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Written by Erik Smith   
Wednesday, 22 October 2014 10:29

ROCK ISLAND- Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White stopped by Rock Island to endorse Mike Jacobs’ (D-Moline) campaign for State Senate of the 36th Senate District.

“Our state is better served when more people participate in our democracy. Mike Jacobs continues to be an advocate for every resident of his district- regardless of their race or socioeconomic background,” said White.  “Mike has worked hard to protect everyone’s right to vote and I know with Mike in the Senate, we will have an ally who will continue to work in our best interests.”

White has continued to be a champion of promoting transparency in government.  Over the years, he has passed a series of reforms to ensure government is working for the citizens of Illinois.

To make voting more accessible to the residents of Illinois, White has spearheaded a number of initiatives to make voting safer and easier this election.

“I urge everyone to take the time to vote- either early vote or on Election Day. I believe that if you don’t vote, you lose your right to complain about anything in society,” said White. “The streets that you walk on, the food that you buy, the schools that your children attend, someone in our government has had something to say about all those issues. “

35,000 Law Enforcement Officers support Mike Jacobs PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Erin Smith   
Monday, 20 October 2014 11:08

MOLINE- Mike Jacobs is proud to announce the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) endorsement in the race for the 36th Illinois State Senate District.

The FOP represents over 35,000 courageous active and retired police offers through out Illinois.  Their members have devoted their lives to honor and protect the people of Illinois.

"Mike Jacobs understands the difficulties faced by our members on a day to day basis. He will continue to advocate for our issues and stand up for us in Springfield", said Chris Southwood, President of the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge. “Mike understands that our members dedicate their lives to protecting and serving our communities.”

FOP is a bipartisan organization that follows an intensive vetting process, which included a candidate questionnaire.  After careful evaluations, the board unanimously endorsed Mike Jacobs due to his continuous support for our issues and support for the officers of the 36th State Senate District.


The FOP was founded nearly 100 years ago in 1915, is the largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers in the United States. They are is the second largest State Lodge, proudly representing over 35,000 active duty and retired police officers - more than 10 percent of all FOP members nationwide.

ABOUT SENATOR JACOBS: As a former member of several Quad City area unions Jacobs believes in legislation that focuses on improving the quality of life in Northwestern Illinois through various job creating initiatives, investments in education and capital infrastructure projects in the 36th district. Jacobs is a life long resident of area and currently residents in Moline.


Schilling Campaign Releases New Web Ad: "A Calling" PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Jon Schweppe   
Monday, 20 October 2014 11:02

New ad features Peoria Councilman Eric Turner

PEORIA, IL -- The Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign has released a new web ad featuring Peoria Councilman Eric Turner (R-Peoria). Turner discusses the key issues of the campaign and makes a compelling case for Bobby Schilling (R-Colona). 

A 30 second version of the ad can be found here.

The full web ad can be found here.

30 second web ad script:

Peoria Councilman Eric Turner: "When you make a promise, you keep it. Bobby Schilling is genuine and authentic. He's the real deal. Bobby turned down the lavish congressional pension. He rejected the Cadillac congressional health care plan. He cut his office budget by more than 10 percent, and he returned an additional surplus of $110,000 back to the taxpayers. Bobby Schilling was and is a servant to the people."

Schilling: "I'm Bobby Schilling and I approve this message."

Full web ad script:

Peoria Councilman Eric Turner: "When you make a promise, you keep it. Bobby Schilling is genuine and authentic. He's the real deal. He made promises in his successful 2010 campaign, and he kept every single one of them. A lot of politicians say they're unlike other politicians. Bobby didn't just say it. He followed through. Bobby turned down the lavish congressional pension. He rejected the Cadillac congressional health care plan. He cut his office budget by more than 10 percent, and he returned an additional surplus of $110,000 back to the taxpayers. He slept on his office couch. Bobby Schilling was and is a servant to the people."

Turner: "Unfortunately, we're quickly learning that Cheri Bustos is another typical politician. She's willing to say or do anything to get elected, and she won't stop breaking her promises. Cheri promised she would protect veterans, then she ignored them during the VA crisis until Bobby Schilling stepped up and led first." 

Turner: "Cheri promised she would give back her pay during the government shutdown. She failed to follow through. She promised the Chicago Tribune that she would give up ten percent of her pay if elected. Now, she's dodging reporters and claiming she 'misspoke.' She promised to end gridlock in Washington, then on the first six budget proposals, she voted no, no, no, no, no, no. She promised to fight for jobs at the Rock Island Arsenal, then she skipped the vote to fund those jobs so she could campaign and take selfies with the President."

Turner: "If Cheri Bustos had a record of success half as good as the two years Bobby Schilling served, she would be airing ads touting those successes. The reason she is not is because she has nothing to show for her time as our representative. Nothing. Bobby Schilling fulfilled every single one of his promises. Cheri Bustos broke all of hers. Cheri Bustos fooled us, but she won't fool us again."

