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News Releases - Not-for-Profit News
Written by M. McNeil   
Friday, 07 December 2012 15:48
The annual “Bikes for Brains” bike give away is scheduled for Monday, December 10th at the Martin Luther King Center in Rock Island

Organizers of the annual bike giveaway met their fundraising goal and more than 100 children will receive their Christmas wish--their first bike and helmet.  The children and their parents will be able to pick up their bikes beginning at noon at the Martin Luther King Center (639 9th Street Rock Island).  The media is invited to attend this joyous event and interview children as they get their first-ever bike, helmet, gently used books, as well as watch a puppet show explaining the importance of wearing a helmet and preventing brain injuries.  Volunteers with The Pilot Club of Moline will do their popular the puppet shows.

Available for interviews are the project leadership team:  Steve Depron with Bike ‘N Hike, Sandy Seeley-Copley with Queens Parlour,  Sheila Burns with the ROE and Mary Maland with the Pilot Club of Moline.

WHO:  “Bikes for Brains” leadership team and recipients
WHAT:  Bike give away
WHERE:  Martin Luther King Center (639 9th Street  Rock Island)
WHEN:  Monday, December 10th at  noon until 5:30 pm

News Releases - Not-for-Profit News
Written by Holly Nomura   
Friday, 07 December 2012 08:24
The Salvation Army Announces FILL THE TRUCK (with Toys) Event In Partnership with Wal-Mart

Saturday, December 8th, 9am – 5pm

Quad Cities, USA: The Angel Tree toy collection is off to a very very slow start this year. More needy families have completed applications than last year, and not nearly enough toys are being donated to fill the need.

A Special Salvation Army FILL THE TRUCK Event will take place 9am to 5pm on Saturday, December 8, 2012 at all four area Wal-Marts.

The Salvation Army is depending on this additional event will make the donation of a toy as easy as possible for the donors.

Major Gary Felton, Quad Cities Coordinator for The Salvation Army, states that “Every child in our community should wake up Christmas morning to a new toy, and at this rate there will be a lot of children who will think Santa decided they were bad!”

Last year, thousands of toys were displayed at The Salvation Army’s Toy Shop on the Christmas Assistance distribution days. Parents or guardians were able to find the toys that would suit their children. The new Toy Shop style distribution has helped The Salvation Army make sure EVERY child receives a toy. For more information on how to give a gift, please find the Angel Tree at an area Wal-Marts or either of the Malls. If you are interested in becoming a Toy Shop Escort, please go to for easy sign-up.

Any way you can get help or get involved will make your own Christmas even brighter.


QC Interfaith December News PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Not-for-Profit News
Written by Leslie Kilgannon   
Thursday, 06 December 2012 15:57

Happy Holidays!

On November 13th, Quad Cities Interfaith held its fourth annual Fundraising Breakfast. The theme of this year’s breakfast was “Honoring Our Founders, Embracing Our Future”. Our supporters gathered at St. Ambrose University to help us honor the founders of QCI. The honorees included Reverend Ken Kuenning, Reverend William Grimes, Monsignor Marvin Mottet, Justice Thomas Kilbride, and Joseph Smith. Also during the event QCI honored Loxi Hopkins with the 2012 Marvin Mottet Leadership award.

QCI began in 1986 as a coalition of congregations and people of faith to provide an interfaith response to the farm crisis. “Reverend Keunning was pastor of Church of Peace, and also involved with the formation of the Community Caring Conference, which is based at Church of Peace. At the same time, local clergy, led by Rev Kuenning, Rev. Grimes, Joe Smith, Thomas Kilbride and others began to talk about addressing systemic injustices and larger issues like joblessness and foreclosures in the QCA.” –Leslie Kilgannon

“Reverend William Grimes was one of the first local clergy to organize around the idea that the faith community should lead in the work for addressing systemic injustices in the QCA. Already a recognized community activist, Reverend Grimes lent his considerable reputation and leadership to the effort of forming Quad Cities Interfaith.” –Leslie Kilgannon

“From this work they began to think strategically about forming an organization that could address community needs and combat systematic injustices and racism. Rev. Kuenning, worked with Monsignor Mottet to connect QCI to Greg Galluzzo and the Gamaliel Network out of Chicago and the rest is history.” –Leslie Kilgannon
From their efforts, Quad Cities Interfaith was formed. With leadership from Thomas Kilbride who provided the legal support to form the organization, these pastors lead the development of this multi-faith coalition that has progressed ever since to co-create a more just Quad Cities. Joe Smith, former member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Rock Island, worked with Rev. Grimes, Rev. Ken Kuenning, Thomas Kilbride, and Monsignor Mottet to organize QCI.  

The event was a great success. QCI supporters enjoyed breakfast while learning about the work that QCI has done and the work that QCI hopes to get done in the 2013. 2012 has been a year of new issues, new relationships with congregations and community groups, and of measurable progress on the work of jobs equity. Thanks to all of its supporters, the breakfast raised $4,100 in donations and 30 sustaining donors were established. As part of our fundraising efforts, QCI created an ad book to be distributed at the breakfast. The ad book raised $5,000. We'd like to thank all the people who placed an ad in our book.

