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Written by Tammy R. Wilson   
Friday, 03 February 2012 14:36
On February 2, 2012 at the Rock Island County Building, 2nd floor Board Room, Rock Island, Illinois at 10:00  Lisa Bierman, the Rock Island County Circuit Clerk of Court, will announce her candidacy for re-election. Various Elected officials/candidates, friends and family and many other campaign supporters will be present.

Lisa brings an abundance of knowledge and dedication to the position, with 30 years of service at the Clerk’s Office, and holding the position of Rock Island County Circuit Clerk for l3 years. A lifelong resident of Rock Island County, Lisa is respected by all officials and constituents across the great state of Illinois. Having served on over lO committees’ state Wide, frorn technology to healthcare, she is profusely qualified for the position. Lisa has brought new aspects and services to the office such as:

  • Creating a self-help center
  • Working with a collection agency on delinquent accounts
  • Electronic access to case files
  • Incorporating a Payment Hearing Officer, which is an extremely successful program adopted by most other counties across the State-which saves the judiciary time on the bench and individuals time appearing in court
  • Consolidating our 3 Traffic court locations into l
  • Saving the county general fund over $800,000 yearly
  • 30 Years service with the Circuit Clerks office
  • Extensive experience in every division of the Circuit Clerks Office

As the Clerk of Court, Lisa continues to bring the latest in technology and services for the public to streamline their experience and providing assistance when people are trying to  navigate difficult procedures by offering online information and courteous  knowledgeable staff

Author Rallies Conservatives to Take Office at Every Level PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Ginny Grimsley   
Friday, 03 February 2012 13:57

While GOP candidates and party faithful focus on who can best beat President Obama in November, Craig Copland is rallying conservatives to take over the country – one dog catcher at a time.

“In November 2012 we can take back the White House, majority control of the Senate, more governors’ offices, scores of state legislative seats, and countless local level offices,” says Copland, author of the just released 2012 Conservative Election Handbook (www.conservawiki.com), a guide to winning campaigns at any level.

“It doesn’t start with the office of president,” he says. “That’s where it ends.”

Citizens who want to see conservative governance and policies throughout the fabric of the United States can make it happen by running for local office or volunteering campaign help for conservative candidates, Copland says.

“There are 600,000-plus elected offices in this country,” he says. “If America is to remain a beacon of freedom and prosperity, then conservatives need to be elected as county clerks, judges, water commissioners, mayors, school board trustees, state legislators, and every other rank of public office in the country.”

His new guide, researched and written with insights gleaned from his years of managing political and non-profit campaigns, lays out clear instructions for both political veterans and newbies, stepping up to do their part for the conservative cause.

Among them: Some foolish ways to lose an election.

• Sex: Voters will forgive divorce; they won’t forgive active adultery. Don’t get carried away by the headiness and pressures of the campaign trail and screw up.

• Lies: Do not lie. Not about anything. You will always be found out. Your credibility will be attacked. You will lose.

• Videotape: Once you become a public figure, everything you say will be on the public record – somewhere. If not on videotape, then audiotape, in print, or in a notebook. Emails, Facebook posts and tweets live forever. So be consistent, think before you speak, and don’t let your guard down. It will reappear at the worst possible time.

• Do NOT Break the rules: Every election, every state, every district and every campaign will be faced with a staggering list of rules. Learn them. Follow them. Bring accountants and lawyers on board who are experienced with the rules. If you are caught breaking even one, it could derail your campaign.

• Avoid conflicts of interest: Never let yourself be caught supporting a political action in which you have an obvious interest. Voters will respect a candidate who believes in something because it’s the right thing. But if you appear to be lining your pockets, it’s game over.

• Do NOT fight losing battles: Don’t waste a nickel or a minute trying to appeal to the group trying to repeal marijuana laws – they’ll never vote for you. And you’re not going to win a precinct that voted 90 percent liberal in the last election. Focus your time and money where you can make a difference in the vote.

Raising money, of course, is a big part of winning a campaign, but it doesn’t take a lot to win a less dazzling local office. It’s a good place to learn the ropes of fundraising and get some practice running a campaign without a lot of pressure, he says. And there’s value in winning even the most down-ballot office.

“If conservatives set out to win every elected post in the country, all 600,000-plus of them, then America will be a truly conservative country,” he says, “from dogcatcher to president.”