Turner: "Let's return Bobby Schilling, a true servant to the people, a guy who will fight for the middle class and working poor, and a guy who gets it. Let's send him back to Washington. Let's make sure we have a representative who's in it for the right reasons and in it to fight for you and me. My friends, Bobby Schilling is the better choice."

Schilling: "I'm Bobby Schilling, and I approve this message."

Bobby Schilling (R-Colona) was born and raised in Rock Island, Illinois. He has been married to his wife, Christie for 28 years and together they have 10 children. Schilling represented the Illinois 17th District in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2011-2012, serving on the House Armed Services Committee, the House Agriculture Committee, and the House Small Business Committee. Schilling is seeking another term and is running against incumbent Congresswoman Cheri Bustos.
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News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Paid for by Pate for Iowa   
Monday, 20 October 2014 10:24



(Cedar Rapids, IA)  Today, former Iowa Secretary of State and Mayor of Cedar Rapids, Paul D. Pate released a poll showing his message is resonating in the race to become Iowa's next Secretary of State.

On Wednesday, USA Today/Suffolk released a poll showing Pate with a 1 point lead. Today, less than three weeks before Election Day, Pate released a poll conducted by Victory Enterprises of Davenport, Iowa showing Iowans support "a change to Iowa law to require some form of official identification to be shown at the ballot box before people vote" 60.17% - 28.64% with 11.19% Undecided
Additionally, the respondents to the new VE poll said that they prefer "former Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate who supports a new voter identification law to former Obama campaign director Brad Anderson who opposes a new voter identification law 45.17% - 34.8% with still 20.04% Undecided.

Pate, "This poll is further confirmation that my plan to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat is resonating with Iowans who overwhelmingly support a voter ID requirement as I do.  Iowans expect and deserve a non-partisan chief commissioner of elections, not a career partisan political operative from Chicago who served as President Obama's Iowa campaign director.  I have previously served as Iowa Secretary of State in a non-partisan manner while encouraging voter participation and protecting the integrity of the election process."

The interactive voice response (IVR) poll conducted by Victory Enterprises was conducted Oct. 14-15 with 759 likely voters and has a margin of error of 3.56%.

A nationally recognized business leader by the Small Business Administration, Pate is the owner of a paving construction firm and recently served as Mayor of Cedar Rapids from 2002 -2006.  While Mayor, Pate was elected President of the non-partisan Iowa League of Cities representing over 870 municipalities.  Previously, he served as Iowa Secretary of State from 1995-1999 and represented NE Cedar Rapids, Marion and parts of Linn, Buchanan and Delaware Counties in the Iowa Senate from 1989-1995.

Pate is a lifelong Iowa resident, born in Ottumwa, growing up in Linn County.


Chicago Tribune Endorses Schilling over Bustos PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Jon Schweppe   
Thursday, 16 October 2014 09:16
EAST MOLINE, IL -- The Chicago Tribune has emphatically endorsed Bobby Schilling (R-Colona) in his bid against incumbent Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (D-East Moline).

The full endorsement can be found here.

Chicago Tribune endorses Bobby Schilling in the 17th Congressional District
Chicago Tribune Editorial Board
October 14, 2014

Two years ago, we supported Republican Bobby Schilling of Colona in his bid for a second term in the 17th Congressional District, freshly redrawn to favor a Democratic candidate. Then as now, Schilling had the courage to tell voters what it would take to get the nation's debt and spending under control.

Democrat Cheri Bustos of East Moline told voters what they wanted to hear, which was that she would protect the safety net. She didn't say how. She won.

Bustos has proved to be a hands-on representative in her district and a respectably moderate voice in Washington. She joined the Blue Dogs, a coalition of fiscally conservative Democrats, and has sided with her party on a relatively low 85 percent of votes.

But the questions she ducked remain unanswered. And the budget's still a mess.

In this year's rematch, Schilling's camp has put Bustos on the defensive by pointing out that she failed to keep a promise made in a meeting with the Tribune Editorial Board to give up 10 percent of her congressional salary if elected. Her explanation is that she made the pledge in Chicago, so it isn't binding in the 17th District. Say what?

What we most remember from that meeting is her frustrating refusal to own a position on how to rescue Medicare and Social Security from insolvency. It was all about "compromise and focused problem-solving," not about adjusting benefits.

This year, she has avoided making rash, nonbinding promises by refusing to do interviews outside her district, even by phone. She did complete our survey, and we found her answers much like before. Instead of committing to unpopular fiscal reforms, she championed nibble-around-the-edge measures or listed steps she would not take.

During his short tenure in Congress, Schilling twice took a politically risky vote to restructure entitlement programs in order to save them. He says he'd do it again. Schilling is endorsed.

Residents of the 17th District, which crawls along the western border of the state, are fortunate to have two distinct candidates waging a vigorous campaign. In other districts, voters have little choice.
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