Please Consider Becoming a Sustaining Donor!

We are trying to diversify our funding. To do this, the breakfast kicked off the individual sustaining donor campaign. The goal is to get 200 individuals donating at least $20 a month.  Any contributions to Quad Cities Interfaith are an investment in the work for justice in our community. Your tax-deductible donation is essential to our future and the work for justice. Making a monthly (or an annual) sustaining donation is easy and convenient through VANCO services on our website. You are able to make a secure payment using your credit or debit card. Sustaining donors make an on-going contribution. Each month or year you will be charged the same amount. You can also decide to stop or change your contribution at any time.

Ready to Become a Sustaining Donor?
It’s Simple with these Step by Step Instructions
1.) Visit our website at
2.) On the top right hand side of the site, click on donate now
3.) You will be taken to a secured website provided by VANCO Services to the Online Donation Page which has our logo
4.) Go to Donations
Enter the dollar amount you wish to contribute.
Donation Frequency: Identify how often you will be giving i.e weekly, monthly, one time gift
Donation Start Date: Identify the date you want a withdrawal to begin or to be made
5.) Click on Continue
Fill out donation information including how you would like to pay, your name and address, etc.
Review the information carefully
Make sure you click on process
6.) Confirmation. A confirmation page comes up with a thank you, confirming the donation and a confirmation number.
You can print off a receipt of your donation for your records.
It is recommended that you create a profile so that the system remembers you and you can log in and make changes, etc. 

Fire of Faith 

In October of this year QCI kicked off the Fire of Faith Campaign - Rekindling Congregations, Democracy, and the Economy campaign. Fire of Faith is a three-year campaign that will strengthen member congregations and institutions, increase participation in democracy, and move one million people into jobs and increase economic dignity. Our faith traditions teach us that loving our neighbor cannot be just a sentiment- we must help to shape a world we can be proud to leave to our grandchildren.  "Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream." (Amos 5:24)

What's New at QCI
Quad Cities Interfaith held a Fire of Faith Gathering on October 25, 2012 at Sacred Heart Cathedral in Davenport, Iowa. Our event brought people of many faiths together to work on Rekindling our Communities, Rekindling our Economy, and Rekindling our Democracy. The event was a re-commitment ceremony for the 20 member congregations and explanation of the Fire of Faith Campaign kicking off in 2013. Through Fire of Faith QCI will provide intensive support and training for members to reinvigorate their congregations and strengthen their connections to the faith community in the Quad Cities. For more information, contact Leslie at QCI. 

Pictured below is Reverend David Bigsby, Gamaliel of IL, as he addresses our event by informing us of the introduction of the Fire of Faith Principles. Thank you Rev. Bigsby for coming to our event. We appreciate that you could be apart of our program.

QCI Issue Updates
Transportation and Jobs Equity
As part of  Gamaliel of Illinois, the task force is working to secure a State wide Project Labor Agreement (PLA) from the contractors,unions and Illinois Department of Transportation that will include requirements for diversity in the work force on all transportation projects in Illinois. The Task Force is also looking to build a local monitoring committee in early 2013, that will hold accountable IL DOT on the Community Benefits Agreement principles it agreed to for the passenger rail project coming to the Quad Cities. Our next meeting is in Janurary 2013. Join us! For information, please contact Reverend David Geenen, Task Force Chairman at


Imagine this situation:  Your six-year-old child has a fever and a sore throat.  You’re worried, so you take him to the doctor. You say, “I notice he talks little.  Little by little and he has difficulty eating and swallowing.”  The doctor asks you, “Does he have a sore throat?” Pretty straightforward, right?
But now imagine the same situation when your first language isn’t English, and you have to bring someone, in this case a family friend, to interpret for you, and this is how the friend translates what you told the doctor:  “She says he is talking like, like lazy, whatever he says all the time, and plus he is not eating at all.”  Then, when the doctor asks about the sore throat, your no doubt well-meaning friend keeps interrupting and doesn’t let you answer the question.
Research is starting to show that medical communication problems caused by language barriers are not only distressing, they are also potentially dangerous.
Medical interpretation and translation are key health care services in reducing health disparities.  There are many other issues of disparity, of course: geography, ethnicity, physical and mental limitations, but the disparities caused by language services in our communities are the current focus of the QCI Health Equity Task Force.
Our next meeting is in January, 2013 in the QCI office.  We will be providing an orientation for new members on the work we have done to date and our proposed plans for 2013.  Please join us.  We hope to have at least one representative from every congregational member of QCI as we address the challenges of improving health equity in the Quad Cities!


The immigration task force will working on their issue and action for 2013 at their meeting in January 2013 at the Village Inn on Harrison Street in Davenport. We are looking for every member congregation to send a representative to this task force. Please call QCI office at 563.322.4910 for more information.

