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Written by Tim Bueler   
Monday, 20 August 2012 08:28
First, kudos to Mitt Romney for choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate. Now, the danger: Romney, Ryan, their surrogates, their supporters and the American people will continue to treat election 2012 as just another contest to determine whose hand is at the helm of state for the next four years.

No, this election is for keeps. If Barack Obama doesn't lose his bid for a second term, he and his vast, left-wing support network of Marx-inspired think tanks, strategists and elected officials will fulfill Obama's 2008 campaign promise to "fundamentally" transform this nation, thus bringing the American experiment in liberty to what could be the final curtain.

This is not idle hyperbole. I have just finished Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott's chilling new book, "Fool Me Twice: Obama's Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed" (WND Books). I recommend it as must-reading for all Americans, but particularly for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. In their run for the White House, the GOP standard-bearers don't seem to realize what they are up against - and, by extension, what lies in store for us all if they are not victorious in November.

"Fool Me Twice" is Klein and Elliott's third in-depth political study of Obama. "The Manchurian President" (2010) examines Obama's lifelong ties to anti-American radicals; "Red Army" (2011) explores Obama White House links to the Marx-inspired policy world where, in research papers and "progressive" legislation, the foundations of Obamacare, for example, went unnoticed for years before being passed in 2010.

Having learned to track the left's policymaking subculture, the authors now turn to what an Obama second term likely holds. To this end, they examined thousands of documents, including initiatives from the Center for American Progress, or CAP (the Obama administration's "idea factory," as Time magazine calls it); sundry pieces of legislation introduced by "progressives" in Congress; and both well-known promises and little-known executive orders issued by Obama himself. The book-length result is what Klein describes as "the secret template for Obama's next four years - the one actually created by Obama's own top advisers and strategists."

In meticulous detail, the authors lay out the plans of Obama and his allies to, among other things: reconceive of U.S. defense as a fight against "climate change," national sovereignty and other leftist bogeymen; "green"-ify the U.S. energy industry; open U.S. borders and register illegal aliens who are soon to be given amnesty by Obama (and who overwhelmingly vote Democrat); and, of course, move to a single-payer government health-care system. From the morass of technical jargon and policy wonkdom the authors sift through emerges a terrifyingly sharp image of centralized federal control of practically everything - even political dissent on the airwaves via the so-called Fairness Doctrine.

This not-so-nascent form of totalitarian power is what the 2012 election is all about. Whether they realize it - and they don't - Americans are about to decide whether to empower the increasingly dictatorial executive branch of Barack Hussein Obama, whose future plans to distort "checks and balances" promises to transform the U.S. government out of all recognition, or to break the momentum of government centralization by electing Romney-Ryan.

Most Americans, ill-served by mum media and silent politicians, will be shocked at the executive branch usurpation of powers Klein and Elliott describe as being in the hopper, and always at the expense of the people through the steady attrition of congressional powers. For example, there are plans "to wrest budgetary control from Congress" of Pentagon purse strings and vest them in an "independent panel," and ideas to strip Congress of its powers over immigration by empowering a White House panel to allocate all visas. Other centralizing and, in fact, truly fascist ideas afoot include plans for a federal "green bank," which would use taxpayer dollars to finance "clean" energy companies (such as the notorious and now-bankrupt company Solyndra), as well as a national infrastructure "bank," which, as the authors put it, "would concentrate even more power in Washington while creating a giant cesspool for government cronyism and corruption."

All of which is to say, this election is not merely about jobs or deficit spending or fixing Medicare, as the Romney-Ryan ticket would have us believe. Such blinkers only lull the electorate into complacency and, worse, preserve the Obama machine's politics-as-usual cover.

Election 2012 is anything but politics as usual. It is an existential crisis. For many reasons, I would vote for my dog over Obama-Biden, not least of which is that she always warns me of danger. Romney-Ryan must find the courage and love of country to do the same.


ABOUT YOUR GUEST: Aaron Klein is a New York Times bestselling author, journalist and radio host. He is senior reporter for WND and hosts "Aaron Klein Investigative Radio" on New York's WABC Radio, the nation's largest talk station. Klein's program is one of only two weekend shows in the U.S. to make the Talkers Heavy Hundred official list of top American radio shows. His previous books include Red Army, The Manchurian President, The Late Great State of Israel and Schmoozing with Terrorists.

ABOUT YOUR GUEST: Brenda J. Elliott is an award-winning historian, researcher and New York Times bestselling author. She is the blogger who created RezkoWatch (RW), TheRealBarackObama (RBO) and RBO2. She has appeared on hundreds of radio shows, contributed to numerous investigative articles and publications and is the co-author of Red Army and The Manchurian President.

