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Written by Leslie Wertheimer   
Monday, 25 June 2012 09:26

Next-generation Navy vessel to be named after Illinois

CHICAGO ­– June 22, 2012. Governor Pat Quinn today joined Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus at the anchor of USS Chicago on Navy Pier for the ship naming ceremony in honor of USS Illinois, one of the Navy’s newest vessels. The first modern Navy vessel to be named after the state, USS Illinois will join the fleet in 2015.

“Illinois has a long history of commitment and support for our nation’s Armed Forces,” Governor Quinn said. “On behalf of the people of Illinois, it is a privilege to once again have a vessel named after our great state.”

Part of the Navy’s new Virginia-class fleet, USS Illinois is a next-generation attack submarine designed for deep ocean warfare as well as shallow water operations. This multimission nuclear-powered submarine has unique features that enhance its warfighting capabilities such as excellent shallow water handling, high-resolution cameras instead of periscopes to improve visibility and the ability to support special operations forces. The many innovations incorporated into USS Illinois and the entire Virginia-class fleet’s design make them the most advanced submarines in the world.

"I chose to name this submarine in honor of the U.S. Navy's longstanding relationship with Illinois," Secretary Mabus said. "A special bond exists between a state and her namesake.  I am confident the people of the great state of Illinois will continue their strong support of our military through their relationship with the USS Illinois and all those who sail in her."

Illinois is home to the only Recruit Training Command in the country, Naval Station Great Lakes. Approximately 37,000 men and women complete the requirements to become Navy Sailors each year at Great Lakes.

One of Governor Quinn’s top priorities throughout his career in public service has been the well-being of Illinois servicemembers and their families. Governor Quinn championed legislation creating the Illinois Military Family Relief Fund as Lieutenant Governor, which provides monetary grants to families of Illinois National Guard members and Illinois residents serving in the U.S. Armed Forces Reserve. Governor Quinn also launched Illinois’ Welcome Home Heroes program, created to make homeownership more affordable for veterans, active military personnel, reservists and Illinois National Guard members.

To find out more about the programs and benefits Illinois offers veterans, current servicemembers and military families, please visit



First Lady Michelle Obama to Join Governor Quinn at Key Military Spouse Bill Signing **Tuesday, June 26, 2012** PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Military & Veterans News
Written by Leslie Wertheimer   
Monday, 25 June 2012 09:21

CHICAGO – As part of his strong commitment to Illinois service members and their families, Governor Pat Quinn will sign important legislation to support military spouses. Joining Governor Quinn for the signing will be First Lady Michelle Obama.

As governor of a state with three major military bases, Governor Quinn has made the well-being of Illinois’ veterans, service members and military families a top priority. He has created programs making home ownership affordable for military families, and worked to help service members find jobs and successfully transition back into civilian life

As Lt. Governor, Quinn also championed and implemented the Illinois Military Family Relief Fund (IMFRF), which provides military families with monetary grants to help cover the costs of necessities such as food, housing and medical care when a family member has left civilian employment for active duty. Several states have modeled their military family assistance programs after the IMFRF.

The First Lady has toured the country and heard from many military spouses and active duty service members about the difficulties they have encountered while trying to transfer their professional licenses and certifications from one state to another. Through her Joining Forces initiative, the First Lady has advocated for the 100,000 military spouses who serve in professions requiring state licenses or certifications and are facing financial burdens trying to transfer these credentials.

WHEN: 2:15 p.m.

**Media will be required to arrive ahead of start time. More specific information regarding media access will be advised in advance.

WHERE: Illinois National Guard Armory

1910 South Calumet Avenue

Chicago, 60616


News Releases - Military & Veterans News
Written by Move America Forward   
Friday, 22 June 2012 14:30

The Best, and Worst, in Kabul Military Dining

(U.S. Navy Reservist Andrew Sand is currently deployed to Afghanistan and occasionally sends blogs to the New York Times for publishing. In his last blog, he talks about the food available to troops deployed over there.  What he found was that in order for troops to really get a decent meal, they had to travel to FRENCH or BRITISH bases. Read some excerpts from his blog.)

I’ve risked my life in Afghanistan for a plate of French cheese. While not as arduous as serving in rural Afghanistan, the prisonlike conditions on Kabul bases — no family, long hours, repetitive food and confined spaces — often drive service members to extremes to escape the pressure and keep up their spirits.

Camp Warehouse DFAC
Rating: 4 Exploding Stars

The premier military dining facility in Kabul. Dashing Frenchmen sport oversize berets. A 30-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower looms over plates of creamy Camembert and smoky Gouda. French chefs serve up authentic French fries, crisp and hot. And fresh sole with a lemon cream sauce in a landlocked country — how did they do that? At this quaint French base, meals end sweetly, with rare deployment joy found in the delicate bûche de Noël. All in all, an exquisite dining experience that brings a bit of Paris to Kabul.

Camp Eggers DFAC
Rating: 2 Exploding Stars

Camp Eggers has two dining facilities — Goat and Marshall, for double the capacity and double the mediocrity. Fake Tex-Mex, fake roast beef, fake turkey and fake burgers. Even the real steak tastes fake. Given the selection, most meals ultimately degrade into some combination of cereal, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and saltine crackers. Slightly better than eating field rations in the mountains while evading insurgents, but not by much.

Camp Julien DFAC
Rating: 1 Exploding Stars

“The food at Camp Julien was revolting and unhealthy…. I’d rather eat shell casings….”
– Anonymous U.S. Special Operations service member

You can read the full article HERE which rates 6 overseas dining facilities:

Check This Out! Major League Baseball Honors Military Fathers PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Military & Veterans News
Written by Move America Forward   
Friday, 15 June 2012 14:04

With Father's Day coming up this Sunday, it's more important than ever to support our troops before one of the most important holidays of the year for men in the military, who are usually family men. 

