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Written by Mark McLaughlin   
Monday, 16 January 2012 15:38

IA/IL QUAD-CITIES – Premier Bath & Kitchen Resurfacing specializes in updating home décor using a convenient, cost-effective technology. Based in Eldridge, Iowa, Premier can resurface any type of tub, shower, ceramic tile, or countertop to save the mess and expense of tear-out and replacement. According to owners Mike and Gayle Staples, Premier now offers a new green product that greatly reduces the toxins involved in the resurfacing process.

Premier Bath & Kitchen Resurfacing will feature the new product, EcoGlaze™ Waterborne from NAPCO, Ltd., at the 2012 Home Show Expo, Feb. 10 - 12, at the Quad City Conservation Alliance (QCCA) Expo Center, 2621 4th Ave., Rock Island, Illinois.
“EcoGlaze is so home- and environment-friendly, most people will find no trace of chemical odors after the work is done,” said Mike. “This is excellent for senior homes, health-care facilities, hospitality venues, and occupied homes. This product is especially useful for living spaces and workplaces used by individuals who are sensitive to toxins.”
Gayle noted that Premier is on the cutting edge with this product, since NAPCO released it in late fall of 2011. “We’re proud to be able to offer this product to the community,” she said.
A Green Innovation
The new green product was created by NAPCO, the North American Polymer Company of Skokie, Illinois. According to Dani Nichols, Vice President at NAPCO, the product is a waterborne polyurethane, similar to other polymers, but with 90 percent less petroleum-based solvents.

“Conventional tub and tile coatings were developed in the ‘50s – the same time as television,” Dani said. “Our new EcoGlaze coating is a water-based coating that is safer for the environment, homes and businesses. And, it’s made in the USA. Most solvents in old-fashioned coatings use foreign oil as a raw material. EcoGlaze uses only US-made raw materials.”
Dani noted that the EcoGlaze coating is low in VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. “VOCs deplete the ozone layer and are responsible for ground-level smog and air pollution,” she said. “With almost no solvents, VOCs are dramatically reduced. The less VOCs you use, the healthier you make your home and environment.”
NAPCO has been developing the product for five years, Dani added. “The product was field-tested on hundreds of tubs before it was released,” she said. “The first tub was resurfaced one and a half years ago, and it’s holding up great.”
Good for Your Health and Budget
With this product, Gayle stated, you are using a healthier product and keeping home materials out of landfills. “Resurfacing is a healthier redecorating choice than tub-liners,” she said. “If the caulk seals on liners break, they can harbor moisture, bacteria and mold.”

According to Mike, a resurfacing project can be done in less than a day. “With resurfacing, you don’t need multiple contractors,” he said. “If you want to make your tub look like new, you won’t need to hire a plumber, a tile setter, or a general contractor. In this economy, it is an excellent option for improving the value of a home.”
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