Barack’s Bus Tour: Moving Iowa’s Economy Forward PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Stephanie Palla   
Friday, 17 August 2012 14:37

The reviews are in on President Obama’s grassroots swing across Iowa. The President crossed the state talking about the importance of Iowa's wind industry and building an economy from the middle out instead of the top down.

“From the military wife, to the middle school science teacher, to the union representative, to the family self-sufficiency coach, to the other 2,900 in attendance -- one and all took their own piece of inspiration from President Barack Obama's campaign speech Wednesday at the Alliant Energy Amphitheater in the Port of Dubuque,” writes the Dubuque Telegraph-Herald. The Denison Bulletin & Review pens the trip “provided an opportunity that few Americans are afforded – the chance to meet a president in person.” The Marshalltown Times-Republican cites that a “historic moment was made Tuesday” when President Obama became the first sitting President since Franklin D. Roosevelt to visit Marshalltown.  Here’s a full rundown on what Iowa newspapers are saying about the President’s trip:

Obama champions middle class in Oskaloosa speech (Oskaloosa Herald, 8/14). President Barack Obama told the audience at his campaign stop in Oskaloosa Tuesday that they have a critical choice to make at the polls this November. “It is a choice between two fundamentally different visions of how America became great and how it’s going to stay great,” Obama said to 852-person audience gathered underneath shade trees at Nelson Pioneer Farm just outside Oskaloosa. http://oskaloosa.com/local/x1040821729/Obama-Clear-differences-between-candidates

Obama rallies supporters in Boone (Webster City Freeman Journal, 8/14). President Barack Obama said it was good to be back in Boone County for a campaign stop yesterday afternoon at Herman Park. Crowds packed the park pavilion, chanting "four more years" in support of the President. He began his speech by stressing the importance of the coming election. "It is not just a choice between two candidates or two political parties, but more than any election in recent memory, this is a choice between two fundamentally different visions about how we move this country forward," Obama said. http://www.freemanjournal.net/page/content.detail/id/519884/Obama-rallies-supporters-in-Boone.html?nav=5006

Obama: Election choice will impact generations (Des Moines Register, 8/14). President Barack Obama kicked off his three-day Iowa tour with a clarion call to view this election as a stark choice about America’s future — and ended the day in the Bud Tent at the Iowa State Fair. Before he got to his Bud Light and pork chop, there was plenty of red meat politics, and lots of idyllic Iowa scenes. He stopped at a farm to talk about the drought and rode by scores of wind towers, hundreds of people waving American flags, and thousands of acres of drought-shriveled corn. http://www.desmoinesregister.com/article/20120814/NEWS09/308140049/Obama-Election-choice-will-impact-generations?Frontpage&nclick_check=1

Obama: ‘We’ve been very good for the farm economy’ (Carroll Daily Times, 8/14). President Barack Obama Monday announced a raft of agricultural initiatives aimed at stemming the fallout from the worst drought in a generation.  At the same time, while the full effect of Mother Nature’s stinginess with rain in much of the nation unfolds, the president told a reporters’ roundtable in Boone that his administration deserved some credit for the generally favorable farm economy over the past four years. http://www.carrollspaper.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=14407

Obama's message to voters: This one counts (Nonpareil, 8/13). For the first time on an overcast morning, the sun came out as President Barack Obama took the stage at Bayliss Park Monday. It was an electric atmosphere as an estimated 4,300 packed the park to catch a glimpse of the president as he kicked off three days of campaign activities across Iowa in Council Bluffs. Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder songs blared through the public address system as an anxious crowd waited for the commander and chief, but it was U2’s “Beautiful Day” that blasted forth as Obama mounted the stairs. http://www.southwestiowanews.com/council_bluffs/news/obama-s-message-to-voters-this-one-counts/article_213ea8ae-e57b-11e1-9f85-0019bb2963f4.html

A presidential visit in Denison (Denison Bulletin & Review, 8/14). The combination of President Barack Obama’s schedule and Denison’s location along the route of two campaign stops on Monday – Council Bluffs and Boone – provided an opportunity that few Americans are afforded – the chance to meet a president in person. President Obama’s motorcade traveled Highway 30 from Missouri Valley to Boone Monday afternoon and stopped at around 3 p.m. at Summer Magic tropical sno for one of Obama’s favorite treats – shaved ice. http://www.southwestiowanews.com/denison/news/local_news/a-presidential-visit-in-denison/article_e5855b3c-e647-11e1-8245-0019bb2963f4.html

