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Written by Sam Lau   
Thursday, 23 October 2014 08:18
US Sen. Martin Heinrich: Braley Works Across Party Lines, Fights for All Iowans

Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) highlighted Braley’s strong record of breaking through gridlock to fight for an economy that works for all Iowans, not just the wealthiest few

Fort Dodge, IA – Today Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) highlighted the importance of Bruce Braley's work to protect and strengthen the job-creating Renewable Fuel Standard to Iowa’s economy while touring the Iowa Central Fuel Testing Lab in Fort Dodge. Bruce Braley has a strong record of breaking through gridlock to build an economy that works for all families by promoting Iowa agriculture and fighting to grow Iowa’s rural economy.

“In Congress today, there’s too much gridlock and too little compromise. All too often, Senators are looking out for the interests of the wealthiest few, not the middle class. Bruce has a strong record of working across party lines to strengthen and protect Iowa’s agriculture economy – he’s shown that he’ll fight for an economy that works for all Iowans, not millionaires, billionaires and special interests. In contrast, his opponent says she is “philosophically opposed” to the RFS and stands in lockstep with out-of-state Big Oil special interests that want see it eliminated, jeopardizing the 75,000 jobs it supports in Iowa. Iowans need a Senator who will fight for hardworking families, and that’s Bruce Braley,” said Heinrich.

Braley has been a leader in the fight to protect the RFS; according to the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, nearly 75,000 Iowa jobs are connected to renewable fuels. Late last year, Braley was the only member of the Iowa U.S. House delegation to join Governor Terry Branstad at an EPA hearing where they spoke out against the EPA's proposed cuts. In November 2013, Braley teamed up with Republican Rep. Steve King to host an event with Iowa State’s Bioeconomy Institute to explain to Congressional staff the importance of keeping the RFS at its current levels. At Braley’s request, Iowa consistently has had representation at Congressional hearings examining the future of the RFS. And early this year, he helped deliver 100,000 signatures to the EPA urging them to maintain a strong RFS.

In contrast, State Sen. Ernst would put Tea Party obstructionism before Iowa: Ernst would have opposed the Farm Bill, is “philosophically opposed” to the RFS, and her spokesperson said that “in a perfect world…she would support doing away with the (RFS).” Braley for Iowa released a report detailing the devastating impacts of state Sen. Joni Ernst’s reckless plan to eliminate all energy incentives and all tax credits. If Ernst’s energy proposals were enacted, energy costs for Iowans could increase by $1,200 per year, tens of thousands of Iowa jobs could be threatened, and business investments in Iowa could be reduced by billions of dollars.

Heinrich also kicked off phone banks in Des Moines and Mason City and encouraged all Iowans to vote early. Voting early by mail or in person is the simplest and easiest way to cast a ballot. Iowans can vote early in person from now until November 3, or they can vote by mail anytime between now and Election Day.  Iowans can find their early voting location or can request a ballot to vote by mail at vote.brucebraley.com.

U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich is the junior United States Senator for New Mexico. Elected in 2012, Heinrich serves on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources, Intelligence, and Joint Economic Committees.  He Previously served in the House of Representatives from 2008 - 2012.

Heinrich’s strong and principled leadership is driven by his working-class upbringing, his wife Julie, and his two young sons.