Education Equity

QCI is in the process of developing a round table on education and is looking for clergy and community leaders to join together to establish round table that will identify and advance local issues and connect to regional and national education  issues. If  you are interested please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . A kick off meeting will be announced in November!
Community Events

Continuing Series -Race Matters at St. Ambrose University Jan 15th-Feb 22, Catich Gallery
Friday, Jan. 25 Artist Lecture 4-4:45 p.m.
Opening Reception 5-7 p.m.

Race Matters? Racism Matters!
Post Racial, My Ass
Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. 

Saturday, Jan. 26, 7:30 p.m.
Allaert Auditorium, Galvin Fine Arts Center

For more info and Race Matters updates visit:

Upcoming Dates

Jan 15th-Feb 22, Catich Gallery
Friday, Jan. 25 Artist Lecture 4-4:45p.m.
Opening Reception 5-7 p.m.

Race Matters? Racism Matters!
Post Racial, My Ass
Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. 

Saturday, Jan. 26, 7:30 p.m.
Allaert Auditorium, Galvin Fine Arts Center

The AFL-CIO is encouraging all of the central labor councils to organize events on Monday December 10th to promote the national Candlelight Campaign Against Cuts.
In a post-election “lame-duck” session, Congress is taking on high-stakes decisions with major consequences for working people and the economy. Join us Monday, Dec. 10—International Human Rights Day—to send Congress a message:
NO Tax Breaks for the Richest 2%
NO Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid Cuts
The Quad City Federation of Labor, in conjunction with our various coalition partners, such as the Alliance for Retired Americans, will be organizing a Candlelight Campaign Against Cuts outside of Sen. Chuck Grassley's (R-IA) Davenport office on December 10th @ 4pm.

Tuesday, December 11th - 6:30pm 

QCI Leadership Assembly

St Mary's Church , 516 Fillmore, Davenport 
This will be our final meeting of the year! There will be some work around strategic planning 2013 but mostly fellowship !
Come and join us for a meal together,  to reflect on 2012 and
renew our commitment to making 2013 our best year yet! Please RSVP to this meeting.

Give a gift that gives all year-round PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Not-for-Profit News
Written by Red Cross   
Thursday, 06 December 2012 15:55
Scented candles, scarves, DVDs – many of the gifts we give during the holidays end up gathering dust on a shelf.

This year, give a gift that lives on year-round. From military comfort kits for wounded service members ($50) to swimming lessons for 10 kids ($100), a gift from the Red Cross Holiday Giving Catalog celebrates the compassion of the friends, family, neighbors and colleagues you care about most – and provides a lifeline for people affected by disasters, wounded service members and others in need.

Don’t wait – visit now and make your tax-deductible gift today and give something that means something.

Royal Neighbors awards $3,500 to Nation of Neighbors recipient to help battered women residing at Martha's House PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Not-for-Profit News
Written by Lynnette Meincke   
Thursday, 06 December 2012 15:52

to help battered women residing at Martha’s House

(Rock Island, IL)— Members of  Royal Neighbors of America Chapter 20126, Galesburg, IL, will present Connie Jacobs of Galesburg a check for $3,500 through its Nation of NeighborsSM Program. Connie will use the funds to complete renovations on Martha’s House, a home for women in crisis.

Through their 40 years of marriage, Connie and her husband, Dale,  have had a dream to provide an environment where women can learn to believe in themselves, find confidence, and become productive, loving members of the community. The couple has devoted their lives to helping the poor and those without hope through various ministry programs.

What:  $3,500 check presentation

Where: Martha’s House, 1155 E. Knox St., Galesburg

When: Tuesday, Dec. 11, 11 a.m.

Local contact: Dorothy Lam (309) 351-9695

Media is invited to attend

Focusing on its history of standing strong for women, Royal Neighbors has given more than $1 million to assist 900-plus families and individuals in reaching their goals and rebuilding their lives through its Nation of Neighbors Program. The program, which was launched in 2007, demonstrates the neighbor-helping-neighbor philosophy on which Royal Neighbors was founded in 1895.

Through the 2012 program, determined women of strength and courage are empowered with financial assistance to achieve their full potential, realize a sense of renewed personal growth, and give back to their communities. Each year, Royal Neighbors members and sales agents across the country are asked to nominate individuals they know who want to change their lives for the better. A panel reviews each nomination and determines the recipients and the monetary amounts awarded.

Royal Neighbors of America, one of the nation’s largest women-led life insurance companies, exists for the benefit of its members. It offers insurance products to fulfill financial needs of growth, savings, and protection. Members receive valuable benefits and can participate in volunteer activities through the organization’s local chapters to help make a difference in their communities. The organization’s philanthropic efforts are dedicated to changing women's lives through its national programs, including the Nation of NeighborsSM Program, and through the Royal Neighbors Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Headquartered in Rock Island, IL, with branch offices in Mesa, AZ, and Austin, TX, Royal Neighbors serves more than 200,000 members and is licensed to do business in 42 states and the District of Columbia.

For more information about Royal Neighbors of America, call (800) 627-4762, or visit


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