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Written by Jason Schultz   
Monday, 12 December 2011 16:18
As the sword-and-sandals-epic “Wrath of the Titans” has become one of independent comic book publisher Bluewater Production most successful fiction titles, the original 2008 mini-series is being re-released this spring as a special edition graphic novel through partner Skyhorse Publishing.

According to Bluewater, the expanded version will include over 30 pages of never-before-seen material and be released in hardcover format and as an eBook through Paperless Publishing.

“It’s a timeless story; a classic story and with all the new material, it still seems fresh,” said Bluewater president Darren G. Davis, “I’m looking forward to seeing the title in libraries, schools and book stores across the country.”

Written by Davis and his brother Scott Davis, “Wrath of the Titans” tells the story of Greek mythological hero Perseus after he has defeated Medusa, saved the city from the Kraken and became king of Argos. The story is full of Olympian intrigue, double-crosses, revenge, heroes, gods, monsters…and mayhem.

“Wrath of the Titans,” scheduled for a March 2012 release, is a 128-page graphic novel (comprised of the four original individual issues plus additional promotional extras including a new cover by famed DC artist Joe Phillips). It is illustrated by Nadir Balan.

This book will be the first Bluewater title distributed as a hardcover edition. It includes a new cover by DC Comics’ Joe Phillips.

“It is the first step of a great adventure,” said Skyhorse Publisher Tony Lyons, “We look forward to the success of this book and to putting many future Bluewater titles in the hands of new fans.”

Additionally the expanded edition is being prepared for an eBook rendition at the same time by Paperless Publishing.

"Our goal from the beginning of Paperless Publishing was to take eBooks and translate them into hard covers.  I am pleased that we are doing that with “Wrath of the Titans” and Skyhorse Publishing. Bluewater has been a great partner for Paperless Publishing as we have distributed over 100 of their eBooks to much success," said Meghan Kilduff, Paperless’ publisher.

Bluewater president Darren G. Davis emphasizes that “Wrath of the Titans” is an extension of the original movie’s vision and concept and has no current ties with the sequel to the “Clash of the Titans” remake baring the same name.

The graphic novel will retail for $18.99. It will be available through traditional retail outlets, comic book shops, traditional book stores and several online venues including and the Barnes and Noble.

High-resolution images and interview opportunities are available upon request.

About Bluewater Productions

Bluewater Productions Inc. is one of the top independent production studios of comic books, young adult books and graphic novels. Its extensive catalog of titles includes the bestsellers “10th Muse” and “The Legend of Isis” ”Bluewater publishes comic books in partnership with entertainment icon William Shatner (“TekWar Chronicles”),  legendary filmmaker Ray Harryhausen (“Wrath of the Titans,” “Sinbad: Rogue of Mars,” “Jason and the Argonauts,” et al) and celebrated actor Vincent Price (“Vincent Price Presents”),  Additionally, Bluewater publishes a highly successful line of biographical comics under the titles “Female Force” and “Political Power.”

Bluewater aims to unite cutting-edge art and engaging stories produced by its stable of the publishing industry’s top artists and writers.

Bluewater's books are managed by Jarred Weisfeld of Objective Media.

About Skyhorse Publishing
Skyhorse Publishing was launched in September 2006 by Tony Lyons, former president and publisher of the Lyons Press, and its first titles were published in March 2007. Lyons talked to dozens of potential investors, all of whom asked the same question: "Can a new book publishing company make it in the current environment?" His response remains: "Succeeding as an independent publisher is not going to be easy, but by scouring the country for genre books that large publishers ignore, resurrecting forgotten classics, and by moving both more quickly and with greater attention to detail than other publishers, I believe we can flourish."
Skyhorse—with its four imprints (Arcade Publishing, Allworth Publishing, Sports Publishing, and Sky Pony Press) now boasts a backlist of 1,500 books. Since its founding, Skyhorse has published an eclectic and maverick list that includes books on history, politics, rural living, humor, and more. With its new imprints, the Skyhorse program now includes business, art, fiction, regional books, and children's books.
About Objective Entertainment (Paperless Publishing)

Paperless Publishing was founded by Objective Entertainment's Jarred Weisfeld and is a full service book to eBook conversion and publishing house. Meghan Kilduff has moved over from Objective Entertainment to be the new company's Publisher. Paperless Publishing is looking to publish both fiction and nonfiction in all genres. We plan to publish over 100 titles in the next year.

News Releases - Media & Communications
Written by Lora Adams   
Monday, 12 December 2011 13:57
MOLINE, ILLINOIS – On Thanksgiving night 2010 WQPT premiered a brand new public affairs program called “The Cities with Jim Mertens.” This Thanksgiving the program celebrates one year on the air. Producer Lora Adams said “We’ve interviewed more than 100 guests, everyone from Governor Branstad to original Freedom Rider, Diane Nash. Plus, we’ve been able to introduce our audiences to variety of local musicians and artists.”

Host Jim Mertens had wanted for some time to do a longer format public affairs program. “I have the best of both worlds,” Mertens said referring to his job as morning anchor at WQAD and his hosting duties for WQPT. “We’ve had the opportunity to talk with folks about the most up-to-the minute topics. From the flooding on the Mississippi to a couple who were caught in the civil unrest in Egypt to most recently, discussing the construction projects taking place in downtown Moline. We’re also really excited that the Victor and Doris Day Foundation,
who were the original funders for the program, have once again provided funding for a second year” Mertens said.