Braley Was Endorsed By The Iowa Corn Growers Association PAC’s Bipartisan Committee Of Farmer-Members. In September 2014, The Des Moines Register reported, “The Iowa Corn Growers Association, one of the state's most influential farm groups, announced Tuesday its political action committee has endorsed Democrat Bruce Braley in his campaign for U.S. Senate against Republican state Sen. Joni Ernst.” TheRegister continued, “A press release from the Corn Growers Association PAC said the decisions are made by a bipartisan committee of farmer-members who consider candidates based only on their support of ICGA policies. Braley was one of 75 state and federal candidates included in the endorsements.” [Des Moines Register,9/2/14]
  • Iowa Corn Grower Endorsement “Decisions Are Made Through An Objective Analysis Including Candidate Responses To Our Survey, Voting Records, Letters And Other Quantified Evidence Of Support. In September 2014, Iowa Corn Growers Association PAC announced: “ICGA PAC decisions are made through an objective analysis including candidate responses to our survey, voting records, letters and other quantified evidence of support. The ICGA PAC committee members include farmers from across Iowa, with an equal balance of party affiliation to ensure decisions are based only on corn growers’ policies. Funding for contributions to candidates from the Iowa Corn Growers Association PAC comes only from voluntary PAC donations by ICGA members. Neither ICGA dues, nor checkoff dollars, are used for PAC contributions.” [IowaCorn.org, 9/2/14]
  • Iowa Corn Growers’ PAC Chair: “Bruce Has A Fantastic Track Record With Our Key Issus” – “Bruce Has Done Over And Above On Farm Bill And Crop Insurance And The RFS.” In a September 2014 interview on WHO TV, Iowa Corn Growers’ PAC Chair, Mark Recker, said: “Bruce has a fantastic track record with our key issues, and has over the past term and over his past few terms… Bruce has done over and above on Farm Bill and crop insurance and the RFS, and has scored with us very well, and supported us very well, and is very credible with us on those issues.” [WHO TV, 9/7/14]
  • Iowa Corn Growers’ PAC Chair: We Choose Who To Endorse Based On The Issues – “They Tell Us What’s Important, Whether It’s Ethanol And The Renewable Fuel Standard, Farm Bill Or Crop Insurance.” In a September 2014 interview on WHO TV, Iowa Corn Growers’ PAC Chair, Mark Recker, said: “Well, it all comes down to the issues for us and how well candidates support our priorities as an organization and producers. And those issues, those priorities, come to us from the producer level. They tell us what’s important, whether it’s ethanol and the Renewable Fuels Standard, Farm Bill or crop insurance, trade and transportation issues. That’s how we score our candidates, based on how well they vote on those particular priorities and issues.” [WHO TV, 9/7/14]
US Sen. Tim Kaine: Bruce Braley “Clear Choice” for Senate

While Braley works to put Iowa families first, Ernst’s out-of-step plans work for millionaires, not the middle class
Mason City, IA – Today, US Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) traveled through Iowa to speak about the clear choice in the US Senate race. Kaine highlighted Bruce’s plans to break through the gridlock and be a Senator that works for all of Iowa’s families, not just the wealthiest few.

Kaine spoke with Iowans today on a variety of issues— from Braley’s passionate work on behalf of veterans to his commitment to protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare for all generations of Iowans. Braley has a strong record of accomplishments for Iowa veterans, including leading a successful effort to secure back-pay that was initially denied to hundreds of Iowa National Guard members, and introducing legislation that cut taxes for businesses hiring veterans. Braley has also worked to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare. Braley strongly opposes risky privatization schemes that end guaranteed benefits and put Iowa seniors’ retirement security in the hands of Wall Street.

“Bruce Braley has an impressive record of standing up for Iowa’s middle class families, reaching across the party divide, and delivering results. Nowhere is this record more evident than his work on some of the issues most important to Iowans – including his passionate work on behalf of veterans and his commitment to protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare for all generations of Iowans. Iowans need a Senator who will stand up for their interests – Bruce Braley is that Senator,” said Kaine.

Kaine also spoke on the importance of voting early in this year’s midterm election. Kaine encouraged all Iowans to vote early by mail or in person because it is the simplest and easiest way to cast a ballot. Iowans can vote early in person from now until November 3, or they can vote by mail anytime between now and Election Day.  Iowans can find their early voting location or can request a ballot to vote by mail at vote.brucebraley.com.

In stark contrast to Bruce’s focus on policies that put Iowa families first, Sen. Joni Ernst’s plans – including privatizing Social Security, protecting corporations that ship jobs overseas from paying their fair share in taxes, abolishing federal student loans, and opposing a minimum wage increase that would give 300,000 Iowans a raise – would have devastating consequences for Iowa’s families.

Kaine was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012. He was first elected to office in 1994, serving as a city councilmember and then Mayor of Richmond.  He became Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 2002 and was inaugurated as Virginia’s 70th Governor in 2006.

In the Senate, Kaine serves on the Armed Services, Budget and Foreign Relations Committees.