Obama says Romney doesn’t understand importance of wind energy (Radio Iowa, 8/14). President Obama touted “home grown” wind energy today during a midday speech in Oskaloosa and criticized Republican rival Mitt Romney for opposing extension of the wind production tax credit. “He said that new sources of energy, like wind, are imaginary. His running mate calls them a fad,” Obama said. http://www.radioiowa.com/2012/08/14/obama-says-romney-doesnt-understand-importance-of-wind-energy/

Obama: Clear differences between candidates (Ottumwa Courier, 8/14). President Barack Obama spent much of a half-hour speech in Oskaloosa drawing distinctions between himself and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.  "It is a choice between two fundamentally different visions on the path we need to take for our kids and our grandkids," Obama said. http://ottumwacourier.com/cnhi/x1744866290/Obama-Clear-differences-between-candidates

An historic hail to the chief (Marshalltown Times-Republican, 8/15). As President Barack Obama walked across the Miller Middle School gym floor arriving at the podium and saying "Hello Marshalltown," an historic moment was made Tuesday. Obama is the first sitting president to visit Marshalltown since Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940. http://www.timesrepublican.com/page/content.detail/id/551903/An-historic-hail-to-the-chief.html?nav=5005

Obama attacks Romney's economic plan during stop in Waterloo (WCF Courier, 8/15). President Barack Obama stressed an economic message Tuesday night in Waterloo, saying electing Mitt Romney would mean a return to trickle-down economics. Speaking before a crowd of 1,800 at the RiverLoop Amphitheatre, Obama criticized Romney’s economic plans, saying the idea of giving more tax breaks to wealthy Americans won’t help the middle class and won’t stimulate the economy. http://wcfcourier.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/update-obama-attacks-romney-s-economic-plan-during-stop-in/article_e82b251a-e66f-11e1-bb15-001a4bcf887a.html

Estimated crowd of 3,000 hears Obama speak in East Davenport (Quad City Times, 8/15). President Barack Obama criticized Republican rival Mitt Romney and running mate, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan, telling thousands of people at two rallies Wednesday in eastern Iowa that he has protected Medicare, but the Republican ticket would turn it into a voucher system and end the program “as we know it.” The argument over the health insurance program for seniors could be crucial, particularly in Iowa, a swing state with a large number of elderly. http://qctimes.com/news/local/estimated-crowd-of-hears-obama-speak-in-east-davenport/article_8e96ac3e-e685-11e1-8e31-0019bb2963f4.html

Obamas woo Dubuque (Telegraph Herald, 8/16). From the military wife, to the middle school science teacher, to the union representative, to the family self-sufficiency coach, to the other 2,900 in attendance -- one and all took their own piece of inspiration from President Barack Obama's campaign speech Wednesday at the Alliant Energy Amphitheater in the Port of Dubuque. http://www.thonline.com/news/tri-state/article_35dade16-ea74-56d3-a60b-4b949d0fb8c3.html

Detour: President thanks teachers (Telegraph Herald, 8/16). It was quite a back-to-school surprise. Teachers in the Western Dubuque Community School District were participating in their first official day of meetings for the new school year on Wednesday at Cascade High School when President Barack Obama made an unannounced visit. http://www.thonline.com/news/tri-state/article_4c7690f9-f871-5903-91d7-60871d2aed8e.html

Braley-A Hard Working Iowan that Gets Results PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Amanda Bowman   
Friday, 17 August 2012 14:34

Most Iowans know that U.S. Representatives write laws that affect many Americans. However, it is less known that Representatives provide assistance to their constituents every day of the week. Representative Braley has helped thousands of Iowans cut through red tape, fight for federal assistance, and improve their personal situations.

Rep. Braley’s proudest accomplishments include helping Iowans and ensuring their needs are met. Many of Rep. Braley’s legislative accomplishments have been inspired by these constituents, and he works hard every day to ensure that Iowans get what they need from the federal government.

Helping Iowans is incredibly important, and the following includes just a few examples of the thousands of Iowans that Rep. Braley has assisted.

With that, here are a few examples of Bruce Braley’s Constituent Assistance Cases:

Getting Results for Iowa Businesses and Workers

Helped Russell Electric keep its doors open, Bettendorf:

  • Jeff Lanum is the CEO of Russell Electric, a local electric company in Bettendorf. The company was on the verge of closing the doors because the Department of Labor had not paid almost $500,000 to the company. After Braley pushed the DOL, it paid Russell Electric, which was able to save jobs and keep the business open.

