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Written by Norm Sterzenbach   
Friday, 30 August 2013 13:06
Cedar Rapids, IA – As student heads back to school, Democratic candidate for governor Tyler Olson has announced “Students for Olson” groups on college campuses across the state. The student-led organizations will bring together and mobilize students in support of Olson’s campaign.
“There is no question that young voters and college students are a big part of Iowa’s future. The students of today will be our leaders of tomorrow,” said Olson. “That is why I am proud to have the help and support of these student leaders and look forward to earning the support of Iowans as I discuss my vision for our state’s future.”
“Students for Olson” Campus Leaders:
University of Iowa – Katherine Valde & Joseph Rajchel
Iowa State University – Maddy Becker & Samie Pickering
University of Northern Iowa – Andrew Miller & David Pope
Drake University – Lara Henderson & Julianne Klampe
Simpson College – Tessa Lengeling & Mackenzie Bills
Loras College – Rily Kilburg & Caroline Rainey
"I could not be more enthusiastic to support Tyler Olson for Governor. Tyler brings a combination of experience and ingenuity to the role that will keep Iowa strong in the future. It is critical that Iowa’s next governor be able to relate to the younger generations because we are the future of Iowa. Tyler understands this and has the remarkable ability to listen to Iowans from across the spectrum." – Katherine Valde, University of Iowa Campaign Co-chair
"We once valued education in Iowa. Despite record surpluses, we have chronically underfunded our states educational institutions such as the University of Northern Iowa. Tyler gets we must invest in education, and that is why I support him." – Andrew Miller, University of Northern Iowa Campaign Chair
"I am choosing to work for Tyler Olson because of his fresh perspective for Iowa politics. Tyler is what Iowa needs right now, and that is someone who is down to Earth and cares about every Iowan and their rights. He works for the people and truly cares and loves what he does. He is the bright light at the end of the six term tunnel." – Tessa Lengeling, Simpson College Co-chair
“As a lifelong Iowan who made the decision to remain in Iowa for my college education and as a young adult who will soon be entering the workforce, I am proud to support a candidate who understands the challenges that students and young people face every day. Tyler's public service and business experience will help to inspire the kind of innovation and entrepreneurship that keeps young people like me in Iowa and will form the backbone of Iowa's 21st century economy.” – Lara Henderson, Drake University Campaign Co-chair
"Without a doubt our state is in need of new leadership. Tyler Olson has established himself as a consensus-builder who cares about the issues important to young Iowans across this state; things like affordable education, renewable energy and a strong economy. He's also dedicated his professional career to standing up for Iowa's middle class. With a Governor Olson, students and young Iowans will have an ally in Terrace Hill we can trust." – Riley Kilburg, Loras College Campaign Chair
Students who want to get involved with a “Students for Olson” organization on their campus can sign up at http://tylerolson.org/students/.


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