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#TopStatesIA Governor, Lieutenant Governor launch Iowa promotional campaign with CNBC's "Top States Twitter Battle" PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Office of the Governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad   
Monday, 09 July 2012 13:23

(DES MOINES) – Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds today announced Iowa’s participation in CNBC’s “Top States Twitter Battle,” and encouraged all Iowans on Twitter to use #TopStatesIA to assist in promoting Iowa’s stature as a great place to do business.

In addition to engaging on Twitter, CNBC offered each governor the opportunity to record an “elevator pitch” video and submit it as part of the campaign. Produced in the Iowa governor’s office, the brief video explains why Iowa is a top state for business. The video is found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnmfO92glyo&feature=relmfu

The Twitter battle and video are a part of the CNBC “Top States for Doing Business” annual rankings show. This is a high-profile, yearly ranking of all 50 states on 43 measures of competitiveness developed with input from business groups including the National Association of Manufacturers and the Council on Competitiveness.

“We are excited to launch this promotional campaign, because Iowa has dedicated, hard-working people and some of the best employers in the country,” said Gov. Branstad. “We intend to highlight Iowa’s benefits through this video, and through our Twitter account.”

The Twitter battle does not affect the “Top States” ranking. Host Scott Cohn ranks the states based on reporting on a variety of quantitative and qualitative data and metrics.

Branstad added he hopes Iowa comes in strong in the CNBC “Top States” rankings, but there is always more work to do in terms of luring new business and industry to Iowa.

“I am not completely satisfied with our business climate because property taxes remain too high in Iowa,” said Gov. Branstad. “We have made progress on limiting burdensome regulations and creating our new Iowa Economic Development Authority, but our work on job creation and improving Iowa’s business rankings should continue to be a priority for all of us. Additionally, our efforts to improve our education system are vitally important in moving Iowa forward.”

Reynolds noted their travels, and the importance of being on the ground and in communities when taking into account Iowa’s job creation efforts.

“The governor and I are excited when we get the opportunity to visit various businesses throughout Iowa, and again this week, we have another ribbon cutting,” said Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds. “We hear the concerns of job creators in Iowa, and we work to address them after each and every visit. This is an exciting time for Iowa, and we want to continue building on our successes, while working every day to create a hospitable jobs environment.

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The Chairman's Report July 5, 2012 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by A.J. Spiker   
Friday, 06 July 2012 13:25

Good Afternoon!

As I am sure you are all aware, last week week the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is constitutional. While most of us strongly disagree with this decision, it should light a fire in all of us to get to work. The only way to ensure that Obamacare is repealed in full is to send President Obama and the rest of the Democrats packing in November. Please donate to help us ensure victory in 2012.

Please see my statement below in response to the ruling:

“President Obama clearly lied to the American people when he promised not to raise taxes on middle class Americans. Obamacare not only raises taxes on every single Iowan, but also guarantees higher health care costs and deficits in perpetuity. The winners today are big corporate health insurance companies who lobbied vigorously for this law and government bureaucrats, while patients have lost control over their personal heath care decisions.


“The Supreme Court’s decision today is a set back for believers of individual liberty and smaller government all across Iowa, but rest assured this will only energize us even further. The Republican Party of Iowa will be working tirelessly to send Mitt Romney to the White House along with a full Republican delegation to Congress in order to repeal Obamacare in its entirety and replace it with meaningful market-driven reforms that will reduce costs, protect patients and increase quality of care."

There is a vacancy in the Iowa Delegation for an alternate delegate spot to the National Convention in Tampa. The State Central Committee will be filling this opening so please contact a member of the Committee if you are interested. Their contact information can be found here. We hope to fill this vacancy soon as the Convention is just around the corner!

Last month the Republican Party of Iowa added an incredible 11,000 new voters across the state. We now hold an over 21,000 voter registration lead on the Democrats! I know that this trend will only continue as we work hard to reach out to the disaffected Democrats across the state who have been hurt by President Obama’s failed policies. This is certainly good news as we hope to build on this positive momentum as we head into November.

Please be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter.

To Victory,

A.J. Spiker

Chairman, Republican Party of Iowa

Paid for by the Republican Party of Iowa. 621 E 9th Street. Des Moines, IA 50309 515-282-8105, iowagop.org

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Written by Move America Forward   
Thursday, 05 July 2012 07:05

It seems like politics is everything these days. Every news story turns into a way for politicians to gain political capitol by using it to articulate or prove their point of view. Meanwhile our troops are forgotten.




Isn't it time we pause the political "battle-to-the-death" and remember that America is ACTUALLY STILL IN A REAL WAR? Both sides -- the right and the left -- should be able to agree that the freedoms and liberty we have in America are worth fighting for. Let's put aside our difference and come together to support our troops, who fight for the freedom and safety of all Americans, regardless of ideology!

