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Written by E.J. Linehan   
Thursday, 29 August 2013 14:48

As of Aug 2013, These are “The Best NFL Running Backs of All Time” According to Over 4,600 Voters at

Barry Sanders has been named the greatest running back in NFL history, ahead of Jim Brown and Walter Payton, according to a recent poll by  The popular rankings site reached this verdict after collecting the aggregated opinion of over 4,600 voters on the topic of "The Best Running Backs of All Time.”

The top 10 is comprised of all retired players with the exception of Adrian Peterson. Despite his highly publicized criminal history, OJ Simpson made it to the number eight position on the list.

The Top 10 Greatest Running Backs Are:

1.     Barry Sanders

2.     Jim Brown

3.     Walter Payton

4.     Earl Campbell

5.     Adrian Peterson

6.     Eric Dickerson

7.     Bo Jackson

8.     O.J. Simpson

9.     Marcus Allen

10. Gale Sayers

Football fanatic Brad Linehan finds the ever-changing aspect of the list amazing. Says Linehan, “What I love about this list is that it will keep changing. Adrian Peterson is in the top five now, but in a few more years he may earn enough votes to hit number one.”

See the full list of The Best Running Backs of All Time, as well as 1000s of other opinion-based lists at

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