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Former Labor President Backs Schilling PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Jon Schweppe   
Thursday, 23 October 2014 08:11

Forret: "He's not a typical Republican. He knows what built America... organized labor and the American farmer."

MOLINE, IL -- Bobby Schilling received a major endorsement today from Bradley Forret, former President and organizer for the Laborers Local 309 in Rock Island. Forret also served as a member of the Great Plains Laborers District Council.

Forret said that Schilling was the better choice for organized labor.

“Bobby Schilling best reflects my beliefs as a business owner, a veteran, a hunter, an outdoorsman, a Christian, a gun owner with rights for concealed carry, and as a laborer,” Forret said.
Forret praised Schilling’s 13 years of union experience.

“He’s not a typical Republican,” Forret said. “Bobby is a union man. He knows what built America—organized labor and the American farmer. He’ll protect our right to organize and belong to organized labor. And he’ll work to fix our economy and create more union jobs.”

Forret also pointed out that Schilling is a strong supporter of the second amendment.

“Bobby Schilling respects our constitutional right to bear arms, and he supports the right to carry,” Forret said.

“I endorse Mr. Schilling,” Forret continued. “And I ask you, as a constituent of the 17th District, to also support him. It’s time to vote for the person, not the party.”

ACTIVATOR Awards Jacobs and Verschoore “Friend of Agriculture” PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Russell Orrill   
Wednesday, 22 October 2014 12:36

ROCK ISLAND – Illinois Farm Bureau ACTIVATOR is proud to announce State Senator Mike Jacobs of the 36th Senate District and State Representative Pat Verschoore of the 72nd House District have both been designated a Friend of Agriculture.

Local ACTIVATOR trustees have designated Sen. Jacobs and Rep. Verschoore for their strong voting records and continued support of key issues impacting agriculture.

"Mike Jacobs and Pat Verschoore continue to advocate and support agriculture in their districts." IFB's Director of State Legislation Kevin Semlow said. "Senator Jacobs and Representative Verschoore have worked diligently on extremely important issues to the farming community, and they continue to prove they are friends of agriculture."

"I appreciate the support of leaders and members from our local farm bureaus. The agriculture industry is vital to our economy and I pledge to continue to support the farmers of the 36th Senate District," said Jacobs. "I'm extremely grateful to receive this award."

"It is an incredible honor to receive this award. Illinois farmers work tirelessly to provide their products to consumers across the globe. Senator Jacobs and I will continue to work together to advocate for the farming communities in our districts," Verschoore said.

Both legislators play a vital role for the farming community throughout the legislative process. Representative Verschoore is the acting Chairperson for the House Agriculture and Conservation Committee, while Senator Jacobs is a sitting member of the Senate Agriculture and Conservation Committee.

ACTIVATOR, Illinois farm Bureau’s political involvement fund, is a voluntary, non-profit, segregated fund promoting the economic and social well-being of farmers. ACTIVATOR trustees are local Farm Bureau leaders representing each county in every Illinois legislative district.



Stark Choice on Women’s Health Continues to Drive Iowa Senate Race, Hurt Ernst with Women Voters PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Sam Lau   
Wednesday, 22 October 2014 10:52
Following her support for a federal personhood bill & attempts to hide her views during final debate, Ernst’s extreme positions on women’s health care dominate headlines

Des Moines, IA — With just more than two weeks until Election Day, the stark choice in the Iowa Senate race on women’s health care continues to drive the campaign narrative and dominate headlines as Iowans learn more about state Sen. Joni Ernst’s extreme views—and Sen. Ernst continues to struggle immensely with women voters.

While Iowans already knew that state Sen. Ernst had sponsored a radical personhood bill in the Iowa Senate that would ban common forms of birth control and eliminate a women’s right to choose even in the cases of rape or incest, Ernst told the Sioux City Journal editorial board this week that she would even support federal personhood legislation efforts—impacting women not just in Iowa, but across the nation.

The topic of women’s health care was then a dominant focus of the final Iowa Senate debate and its coverage, as state Sen. Ernst tried and failed to explain away her extreme positions, even when pressed for specifics.

In contrast, following his winning performance at Thursday’s debate, Bruce Braley was proudly joined on the campaign trail by Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, who called Bruce a “champion” for women’s health care in discussions with women in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, while highlighting Ernst’s “dangerous” views for women.