In this time of divisive politics and never ending attack ads, Americans that once came together for common goals such as supporting the troops, are now being torn apart and the real loser in this equation is the troops that we depend on. 

Because of the importance of the election this year we are finding that raising money for the troops is not on people’s minds. As politics consumes the TV,  radio and newspapers, stories about our troops are on the back pages or none at all. To change this and show the troops the honor they deserve we must start now by coming together 4th of July and our Troopathon and show our heroes the support they deserve as they continue on in Afghanistan.

Let's welcome them home from the fighting together, as one voice of gratitude and appreciation, not divided over who is going to make talking points out of our troops sacrifice to win an election.


These pro-troop celebrities are putting the politics aside, and giving some of their time to the troops. They're participating in TROOPATHON to help raise money for care packages for our soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen, and guardsmen overseas!

They will be participating in Troopathon on July 12th along with many other pro-troop celebrities!

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Written by Eric Reyes   
Tuesday, 03 July 2012 09:31
Candidate for Congress

Illinois’ 17th District

(Rock Island, IL) – Congressional Candidate Eric Reyes issued the following statement regarding the current attempt to eliminate Independent candidates for U.S. Congress.

“On June 25, 2012 we filed our petition to be placed on the ballot for the general election on November 6, 2012.  Our petition met the requirements set forth by Article 3, Section 3 of the Illinois Constitution, which states in its entirety, “All elections shall be free and equal.”  Supporters of the democratic candidate have challenged our petition, in an attempt to disenfranchise voters and keep Eric Reyes off the ballot. Their lack of faith in their own candidate and the wisdom of the voting public is disturbing. As I’ve said all along, I have every intention of fighting this battle, on behalf of the voters, through the court system. These objectors have chosen to spend tens of  thousands of dollars in legal fees and to waste thousands of dollars of taxpayer money attempting to eliminate a choice the voters deserve to have. I’m certain the voters will remember which candidate didn’t believe they deserved a choice this election.”

Eric Reyes is a full-time attorney and father from Rock Island, IL. The only lifelong resident of the district in this election, Reyes graduated from Rock Island High School, Augustana College, and Northern Illinois University College of Law. He is also a former Assistant States Attorney.

For more information on Eric Reyes or his campaign, please visit his website: www.EricReyes.us.


Obama for America Iowa Announces Veterans & Military Families for Obama Steering Committee PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Elizabeth Purchia   
Monday, 02 July 2012 14:50

Campaign Announces July is Veterans for Obama Month


DES MOINES – Today, Congressman Bruce Braley announced the Veterans & Military Families for Obama Steering Committee.  He was joined by two members of the Committee Marc Wallace from Des Moines and Sarah Petersen from Sioux City.


The President knows that we owe our veterans and their families the care they were promised and the benefits they have earned. The Steering Committee will engage fellow veterans across the state about the importance of this next election. They will help lay out the choice between President Obama and Mitt Romney’s plans and what they really mean for veterans and their families.


“The men and women who serve in our military make incredible sacrifices to keep America free and strong,” Braley said. “President Obama understands that the debt we owe our veterans is more than just gratitude – it’s giving them opportunity and care when they return home.  That’s why he’s worked so hard to jumpstart veterans hiring, improve educational opportunities, and strengthen mental health care for our vets.”


President Obama:

·         Kept his promise and ended the war in Iraq. When he took office there were over 140,000 combat troops serving in Iraq; today there are none.

·         Refocused our efforts on dismantling and defeating Al Qaeda, brought Osama bin Laden to justice and began bringing our troops home as we transition security responsibility to the Afghan people.

·         Signed two tax credits into law to encourage businesses to hire unemployed veterans and those with service-connected disabilities.

·         Implemented and improved the most comprehensive educational benefit for veterans since the original GI Bill of 1944.

·         Boosted the Veterans Affairs budget to ensure that as record numbers of veterans enter the VA health system they receive timely access to the highest quality benefits and services.

·         Made it easier for veterans suffering from PTSD to get the benefits he or she needs and every VA medical center provides services for veterans suffering from PTSD.

·         Ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Our military is stronger and safer now that patriotic gay men and women no longer have to live a lie in order to defend the country they love.


“The President knows that we have a sacred trust with our veterans and their families the care they were promised and the benefits they have earned,” said Petersen. “That’s why he is committed to ensuring that veterans can find work when they return home, receive the health care and benefits they’ve earned and have the chance to get a college education through the post-9/11 GI Bill. As millions of our servicemen and women return home from war, now more than ever we must fulfill our duty to them.”


From providing education and job opportunities for our veterans to ensuring they have the health care they deserve, President Obama will fulfill our commitment to our service members.