Below is a heartwarming story about some fortunate troops who actually get to be home for Father's Day this year.

According to the calendar, Father's Day is Sunday. But for four men who recently returned from overseas tours of duty with our armed forces, the holiday came early this year thanks to their favorite Major League Baseball teams.

The reunions took place at Mariners, Braves, Twins and Diamondbacks games this season. EspnW talked to the teams, the servicemen and the family members to bring you an inside look at how these special homecomings happened.

In each case, the teams came up with a plan, but executing the surprise with so many moving parts wasn't easy. It took planning, some luck and, of course, some deliberate misdirection, requiring the assistance of friends, family members, team mascots and, in some cases, the umpires working the games.

This is an amazing achievement on the part of these sports teams. They have made this Father's Day an uplifting and unforgettable holiday for these families. But there are thousands of troops, many of them also fathers, who are still serving bravely in Afghanistan, and they WON'T be home this Sunday to see their families for the

Think about the troops that didn't get the heartwarming homecoming events, the troops that won't get to come home for another 3, 6 or even 9 months. THEY NEED OUR SUPPORT NOW!


We at Move America Forward are excited to announce our plans for the fifth annual Troopathon, coming July 12th, 2012.

Mark your calendars! This July 12, 2012 at 4 PM Eastern / 1 PM Pacific at our 5th annual Troopathon, “Never Forget Our Troops” will begin streaming live as well as simulcast on multiple radio stations across the country!

This year’s theme for our TROOPATHON is “NEVER FORGET Our Troops" which just gives the Troopathon 2012 a little of it’s own unique flavor! This year we are going to put on a bold event to support our troops with participation from all our favorite Troopathon guests who you will remember previous years.

But our "Never Forget" theme is not ONLY about our troops, because this year we have another individual to honor with the Troopathon, our dear friend Andrew Breitbart, who tragically passed away this year.

We all miss him and in recognition of Andrew's devotion to the troops, we're going to dedicate this year's Troopathon to his memory and his life's work.

Andrew participated in every Troopathon, from our inaugural event in 2008, up until last year's event at the Nixon Library. From 2009-2011 Andrew was a co-host for three consecutive Troopathons. Troopathon would never have been as successful as it was without Andrew's dedication and hard work.

He was an unforgettable "NEVER FORGET" is an appropriate theme for not only honoring Andrew's legacy, but also to remind people not to forget about our troops in Afghanistan!

For this, the FIFTH annual Troopathon needs to be bigger and better than the last four! We are pulling out all the stops in order to send the largest care package shipment to our troops! It’s a lofty goal, and a gigantic undertaking, and we need your help if we are going to succeed!

Please help us put on a great show for YOU and OUR TROOPS. The better show we can make, the more people will donate and send more care packages to our troops – so we must do our very best! Please make a donation today and make this year’s Troopathon the best ever!


If you don’t know what the Troopathon is, or didn't watch the last four, it’s time to familiarize yourself with a concept that is making waves and breaking new ground in efforts to support our troops.

The Troopathon is a unique event that comes once a year and is designed to show a huge outpouring of support for our troops. We love sending care packages to the troops. We do so all year long especially on the holidays, but once a year the Troopathon raises a huge amount of care packages for the troops. It’s the biggest day of the year for our organization, and it’s VERY important that we make it a success!

Over the years, our Troopathons have raised millions to send TONS and TONS of care packages to the troops…over 190 TONS, in fact!

The Troopathon is a great concept, and very unique. Move America Forward was the first organization to attempt this and continues to be the only pro-troop organization that holds an annual Troopathon-like event. The concept is to bring all of your favorite pro-troop celebrities who we already know and love from talk radio, television, Hollywood movies, the music scene and internet bloggers who support our troops.

You will recognize names like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Dr. Laura Schlessinger…the list goes on! They come on the show to support our troops because they understand how much the troops sacrifice and the importance of their mission to defeat the terrorists and keep America safe!

WE’RE DEPENDING ON YOU our loyal Move America Forward supporters, to help us put this show together and make it a reality. Without your help and support, none of this would be possible, so we are grateful for the amazing support you have all displayed in the past with your donations and contributions.

Help continue and extend the legacy of Move America Forward’s great work for our troops…please make a donation today and make Troopathon 2012 a successful event for the 5th year in a row!

Illinois National Guard, Partners in Care Reach out to Clergy Groups PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Military & Veterans News
Written by Illinois Guard PAO   
Friday, 15 June 2012 12:34

EDWARDSVILLE, IL (06/13/2012)(readMedia)-- -


• Illinois National Guard chaplains, community clergy and the Partners in Care program


• The training is designed to raise awareness among community religious leaders about the challenges faced by servicemembers and their families, with a focus on deployment related issues such as anger management, suicide prevention, military marriages, and church and community support for the military.

• Partners in Care is a program dedicated to providing servicemembers community resources through local congregations.


• June 19- St. John's United Methodist Church; 7372 Marine Road, Edwardsville starting at 9 a.m.


• The goal of Partners in Care is to provide military personnel with local community support in their geographical area.

• There are 72 congregations across Illinois that are part of the organization, which was started in fall 2009.

• Faith group leaders will receive pertinent information to minister, not only to military personnel, but to the community.

**All are encouraged to attend. For further information, please contact Chaplain Lambert at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 773-406-5183.

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