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NEW TIME: Tea Party Express Radio Hour Starts at 8:00 PM PST Tonight PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Howard Kaloogian   
Tuesday, 14 February 2012 13:03
The program has a new time and we added an hour!

Tonight, is another broadcast of the Tea Party Express Hour and it starts at 8:00 PM PST and goes until 10:00 PM PST.
Listen live at 8:00 PM PST/11:00 EST here
We really want to hear from Tea Party Express members and supporters and would love for you to call into the show and let us know what is on your mind. Last week, we had some great calls from around the nation.
We will be taking calls from around the country on our studio line at 1-888-344-1170.
This is your show and we want to hear what issues are important to Tea Party members and what is going on in their communities.
Tonight's Program
Tonight's program will be hosted by Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer.

Tonight's host Amy Kremer

Joining Amy will be Ali A. Akbar. Mr. Akbar is currently the Vice President of Digital Strategy with Vice and Victory Agency, a new firm specializing in political marketing on the digital medium as well as general public affairs and coalition building.  Mr. Akbar will be giving us a wrap-up and commentary about this weekend's CPAC.

About the show:
The Tea Party Express is excited to partner with radio talk show host Rick Amato and KCBQ AM 1170 in San Diego by launching a weekly conservative radio program that focuses on Tea Party issues called the Tea Party Express Hour. The show is hosted by former California Assemblyman and Chairman of the Our Country Deserves Better PAC (parent organization to Tea Party Express) Howard Kaloogian every Monday evening at 8 PM PST (11PM EDT).
Featuring updates from Washington insiders, Tea Party activists around the country and guest callers, the show is certain to contain important insight regarding the crucial economic issues facing America today.

The Tea Party Express Hour can be streamed every Monday at 8 PM PST at TeaPartyExpress.org or www.SecureTheseRights.net. If you are not available to join live, podcasts will also be made available online at TeaPartyExpress.org.
WHAT:     Tea Party Express Hour Radio Show
WHEN:    Every Monday at  8 PM PST/11 PM EST
WHERE: KCBQ 1170 AM San Diego www.TeaPartyExpress.org or www.SecureTheseRights.net

Socialist Equality Party to Run Jerry White for US President PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Patrick Martin   
Tuesday, 14 February 2012 13:03
White to Oppose Democrats and Republicans, Advance Socialist Program Against Unemployment, Poverty and War

The Socialist Equality Party in the United States will run candidates in the 2012 elections. The SEP candidate for president is Jerry White; the vice presidential candidate is Phyllis Scherrer. White and Scherrer will run against the Democrats and Republicans, on the basis of a socialist program.

In a statement published today by the World Socialist Web Site, White outlined the basis of the SEP campaign. The statement calls for: the unity of workers internationally against austerity; social equality through the redistribution of wealth; opposition to war and attacks on democratic rights; and the building of a working class political party.

White, 52, has been active in the socialist movement for more than three decades. In 2008, he ran as the SEP candidate for president in opposition to Barack Obama and John McCain. As a reporter for the WSWS, he has written on the struggles of auto workers, coal miners and other sections of the working class. Most recently, he has covered the struggle of locked-out Cooper Tire workers in Findlay, Ohio.

"This will be a year of growing resistance by the working class in the United States and around the world," White said. "Our campaign will fight to unify these struggles and direct them to a political fight against the capitalist system. The US is ripe for a socialist movement."

Phyllis Scherrer, 48, is a schoolteacher in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. "Millions of workers and young people voted for Obama, looking for change," Scherrer said. "Three years later, the administration has revealed itself to be a right-wing instrument of the banks and corporations."

White and Scherrer will be touring the country in February and March to hold meetings, give interviews and explain the basis of their campaign.


For more information or to schedule an interview with Jerry White or Phyllis Scherrer, visit www.socialequality.com, contact the SEP campaign offices at 313-409-8083 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Obama's Game of Chess PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Ed Fallon   
Tuesday, 14 February 2012 12:52

Dear Friends,

Besides being a hard worker and all-around great guy, Gabriel de La Cerda is an awesome chess player. Applying his penchant for deep analysis to last week's big news stories, Gabe postulates that President Obama's Catholic Contraception Controversy, the Attorneys General Bank Settlement, and Rick Santorum's three primary victories are all connected.

Gabe writes: "By leaking the bank settlement along with the contraception news, Obama was able to dictate which story would be at the fore of the national dialogue and which would be buried. Many talking heads, who would have asked questions as to why a $26 billion settlement could not have been more, were instead busy chasing the juicier story of women's contraception."