Job Training at Community Colleges in Eastern Iowa:

  • Rep. Braley created the New Era Rural Technology Grant Program when he passed the first bill he introduced, the New Era Act, into law.  Then, he helped get grant funds for Iowa community colleges to train the next generation of biofuels technicians.  Rep. Braley secured job training funding for Hawkeye Community College (Waterloo), Eastern Iowa Community College (Quad Cities) and Northeast Iowa Community College (Calmar) to provide the job skills that Iowans will need to fill the biofuels workforce.

Getting Results for Iowa Veterans

Accessible Housing for the Connolly Family, Dubuque:

  • Andrew Connolly was an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran who served in the Iowa National Guard 1-133rd.  He lost the use of his legs due to cancer near his spine, and the cancer then spread.  Andrew and his wife, Jenny, have a severely disabled young son, Brody, who will need medical care his entire life.  When Andrew’s son was born he and his wife knew they would need a home that could accommodate his needs.  That need became more urgent after Andrew’s disease progressed.  Rep. Braley helped Andrew get an upgraded VA disability rating, and secured a special VA housing grant to build a new home for the family, which is fully handicapped-accessible.  Andrew passed away in August 2011, though Jenny and Brody now have a fully accessible home to live in.  Braley also passed into law the Andrew Connolly Veterans Housing Act, to ensure that more disabled veterans have access to these important housing grants.

Secured Overdue Pay and GI Bill Benefits for Hundreds of Members of the Iowa National Guard, 1-133rd, Statewide:

  • There are roughly 800 Iowa Guard soldiers who are now getting the pay they earned because of Rep. Braley’s work on their behalf, when the Pentagon tried to deny these benefits.  In addition, Rep. Braley made sure that nearly 600 Iowa National Guard soldiers could take advantage of the GI Bill, and some of those have since gone to college thanks to those benefits.

Helping Iowa Veterans get the Medals they’ve Earned – For Example: Zane Thorpe, Dubuque:

  • Zane Thorpe is a WWII veteran who was eligible for several medals including the Purple Heart. He had not received any of the medals for his service. Braley worked with the National Personnel Records Center and Thorpe was awarded the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and several other medals. Braley presented the medals immediately following Zane’s 89th birthday.

Fighting for the Well-Being of Iowa troops – For Example: Jennifer Short, Winthrop:

  • Jennifer disagreed with the findings of the Formal Physical Evaluation Board regarding her PTSD as not being combat-related and other discrepancies with the findings of her other medical issues. She contacted the Braley office for help with having the Air Force take a careful look at this and ensure a fair decision based on the evidence submitted. Rep. Braley worked closely with the Air Force on her behalf, and in May 2012 she received a favorable outcome.

Getting Results when Iowans Need it Most – Disaster Relief

Replaced the Iowa Northern Rail Bridge in Waterloo and Cedar River Rail Bridge in Cedar Rapids:

  • These two major rail bridges collapsed in the 2008 flooding, and Rep. Braley was immediately in touch with the rail companies and government officials.  Due to Rep. Braley’s work, Iowa Northern gained access to federal funds which enabled them to quickly rebuild the Waterloo bridge, and CRANDIC railroad received new funds for the Cedar Rapids bridge.  These bridges are critical transportation arteries for Iowa businesses including John Deere and Alliant Energy, and they were rebuilt quickly due to Braley’s prompt action to secure disaster funding.

Secured Replacement Computers for Waverly-Shell Rock Washington Irving Elementary School, Waverly:

  • After the Disasters of 2008, Rep. Braley worked with the Library of Congress to replace 16 destroyed computers at Waverly-Shell Rock Washington Irving Elementary School. Braley presented the computers to the school about four months after the flooding, and they were immediately put into use in the classroom.

Got Results to Clean Up after a Massive Fire, Maquoketa:

  • After a severe fire destroyed many buildings in downtown Maquoketa, the building owners were underinsured so the city was facing huge cleanup costs, coupled with concerns that debris was contaminated with asbestos. Braley helped secure and expedite an Environmental Protection Agency grant to assist with the debris removal, which allowed the city to recover much faster than without that assistance.

Getting Results for Iowa Families

Secured Benefits for the James Family following Tragedy, Dubuque:

  • Dubuque native Holley Lynn James was murdered by her husband while serving in the Armed Forces, in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  After she was killed, Rep. Braley helped her father, Jesse James of Dubuque, secure Holley’s benefits so they could be put in a trust for her children, which was completed in 2010.  In 2011, the family again faced problems with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and Rep. Braley was able to secure Tricare coverage for Holley’s children.  Rep. Braley has also introduced the Holley Lynn James Act, and passed legislation into law that will help prevent military sexual assault and domestic violence in the future.