About Craig Copland

Craig Copland is a retired entrepreneur with a long history as a volunteer and professional consultant with expertise in fundraising and managing political campaigns. He spent many years as an executive and CEO of international humanitarian aid agencies, helping establish and run disaster response programs for children in Africa, Bosnia, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan, among other locations. As founder and president of Conservative Growth Inc., he helps elect conservatives to all levels of public office.

Strawn to Depart as Iowa GOP Chairman PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Ryan Gough   
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 14:02
Des Moines, IA – Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Matt Strawn today announced he will be stepping down as the state’s top Iowa GOP party official, effective Friday, February 10. Strawn has served as chairman of the Iowa GOP since January 2009. The Republican Party of Iowa State Central Committee will be charged with setting the date to elect Strawn’s successor.
Strawn shared his announcement with Iowa Republicans in the following video message.  Please click image to view:
The prepared text of Strawn’s message to Iowa Republicans follows below:
January 31, 2012
Dear Iowa Republican:
In December 2008, when I campaigned to serve as your Chairman, my top goal was to make the Iowa GOP a relevant force again in Iowa politics by ushering in an era where the Republican Party returned to winning elections without betraying our conservative principles.
Over the past three plus years, we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. We witnessed sweeping Republican electoral victories at all levels. We saw an explosion in new Republican voters with an unprecedented 34 consecutive months of Iowa GOP voter registration gains. We kept the Iowa Caucuses First-in-the-Nation. We broke fundraising records, hosted the largest Republican presidential caucus in history, and for the first-time ever, the Iowa GOP co-hosted three nationally televised presidential debates that were watched by millions. Most importantly, Iowa Republicans accomplished all this and more working together as a team.
Simply put, your Iowa GOP is better off than it was four years ago thanks to outstanding team work. Your Iowa GOP is a relevant force again in Iowa politics. Your Iowa GOP is winning elections with leaders who are advancing our principled agenda. Your Iowa GOP is in a position to re-elect our members of Congress, win an Iowa Senate majority, and make Iowa’s six electoral votes the national battleground in the 2012 presidential campaign.
While the election wins, fundraising successes and media appearances are the aspects of being Chairman that gain the most attention, the most rewarding aspect of my service was the opportunity to travel our state and get to know the people of Iowa. The strength of the rebuilt Iowa GOP rests in the hands of the thousands of committed volunteer activists who give their time, treasure and talents to make Iowa a better place by working to elect public servants who share our values and principles.
The Iowa GOP designs its position of Chairman to be volunteer in nature. But over the past three years I have treated the privilege of serving as your Chairman as a full-time calling. There’s no question the job of rebuilding our party was a huge one, and one to which I committed every minute that was necessary to succeed.
It is only because the Iowa GOP has returned as a strong and relevant voice in Iowa politics that I am now able to evaluate all the competing priorities in my personal, business and political life. The party is strong and has the resources in place for victory in November. Now is the time to transition to new leadership.
Effective February 10, I will be ending my service as your Chairman. For this fifth generation Iowan and Benton County farm kid, serving as your Chairman has been an honor, a privilege and the opportunity of a lifetime.
To victory,
Matthew N. Strawn

Cain endorses Gingrich PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Cain Connection   
Tuesday, 31 January 2012 13:46

Dear Patriot,

You may have already heard that I have officially endorsed Newt Gingrich for President of the United States.  My personal support for Speaker Gingrich does not alter or diminish my full support and endorsement of the American people (“We the People”), the ones who are truly the leaders of this great nation.

I put a lot of thought and prayer into this momentous decision and it is not something I have taken lightly. In addition to recently endorsing “We the People” I decided to publicly announce my support for an individual candidate because I believe the times dictate the importance. Once my internal decision of support was made, I wanted to let my friends and supporters know who I believe holds the closest positions to the ones I promoted during my campaign, including the support of my 9-9-9 Plan to spur economic growth.

I have great respect for all the candidates, but I believe Newt Gingrich is the best candidate to debate and defeat Barack Obama. While you and I may not agree with him on everything, we all share the same overall values and principles, and I believe Speaker Gingrich will make us proud as he represents us not only as the Republican nominee, but as President. 

I have always tried to promote bold and innovative ideas to solve our nation’s problems. Newt Gingrich is also unafraid to support bold and innovative ideas, evidenced by his record. Both of us have shown a willingness and ability to buck the system to get things done. 

Now it is time for YOU to buck the system to get things done! Now is the time for the citizens’ movement to come together and unite.  We must not let establishment rhetoric divide us.  We must stay focused on solutions and on truly solving the problems that face our country, including the problem of our burdensome tax code, which together we can overhaul through the implementation of my 9-9-9 Plan. We must stay focused and united on solutions!