Furthermore, "Thursday was the beginning of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Friday, Obama announces a compromise in the contraception case nearly at the same time the main speakers where taking the CPAC stage."

In terms of its political impact on the President, "the contraception issue should be negative. Normally when bad news is coming, administrations try to dump it on a Friday, so the talking heads don't have an entire week to dissect the story."

"So why activate the far right on a prime news day? Because Obama wants the primary process to go on as long as possible. If he could pick an opponent to run against, Rick Santorum is his huckleberry."

"The contraception news was fire for Santorum to add to his rise going into CPAC. This political play forced Romney to step away from his strengths - economy and business - and step into his weakness - morality, an issue which plays to Santorum's strengths."

Wow, Gabe! You and I need to play a game of chess! But seriously, though one doesn't want to believe that the forces of Big Government and Big Business are this sinister and conniving, it's hard not to think Gabe's got some good points.

Monday, we talk about the ongoing foreclosure crisis and recent bank settlement. Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is declaring victory. Others aren't so sure. Still others claim government sold out to the big banks. If you've got a foreclosure tale to share, give me a call tonight at (515) 312-0983.

Tuesday, we talk about Komen's corporate connections. As Laurence Lewis writes in a recent Daily Kos column, "One example is Komen's recent partnership with KFC to raise millions of dollars, and of course, just coincidentally, to associate the junk food giant with the promotion of health." I'd like to thank an anonymous listener with an immediate family member who died of breast cancer for helping sponsor this show.

Wednesday, consumer advocate Mark Cooper talks about nuclear power. Each week, some new information surfaces to make it even clearer what a bad idea is MidAmerican's ratepayer money grab. And is Warren Buffet really the friend of the people that the media like to paint? Thanks to Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility for helping to sponsor this show.

Thursday, State Rep Dan Kelley (D-Newton) joins us, as does comedian-activist Lee Camp. This week's Fallon Forum Freebie is a gift certificate to Leap Day Special at Mojo's on 86th. We'll also give away two tickets to "Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom," performing at the Des Moines Social Club this week and next.

So, join the conversation Monday - Thursday from 7:00-8:00 pm at 98.3 FM and online. Call-in at (515) 312-0983 or toll-free at (866) 908-TALK. You can download the Fallon Forum as a podcast, too. Thanks! -- Ed


February 13 - Our New Energy and Climate Reality Presentation (Ames)
Free presentation by State Senator Rob Hogg (D-Cedar Rapids) at 7:00 pm at the Public Library, 515 Douglas Ave about our new energy and climate reality -- and what we must do for the sake of our economy, our environment and future generations. Sponsored by 350.org and Iowa Climate Advocates. No registration required.

February 16 - Drinking Liberally (Des Moines)
You don't have to be a card-carrying liberal to enjoy political conversation and excellent libations at AJ's, 419 E Court starting at 8:00 pm every Thursday. If the revolution is going to start anyplace, this is probably it. Contact desmoines@drinkingliberally.org.

February 20 - Compassion & Choices of Iowa Board Meeting (Amana)
Compassion & Choices of Iowa is a group which educates, advocates and legislates end-of-life issues. The public is invited to its board meeting on at 10:00 am at the coffee shop of the Clarion Hotel on I-80. Contact Pat Larson at (515) 270-6644 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

February 21 - Irish Jam at Open Sesame (Des Moines)
Discover the fusion of Lebanese and Celtic culture every third Tuesday of the month: belly dancing to Irish gigs and reels, Lebanese cooking washed-down with a pint of Guinness. All musicians patrons welcome, at 313 E. Locust St from 8:30-10:30 pm.

February 23 - Green Drinks (Des Moines-Ankeny)
Join casual conversation with people interested in environmental issues and sustainable energy over something to eat and/or drink. It's from 5:30-7:30 pm at a special location this month: Net Zero House at 1714 SW College Ave, Ankeny. Contact Shari Hrdina at DesMoinesGreenDrinks@gmail.com.

March 10 -  Civic Engagement at the Library (Des Moines)
Citizens have the opportunity to discuss public issues in a moderated forum. The topic for March is The New Challenges of American Immigration: What Should We Do? It's from 9:15 am - 12:00 noon at the Central Library Meeting Room One, 1000 Grand Avenue. To participate, please register at www.dmpl.org (Online Events Calendar), or call (515) 283-4957. Limited to 25 registrants.