Governor Candidate in Davenport Wednesday October 22nd PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Narcisse for Governor 2014   
Wednesday, 22 October 2014 10:50

Narcisse Speaking at Genesis Hospital & EICC Kahl Building

Jonathan Narcisse, the Iowa Party candidate for Governor will be in Davenport, Iowa on Wednesday October 22nd for two public speaking engagements.

After touring facilities with hospital officials, Narcisse will be speaking at Genesis’ Adler Health Education Center from 3pm to 4pm, on Wednesday at Genesis East, in Davenport.

He will be addressing invited employees of Genesis Health System, and answering their questions about his candidacy. The public is invited and welcome to attend and participate as well.

Location: 1236 E. Rushholme Street, Davenport, Iowa

Click here for map and venue info: http://www.genesishealth.com/facilities/location-public-profile/?id=441

And, at 6:30pm Narcisse will be delivering his major policy speech on Iowa Tax Reform inside the Eastern Iowa Community College Kahl Educational Center building, Room 1006, in downtown Davenport.

Narcisse will be available to meet and greet voters and answer questions until 8pm.

Location: 326 West Third Street, Davenport, Iowa

Click here for map and venue info: http://www.eicc.edu/about-eicc/colleges-and-centers/kahl-educational-center.aspx

What's at Stake: The Iowa Party, An Accountability Party

Narcisse, who is campaigning on a reform platform that calls into account both the major parities, is seeking at least 2% of the Iowa vote on November 4th so that the Iowa Party will have official party status and full state-wide ballot access for all partisan elected offices for four years. Narcisse, who grew up and lives in Des Moines, refers to the Iowa Party as the birth of Iowa voters’ only true second party choice.

Narcisse asserts that when both of the major party candidates came into office in the Iowa Statehouse in the 1970’s, Iowa had six federal congressional representatives. And that after more than 40 years of the “Branstad Era,” where both major parties have shared power and abused taxpayers, Iowa has only four congressional seats due to loss of population.

“Iowa’s tax code is one of the single biggest contributors to our state’s stagnation,” Narcisse says. “We don’t have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem.”

Visit http://www.narcisseforgovernor.com/reforming-iowas-tax-codes-is-a-priority/ for a 2 minute video on Reforming Iowa’s Tax Code.

The 51 year old candidate will be addressing how a Narcisse administration would reform state income tax, residential and commercial property tax and phase out the corporate income tax. He will explain how these measures will grow Iowan’s individual prosperity, lift Iowans out of poverty and retain Iowa’s middle class families and youth.

“We will cut a lot of taxes, but we will also cut a lot of wasteful spending,” says Narcisse.

Narcisse is an enigma to many major party political insiders who know his history as a very young twenty year old co-chair of the powerful Polk County Democrat Party and one who generated headlines by getting results as a reformist on the Des Moines School board in 2009.

Read more about Narcisse’s history in his Iowa Values, Common Sense Solutions campaign piece, here. http://www.narcisseforgovernor.com/publication-iowa-values-common-sense-solutions/

His efforts are gaining endorsements from both conservative talk-radio hosts, and liberal-activist leaders alike.

He is wrapping up his statewide 99 county tour next week and focusing his get out the vote campaign efforts in Iowa’s urban centers in the final ten days of the campaign, prior to election day November 4th.

If two percent of the Iowa voters support Narcisse this election, the Iowa Party will have official party status over the next Iowa Caucuses, presidential election cycle, and into 2018.

“We are building a potent statewide political tool that will help us recruit good candidates to run for local office – school board, city council, and county seats – as well as legislative candidates we will encourage to run in primaries where our organizational muscle will help them oust vulnerable incumbents in the June elections,” Narcisse says.

“We will especially present a second party alternative where incumbent Democrats and Republicans at the county and legislative levels are re-elected term after term without ever facing a viable opponent, if any at all.”

Narcisse Speaking Engagements

Wednesday, October 22nd
Davenport, Iowa

3pm - Genesis West
Adler Health Education Center

6:30pm - EICC
Kahl Educational Center

For more information, visit www.NarcisseForGovernor.com

Contact 563-650-0120 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for interviews or more information.

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