New Report Shows Problematic Ties between Teachers Unions and Critics of Online Public Schools Print
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Written by Center for School Options   
Tuesday, 29 January 2013 14:21

The Center for School Options (CfSO) has released a Report that takes a hard look at the relationships between special interest groups such as teachers unions, and the most vocal critics of online public schools.


"A Closer Look at Critics of Online Public Schools," showcases the grim reality that as beneficial as digital learning has been for a quarter of a million students in 30 states, especially children with learning disabilities or issues with bullying, the educational option is increasingly under attack by well-organized and vocal opponents.


Many of these individuals and groups, which are singled out by name, have financial ties to, and in many cases are openly funded by teachers unions.  The report also raises questions around the motivations of other critics of online schools, including specifically named elected officials and school administrators in five states.

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