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Written by Narveen Aryaputri   
Tuesday, 05 June 2012 14:53
ByMichael Grady
"Were there two creations instead of the one detailed in Genesis?
It appears that the writings of Christianity, Judaism and Islam point to an unseen and unexperienced creation "out of nothing", while the creation we are more familiar with exists to redeem every person ever conceived.
But redeemed from what? And how does this fit in with salvation? Angels? Heaven? Demons? Hell? Why are we here? Could this be a prison planet and the universe, really a "cosmess", and if so, why? How does ontology theology fit in with reincarnation, rational animal philosophy and the Big Bang? Not at all, according to Grady. Yet, nearly the entire academic world derives its thoughts and practices from one or more of these theories. Based on the work of Dr Robert Joyce, Grady's mentor, ontology theology may forever change how you view the world, the entire universe, and our place among all other living things. At the very least, it may shock you to a new all-encompassing awareness more closely identified with the long-repressed "preconscious". Be ready for the "intellectiscope" shock of your life!
Ontology Theologian Michael Grady has been studying the works of husband-wife team of Dr Robert and Mary Joyce since 1995. In 2010, Joyce wrote the ground-breaking trilogy "God Said Be, We Said Maybe". It is written by a theist but applies to all. According to Grady, these writings may become more important than the works of all the prior Roman Catholic writers combined, including  Augustine and Aquinas. Grady has been an Independent Scholar at the Institute held at the  Moline Club since 2004 and lives in Davenport with his wife Lina Grady, and three teenage girls. He is employed as an export consultant with Schafer Fisheries, in Thomson, IL

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