You were very generous and supportive during my campaign, and it is my hope that you will consider doing the same now as we continue to build the momentum for my Solutions Revolution!

The liberal media attacks with a vengeance those outside the establishment. They do so because they know that outside-the-box leadership and innovative solutions threaten their power base.  We can't let them beat us!  “We the People” are still in charge of this country!

This Solutions Revolution is our chance to send a message that we are done with gutter politics and back-room deals. This is an opportunity for us to send a message to Washington, to the media, and to the political elites that "We the People" are in charge of this country and we are fed-up with politics as usual. We want results!

I cannot do this alone. I need your help.  This nation needs your help. Will you join me in bringing forth bold solutions to cut through the political double-speak? Will you join me in helping to build a nation of citizen leaders, all of whom will get involved to help our country become the beacon of hope and prosperity that it once was? 

Please consider sending your most generous gift today, which will help us promote the simple, efficient, and fair 9-9-9 Plan, Monetary Reform, and Regulatory Reform, in addition to other major solutions that will help our nation.

Remember folks, this is not about us. It is about the grandchildren. Let’s unite together and create a revolution of brains and ballots that will secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.  Join me in this Solutions Revolution!

Thank you.  Together, we ARE America!

Herman Cain 

P.S.  You may be unaware that I gave the Tea Party response to the President’s State of the Union address last week.  The liberal media and the Washington establishment tried to silence the message and it was not covered on network television.  Click here to watch a video about my speech.

You can see what we are up against.  Please send your most generous gift today to help us with the Solutions Revolution!

Newt won SC, leads in Florida PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Speaker Newt Gingrich   
Thursday, 26 January 2012 15:36
By a double-digit margin, we won a dramatic victory in the all-important South Carolina Primary.

We did what the establishment said could not be done and we put our campaign on a path to winning the Republican nomination. We won because people are sick of and tired of the national establishment telling them what they are allowed to think and believe, and you saw that Saturday night.

I believe that we will defeat Barack Obama in the general election, and put America back on track toward strength and prosperity. But we need your help to get there. Will you join us?

Today, our campaign turns to the crucial primary state of Florida. The race is between a clear establishment moderate in Mitt Romney and a clear Reagan conservative with a record going all the way back to the 1970s. It’s a stark contrast. Make no mistake, this is a battle between the conservative grassroots and the moderate establishment for the heart and soul of the Republican Party.

Conservatives are ready for somebody who will go to Washington and speak for them, not somebody who speaks on behalf of the establishment. The establishment is right to be worried about a Gingrich nomination because a Gingrich nomination means that we're going to change things, we're going to make them very uncomfortable and we're going to demand real change in Washington.

Going forward, there is only one important question for conservatives to ask themselves: Who is the best candidate to defeat Barack Obama? I believe that a second term for Barack Obama will be a disaster for this country and I am committed to beating him. I think I've proven I could take him on in a series of debates and undo his billion-dollar campaign. It’s very important that we have a candidate who's strong enough, and tough enough to be able to take on President Obama in a series of debates.

There is no longer any doubt that we can win the GOP nomination. The other candidates are good men whom I deeply respect, but it is time for conservatives to come together and unite behind one authentic, Reagan conservative who can win.

As I write this, Barack Obama and the Democrats are raising thousands of dollars per hour, waiting for a Republican nominee to emerge. He's a radical, secular socialist who wants to reinvent America in the image of the faded, decrepit Republics of Western Europe.

If I become the nominee, I will hold President Obama accountable. I will defeat him in the debates and show the American people that there is a better, more conservative direction.

This is not just a Presidential campaign. It's a battle for the future of this country. That's why I will immediately challenge President Obama to a series of three hour Lincoln-Douglas style debates, and make him defend the passage of ObamaCare, 15 trillion dollars in debt, and out of control unemployment. I'll even let him use his teleprompter!

But I can't do that without your help.

Florida is only one week away, and the Romney campaign is already going back to their old ways of negative attack ads to try and tear us down. We can’t let that happen again. We must raise the necessary resources in the next 48 hours to fund our television campaign for Florida so that I can tell the truth to the American people.

Will you donate now and help us fight back?

To paraphrase President Reagan, "A recession is when your neighbor loses his job, a depression is when you lose your job, and a recovery will be when Obama loses his job."

Your contribution and support will put us over the top in Florida and our nation one step closer putting a conservative in the White House.

Lets be bold.

For America,

Speaker Newt Gingrich

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