer,” which he wrote, directed and produced. Yudin grew up in Russia and New York and is a graduate of Pace University and the New York University Filmmaking Program.

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