Helped the Craig Family Adopt a Child, Des Moines & Waterloo:

  • In 2011, Rep. Braley was contacted by the Waterloo parents of Jonathan and Kayla Craig.  Jonathan and Kayla were trying to adopt a baby boy from Nigeria, and were being told by the US Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria that their son Joseph’s adoption was not legal. After several weeks of late-night phone calls and emails with the US Embassy and State Department, Braley was able to obtain an IR-4 visa for Joseph. This was the first time an IR-4 visa had ever been issued in Nigeria, and Joseph arrived at his new home in Des Moines in late 2011.  Inspired by Joseph, Rep. Braley introduced the Making Adoption Affordable Act, to improve the adoption tax credits so that more families are able to provide homes to children in need.

Secured Funding for the Mobile Mammography Unit in Northeastern Iowa, West Union:

  • This traveling unit, based in West Union, goes to rural communities to provide free mammograms for Iowa women.  Braley secured the funding for this unit, which was provided to Gundersen Lutheran hospital, who now runs the mobile mammography unit.  As of mid-2011, the Unit had provided over 2,700 mammograms, and found 11 benign and 4 malignant tumors to women in Northeastern Iowa and the other states in the region.

Fought for Increased Pay for Iowa Doctors and Hospitals, Benefiting Seniors:

  • Rep. Braley secured a 5% Medicare pay increase for Iowa doctors in 2010 and 2011, and $33 million in payments to historically-underpaid Iowa hospitals in 2011 and 2012.  These bonus payments, which help make up for years of underpayments due to a flawed Medicare equation, have helped make sure more providers accept Medicare patients, which improves both access and quality of care for Iowa seniors.

# # #

Governor Pat Quinn Statement on Republican Day at the Illinois State Fair PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Erin Wilson   
Friday, 17 August 2012 14:00

Urges Republican Leaders and Legislators to Rise to Occasion, Vote for Nekritz Proposal to Eliminate Unfunded Liability

CHICAGO – August 16, 2012. Governor Pat Quinn issued the following statement on Republican Day at the Illinois State Fair.

“Today, as Illinois republicans rally at the State Fair, I urge them to rise to the occasion to pass comprehensive pension reform in Illinois.

“At the end of the spring session, republican leaders, who have long advocated for fiscal responsibility, supported a similar proposal that is now being sponsored by Rep. Elaine Nekritz. To ease republican concerns, we have extended the phase-in period to allow school districts and universities to assume their own negotiated salary costs over 12 years. This extended phase-in period will ensure that school districts and universities are responsible for their compensation packages, while preventing property tax increases.

“The statutorily-required pension payments guaranteed under the 1995 ramp make it very clear:  inaction on pension reform is the greatest threat to property taxpayers.

“This fiscal year, the General Assembly cut education by $210 million. These cuts impact our students, while placing tremendous pressure on our school districts, universities and property taxpayers.

“Universities have indicated, in a public letter, that they support the Nekritz proposal and are willing to accept the phased-in cost realignment.

“Without comprehensive pension reform, Illinois is on track to spend more on pensions than education by fiscal year 2016. This is an unsustainable path that will not only shortchange our children when it comes to quality education, but also make the problem worse. Illinois’ unfunded liability will grow to $92 billion next year without bold action.

“Tomorrow, republicans and democrats have an opportunity to be honest with the taxpayers of our state. I urge them to put politics aside, rescue Illinois from empty promises that led to skyrocketing pension costs and pass comprehensive pension reform.”


Obama for America Releases New Television Ad: “Get Real” PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Stephanie Palla   
Tuesday, 14 August 2012 13:31

CHICAGO -- Obama for America released a new television advertisement today titled “Get Real” that highlights the clear choice for voters between Mitt Romney and President Obama’s plans for higher education. Mitt Romney thinks that students should “borrow money” from their parents to help pay for college or start a business, and under the Romney-Ryan budget, college aid would be cut for nearly 10 million students and the tax deduction for college tuition would be eliminated. President Obama, on the other hand, understands that a college education should be in reach for as many students as possible – and that’s why he has overhauled higher education financing by eliminating bank middlemen from college loans and used the savings to double funding for Pell Grants.

“Get Real” will air in Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, Virginia.

Please click HERE to watch the new ad.

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