Through March 23 - Environmental Impact Awards Applications (Central Iowa)
The Greater Des Moines Partnership, Center on Sustainable Communities and Metro Waste Authority established the Environmental Impact Awards to recognize organizations and leaders who exemplify environmentally sustainable practices. Awards will be given to individuals, businesses (large and small), non-profit or community organizations, and for the built environment (residential and commercial). Applications available at www.desmoinesmetro.com/events. Deadline is March 23 at 3:30 pm. Winners will be recognized in an awards ceremony luncheon on May 16 at the Botanical Center.

March 31 - Bishop Dingman Peace Award Dinner (Ankeny)
Join Bishop Thomas Gumbleton (featured in Michael Moore's latest documentary, Capitalism:  A Love Story) and Joshua Casteel, a US Soldier Interrogator at Abu Gharib who is now a conscientious objector and scholar. It’s at Our Ladies Immaculate Heart, 510 E. 1st St at 6:00 pm and is a fundraiser for Catholic Peace Ministry. Tickets are $35 or $280 for a table of eight. Contact Jeffrey Weiss at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (515) 255-8114.

May 12 - Asian Festival (Des Moines)
From 10:00 am - 5:00 pm on the east side of the Iowa State Capitol. Contact Swallow Yan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


As President Announces Budget, Braley Signs onto "No Budget, No Pay" Bill PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Jeff Giertz   
Monday, 13 February 2012 14:47

Legislation withholds pay if Congress doesn’t pass spending/budget bills on time each year

Washington, DC – As President Obama unveiled his 2013 federal budget proposal today, Rep. Bruce Braley (IA-01) signed on as a cosponsor to “No Budget, No Pay” legislation that would block pay for members of Congress if they’re unable to make spending and budget decisions on time each year.

The most basic responsibility Congress has is deciding how much money the government takes in and how much it spends.  However, Congress has only passed its spending bills on time only four times since 1952.  In the last 14 years, annual spending bills have been submitted an average of 14 months late.

“In the real world, there are real consequences if deadlines aren’t met,” Braley said.  “There should also be real consequences if Congress can’t meet its deadlines.  I can think of few stronger incentives to get politicians to do their job than tying their pay to their job performance.  This idea is a powerful way to restore a little common sense to a Congress that has none.”


Every government fiscal year begins on October 1st.  Under the “No Budget, No Pay” proposal, if the congressional spending process is not completed by that date each year, congressional pay ceases and isn’t restored until it is completed.

For the current fiscal year, Congress was nearly three months overdue in completing the annual budget and spending process.

The “No Budget, No Pay” legislation is a key component of the “Make Congress Work” reform plan of the No Labels organization, a group of Republicans, Democrats, and independents dedicated to bringing people together and making government function again.  In December, Braley joined No Labels to unveil the plan.

For more information on the proposal visit the following link: http://action.nolabels.org/bill/no-budget-no-pay

# # #

Sarah Palin: the conservative movement has not been brighter! PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Sal Russo   
Monday, 13 February 2012 14:46

In case you missed it, over the weekend, Sarah Palin gave a rousing and inspiring speech at CPAC.  We here at the Tea Party Express were at CPAC along with Sarah Palin and were inspired by the words that she had for the crowd and America.

Sarah Palin Speaking at CPAC over the weekend

Sarah Palin reminds us that the conservative movement has not been brighter and that our job is not done.  We must keep fighting for the conservative ideals that made this country great!

With all of us fixated on the important presidential election, we cannot lose sight of the other goal that we have for this year - taking control of the Senate. This is just as important as winning the White House.  In order to further the conservative ideals that we all stand for, we must break the hold that Harry Reid and the obstructionist Democrats have on the Senate.

In order to do this, we are working hard to raise awareness of our campaign to take control of the Senate by electing REAL CONSERVATIVE LEADERS.

We are doing something SPECIAL to promote this campaign!





It is so important that we take the gavel out of Harry Reid’s hand and take conservative control of the Senate.  Here at the Tea Party Express we have already endorsed three U.S. Senate candidates. TRUE CONSERVATIVE LEADERS AND STEADFAST ADVOCATES OF OUR TEA PARTY VALUES!
Please don’t hesitate – every $25 dollars enters you once for our raffle and helps us send these conservative leaders to Washington!
Please consider making a contribution of $25 (1 chance to win), $50 (2 chances to win), $100 (4 chances to win), $200 (8 chances to win), $500 (20 chances to win) or more! DONATE HERE

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