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Written by Ginny Grimsley   
Thursday, 06 June 2013 13:50

In her new book, “How To Be A Teen On The Move,” (, 19-year-old Lenore Luca offers advice for teens – from a teen.

“Many teenagers dream of being known as someone on the move and someone who will be remembered for the things they did and said,” says Luca, creator and host of the Internet show “Teen Groove On The Move,” in which she interviews celebrities and compelling fellow adolescents, and she is a sought-after youth motivational speaker.

“Unfortunately, so many of us don't realize that we are already someone making a difference and taking steps toward achieving our dreams.”

Her website features testimonials from various teens who were inspired by Luca’s message – and they like hearing advice from someone who understands them; an author their own age.

Luca says she wrote her book to spread her message of empowering youth to follow their dreams. Through stories and activities, Luca shows teens ways to take responsibility for their lives and encourages them to believe that they can achieve their goals. She provides peer-to-peer information for teens about making better choices in order to stand out as students and athletes. She guides them to learn how to push past rejection while taking action toward accomplishing what makes them happy on their road to living a better life.

Luca says she never stops encouraging her peers to make their time and efforts count, and offers reminders to:

Be Yourself
Be Unique
Be Happy
Follow Your Dreams
No Goal Is Too Small
Embrace Your Weirdness & Awkwardness
Exercise Today
Remember To Do Your Homework
Watch A Good Movie

About Lenore Luca

Lenore Luca is a teen entrepreneur who began her path to becoming a “teen on the move’’ when she was 16 years old. Luca is the creator and host of the Internet show “Teen Groove On The Move,” which discusses teen topics and news, and shares compelling interviews with celebrity guests. She also travels to schools and community centers, where she aims to help empower her peers to follow their dreams. Luca is the producer of the CD “How To Believe In You.” She studies broadcasting at Montclair University.

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