“The Cities” is taped at Fusion Communications in Davenport, Iowa and airs on Thursdays at 6:30 pm and Sundays at 5:30 pm. WQPT is a media service of Western Illinois University, located in Moline, Illinois.


There Are No More Fences Says Western Author PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Media & Communications
Written by Chris Scott Wilson   
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 14:29

British writer Chris Scott Wilson who has five of his westerns released worldwide as ebooks by Boson of North Carolina is gratified to see they now have trailers to help promote them on YouTube. Chris admits he is pleased publishers can now generate video teasers just as Hollywood always has done for movies. “I find it tremendously exciting,” he enthuses. “It’s a new kind of marketing for books, and any step forward in bringing books to the public’s attention can’t be a bad thing. And presenting them visually hauls them into the 21st century.”

“I also find it incredible that somebody on the other side of the world from the US,” Chris reveals, “in Europe, India or Japan, or even Australia can turn on their computer and see a trailer for one of my books. Even more amazing, now that we’re moving into a digital age, they can follow on from watching the trailer and visit their on-line retailer to buy the book and have it downloaded on their computer within minutes if not seconds. All the fences have gone.”

While there are those who rigidly stick to their taste for print books, Chris says, “There’s no reason print and digital can’t exist side by side. There are those who want to keep books on their shelves. I do too, but there are also times when we read on the move, for example on holiday or commuting, and ebook readers enable us to carry as many as we want. Technology is advancing so fast. We should embrace, not resist those parts that are beneficial to us.” He smiles. “I like to think of my ebook reader as an iPod for my books.”

To see the trailers, either follow links from Chris’s website or search for “chris scott wilson” on Youtube where you will locate a list. His books Desperadoes, The Quantro Story, Double Mountain Crossing, The Copper City and The Fight at Hueco Tanks can all be found on leading US ebook retailers’ websites, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, Books on Board, Booksamillion and many others.


Biltmore Who's Who Selects Donna Marie Beserra as an Honored Member of the Executive and Professional Registry PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Media & Communications
Written by Holli C.   
Tuesday, 22 November 2011 10:18

Moline, IL –— Donna Marie Beserra, Publisher and Author for Artisitc Creations Book Publishing, has been selected as an Honored Member of the Biltmore Who’s Who Executive and Professional Registry. The selection recognizes Donna Marie Beserra’s commitment to excellence in Children’s Books.

Beserra, who began working in book publishing in 2002, started her own business just five years later, writing, producing and publishing children’s books.

Currently working on an autobiography that she hopes will help others interested in writing and publishing books on their own, Beserra studied creative writing at Black Hawk College and has taken numerous business, writing and self-publishing courses over the years.

In addition to her writings, Beserra is currently producing her own television show, Discover Your Talent, which is viewed on Mediacom’s channel 19 on Monday evenings at 8pm central time. Her “Creative Creatures” interactive books are featured on the show, along with creative ideas and acts performed by various children.

“I hope to inspire kids around the world to discover their talents,” Beserra said about her show.

Beserra is a member of the Midwest Writing Center and has taught numerous classes at Black Hawk College. She hopes to soon have her first book, Twirly Shirley In My Sister The Twister, made into a computer animated film or an onstage production.

Beserra will be offering some free ebooks on her website on how to write a children’s book, please visit She also has a new Christmas site at

About Biltmore Who's Who:

Biltmore Who's Who specializes in providing members with pertinent biographical information of key Executives and Professionals that comprise its membership throughout North America. Biltmore Who's Who encourages all members to use the publication to contact and network with other members to enhance public relations or possibly develop mutual and beneficial business relationships.

Contact: Biltmore Who’s Who, Hollywood, Fl.
Holli C., 954-893-0114

Local Student Makes Movie in Hollywood PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Media & Communications
Written by Andrew Valentine   
Monday, 21 November 2011 16:21

Davenport native, Brendon O’Connor is currently seeking donations for her upcoming graduate student thesis film. O’Connor, in her final year of graduate film school at Chapman University is production designing “The Devout”, a new short thriller film set during the Black Death that follows one woman who must risk everything to ensure the safety of the ones she loves. The film, which shoots in January, in Los Angeles is funded by the students.  The filmmakers are hoping to reach out to local support back in Iowa for donations, which will fund camera and lighting rentals, and construction cost of the medieval village. O’Connor, graduated from Davenport Central high school in 2004 and is receiving an MFA in Production Design this spring. Please visit to learn more about the production and how you can help. We are also accepting donations at


A story filled with secrets, isolation, agony, and love, The Devout takes us on a journey into the dark world of the Black Death. Set in the early 1400’s, The Devout follows the people of medieval Exmoor, England as they witness the systematic killing of the village’s sick by a demonic, cloaked rook creature. Two conflicting avenues emerge to lead the villagers to salvation, each guided by a brother and sister, Luke and Emery. One avenue is led by Emery, an intelligent woman who serves as the village doctor and mentor to Ana, Luke’s daughter. The other avenue falls under the watchful eyes of the town preacher, Brother Luke, who attributes the recent deaths as a punishment from God and directs the people of Exmoor on a journey to find salvation by openly repenting their sins. As Emery and Ana wield the proven practices of science, Emery faces the ultimate test when she must go against her brother and his beliefs to ensure the safety of Exmoor at whatever cost.

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