“Veterans know President Obama has their backs – but they’re left to wonder what Mitt Romney would do as Commander-in-Chief,” said Wallace. “Romney doesn’t seem to care about honoring the sacred trust America has with veterans and their families. Judging from his record, policies and promises, he would break that trust. In Romney’s 160-page, 59-point plan for jobs and economic growth, veterans weren’t mentioned at all. Not once.”

·         As Massachusetts governor, Romney cut veterans’ programs by hundreds of thousands of dollars in his first month in office, and he even tried to cut the funding for veterans by more than 11 percent in his first budget.

·         The Congressional Republican budget, which Romney endorsed as "marvelous" would -- if applied across the board -- slash funding for Veterans' Affairs by $11 billion a year

·         Romney suggested privatizing veterans’ health care making veterans use vouchers to buy health care – even though that would leave many veterans unable to pay for the essential health care they earned and need.

As part of today’s Steering Committee launch, the campaign announced that July is Veterans for Obama Month.  Campaign staff and volunteers will show their support at 4th of July parades and events this week.  Additionally, veteran-to-veteran phone banks will be hosted to allow people to share their stories and to share the accomplishments of the Obama Administration in providing for those who serve. Iowa veterans and family members will arrange and host local events and house parties to bring veterans together to celebrate their service, discuss the next election, and get them involved in the campaign. The first event will take place in Polk County on July 19.


The members of the Veterans and Military Families for Obama Steering Committee include:

·         Billy Langham, Ames: Retired Air Force Master Sargent who worked in the NSA and spent 15 years overseas; in countries including Italy, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Korea, and England. Upon returning, he worked in manufacturing and project management.

·         Lucas Beenken, Belmond: Served in the National Guard and used the GI Bill to attend Drake University. During his senior year, Lucas was deployed to Iraq. He went on to complete his Master’s Degree at Drake and was elected to the Wright County Board of Supervisors. Lucas led the Pledge of Allegiance at the President’s grassroots event in Des Moines this May.

·         Art Heyderman, Bettendorf:  Served 3 years active duty, including a tour in Vietnam, and for 27.5 years in the Reserves. Art was a member of Corps of Engineers, working in both research and development and as a nuclear weapon specialist and spent many years as an Army civilian.

·         Will Overstreet, Cedar Falls: A life-long Iowan, Will is a member of the Iowa National Guard.  He was deployed to Afghanistan, and currently is a teacher with the Waterloo School System.

·         Jerry Huffman, Cedar Rapids: Served 20 years in the U.S. Army, serving in many locations including the Aleutian Islands, Japan, Korea, Turkey, and Honduras.

·         Amanda Irish, Coralville: Enlisted in the Marine Corps weeks after Sept. 11, 2001, feeling compelled to serve her country. Amanda is a leader of the University of Iowa Veterans Association and is currently pursuing a B.S. degree in human physiology and pre-medicine.

·         Sam Reno, Des Moines: From 1990 to 1996, Sam served in the United States Marine Corps, assigned to the Rock Island Arsenal Recruiting Command and 4th Marine Division General Support Maintenance Company. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree from Drake University and is a Neighborhood Team Leader for OFA in Northwest Des Moines.

·         Marc Wallace, Des Moines: Served in the U.S. Army Intelligence Corps and the Iowa National Guard.  Marc is a prosecutor in the Marion County Attorney’s Office and the Iowa Public Defender’s Office. In 2008, Marc was the State Chairman of Iowa Veterans for Obama.

·         Ron Healey, Dubuque: Served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam from 1970 to 1971. Ron is retired from Deere & Company and has been working with veterans through the UAW veterans group and the Veterans and Military Families for Progress, which is concerned with suicide prevention and issues facing returning service members.

·         Stan Klein, Lu Verne: In 1965, Stan went to Vietnam on the U.S. Army’s 3rd plane into the country.  He served as a Captain in Vietnam for a year and remained in the Guard Reserve for 23 years. He currently is farming in Northern Iowa.

·         Jake Krapfl, New Vienna: Served in the U.S. Army, seeing two tours of duty in Iraq as a Paratrooper. He is currently an English and writing instructor at Northeast Iowa Community College.

·         Terry Phillips, Riverside: Joined the Navy at 17 in 1965 and was based in Hawaii and served on a number of ships in a communications capacity. Terry returned to graduate from the University of Iowa and started his own business as a contractor.

·         John Pomberg, Salem: Served in the Navy from 1967-1988 in the Tonkin Gulf, Persian Gulf, Southern Atlantic, and Caribbean on air craft carriers and destroyers. John currently works for the Iowa Department of Corrections.

·         Larry Olk, Sheffield: Served in U.S. Army in Vietnam in 1968 in the 2ND Field Forces. Larry is retired from a civilian military career and serves as the Franklin County Democrats Chair.

·         Sarah Petersen, Sioux City: Military wife whose husband served two tours overseas

To learn more about Veterans & Military Families for Obama go to www.barackobama.com/veterans.

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