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Written by Friends of Herman Cain   
Monday, 14 November 2011 14:16
Herman Cain Leads GOP Poll in Three Critical Swing States

Presidential candidate Herman Cain leads the Republican field in three important swing states according to Quinnipiac University’s first “Swing State Poll” of the 2012 campaign cycle.

Mr. Cain polls GOP voters in Florida, with 27 percent of the vote, a six percent lead over nearest challenger, and in Ohio, with 25 percent, a five percent lead over nearest challenger. In Pennsylvania, Mr. Cain and Gov. Mitt Romney tie at 17 percent.

For the past 50 years, these three states have predicted the presidential winner. Since 1960, no candidate has won the presidential election without carrying at least two of these states.

“My message of real solutions and real leadership continues to resonate across the country. The American people are tired of career politicians and Washington insiders. They are hungry for an authentic candidate,” said Herman Cain. “I appreciate the vote of confidence from the voters of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania and I deeply appreciate all of the support my campaign is receiving from every state in our great country.”




We did it.

But we can do more!

When we launched the Iowa Fund last week, many people did not believe we could reach our goal of $999,000, but they were very wrong.  Not only did we reach the goal, we exceeded it more than 24 hours early!

Our total is well over $1.1 Million dollars right now, and still climbing.

Together, we have sent a message...A message to the media, the political establishment, and the rest of the American people.

We will not go along with politics as usual. We will not keep quiet.  

This year, We The People of this great nation will be choosing our own candidate for President of the United States!

Tonight I need your help.  In a little while I will be joining the other candidates in another debate. Many seek to destroy our efforts. Many have said that our campaign cannot possibly remain on top.

They are wrong.

I need you to spread the word about the Iowa Fund.  If you haven't had a chance to contribute- now is the time! If you have, would you consider donating again and inviting your friends to do the same? Let's show the naysayers that we will not be stopped!  

Let's push the Iowa Fund so far above our goal that they can't avoid talking about us! Together we can do this!

Herman Cain


Herman Cain Leads in Florida According to Rasmussen

The first survey by Rasmussen Reports of likely Republican primary voters in Florida has presidential frontrunner Herman Cain leading the Republican field with 30 percent, six percent higher than his nearest challenger.

This survey was conducted on November 8th and the margin of sampling error is +/- 4 percentage points with a 95 percent confidence level.

Herman Cain has been consistently leading the Republican pack in Florida since he won the Florida straw poll in September.

Cain Carries the Crowd, Reasserts Economic Plan in Rochester Debate


Republican presidential frontrunner Herman Cain received uproarious applause at the latest and ninth debate for Republican presidential contenders at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan Nov. 9. Cain confronted questions about leadership and character head-on, saying, “Over the last nine days the voters have voted with their dollars and they are saying they don’t care about the character assassination – they care about leadership and getting this economy going and all of the other problems we face.”

The debate discussion went to Herman Cain first for his perspective on Italy and the global economic crisis. Cain said “We must grow this economy…as long as we are stagnant in terms of growth and GDP, we impact the rest of the world… we (must) put some fuel in the engine that drives economic growth which is the business sector. This administration has done nothing but put stuff in the caboose and it’s not moving this economy.”

The audience booed debate moderators for dredging up allegations from the last week against Cain. Directly addressing questions, Cain responded strongly: “The American people deserve better than someone being tried in the court of public opinion based on unfounded accusations,” Cain continued, “I value my character and integrity more than anything else and for every one person that comes forward with a false accusation, there are thousands who would say none of that sort of activity ever came from Herman Cain.”

The crowd cheered when questioners steered the debate back to the economy, which led to Cain reiterating his plan to save the US economy: “Uncertainty is what’s killing this economy…we (need to) throw out the tax code and put in something bold. Get government out of the way by reducing the regulatory environment.”

Cain said he would support the repeal of Dodd-Frank legislation and suggested that government intervention is not the solution to turn around the economy, “The government has no business trying to pick winners and losers…whether through the front door with legislation or through back door through regulation.” Cain reiterated that he would work with politicians from both sides of the aisle with the peoples’ support, saying, “Provide a compelling solution, and if the (American people) understand it, they will demand it.”


Georgia State Senator Unterman Endorses Herman Cain for President

Georgia State Senator Renee Unterman (R-Gwinnett) today enthusiastically announced her endorsement of Herman Cain for president.

“This country needs a real leader, a man of Herman Cain’s strong character, integrity, and problem-solving capabilities in the White House. This is why I am endorsing Mr. Cain for President of the United States.” said Senator Unterman.

Senator Unterman continued, “I have known Herman Cain for many years, and I cannot think of a better person to be our next Commander-in-Chief.

Our country needs someone with bold ideas, who has experience producing positive results. Mr. Cain is a leader with a proven record of turning around troubled organizations. At this pivotal point in American history, this is the experience we need.”

“As the sole female Republican in the Georgia Senate, I am deeply honored to have Senator Unterman’s endorsement and thank her for her distinguished leadership in Georgia,” said Herman Cain.


New Cain Video Features Alveda King and Opportunity Zones in Detroit

Detroit - In the city of Detroit, the very face of destructive liberal economics, presidential candidate Herman Cain presents his vision of turning poverty-stricken communities into thriving Opportunity Zones as part of his bold “9-9-9 Plan.”

The new video focuses on a desperate city, hungry for jobs, commerce, and true hope; Herman Cain lays out specific plans for returning Detroit to a pinnacle of industrial achievement.

In this video, respected author and conservative activist, Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., lends her support for Mr. Cain’s vision for economic renewal.

"Where some see economic decline, Herman Cain sees fertile soil for growth," begins the narrative. And the citizens of Detroit seem to feel it can't happen soon enough...

You can see the video on the Herman Cain YouTube channel.

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