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What Others Are Saying November 1, 2011 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by J D Gordon   
Thursday, 03 November 2011 15:19
What others are saying…

“This is not a news story, this is gutter partisan politics…”  Rush Limbaugh

“…stop destroying a good man’s reputation...we have seen this movie before…”  Laura Ingraham

"He (Cain) is a strong, conservative black man … They are terrified of strong, conservative black men,"  Ann Coulter

What others are doing…

Presidential candidate Herman Cain has received an outpouring of support and a clear vote of confidence from his supporters.  In the last 24 hours, the Friends of Herman Cain campaign has had the single best day of fundraising since the start of the campaign.

“Yesterday alone, Mr. Cain received more than $400,000 in financial gifts from his supporters via online donations and other sources.  This level of support is more than the normal monthly average, said Mark Block, Chief of Staff to the Herman Cain presidential campaign.  Block continued, “In addition, both Mr. Cain’s online giving and phone donations yesterday doubled his normal daily average.”

Supporters are fired up and are rallying around Mr. Cain.  Americans are tired of dirty politics and are willing to commit their time, talent and treasure to help Mr. Cain turn this country around.

NFRA Misses Window of Opportunity to Boost Membership Nationwide PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Michael Elliott   
Tuesday, 01 November 2011 12:16

The National Federation of Republican Assemblies, NFRA, held a Presidential Preference Convention in Des Moines, Iowa this last Saturday, October 29, to measure all the candidates' popularity among Ronald Reagan/Barry Goldwater conservatives. The Convention was promoted on the NFRA website as “the last major straw poll before the Iowa Caucuses” and The NFRA is one of the oldest and largest GOP grassroots organizations and promotes Reagan and Goldwater conservatism, small government, lower taxes, free market capitalism, a strong defense, the right to life, and a decent America.

430 votes were cast and it was no surprise that Ron Paul won 82% among Reagan/Goldwater conservatives in Iowa. What WAS a surprise to many was the condemnation of the Ron Paul supporters by, Eric Golub a.k.a. the “preeminent politically conservative comedian”, one of the guest speakers during the luncheon, questioning Paul supporters to be “good little soldiers and fall in line when Ron Paul is not the party's nominee” which immediately erupted into boo's by many of the members of the Convention. Then to add insult to injury, the 94 NFRA delegates representing 26 of the 37 states where the NFRA operates, later disregarded their own convention members' vote for Ron Paul and nominated instead Rick Santorum, the third place candidate with less than 1% of the vote, as their organization's official endorsement.

Rick Santorum is known for his stance against privacy rights and his interest in perpetual war and nation building like the Bush and Obama presidential administrations of the past and present. This is hardly a Reagan/Goldwater Conservative favorite, as indicated by his poor support at the Convention by Iowa members. “If this is what the leadership of this organization really represents, then I doubt they will continue to exist in the near future as the liberty movement continues to grow across this country,” said Michael Elliott, one of the Iowa voters and attendees at the Convention.

One thing is for certain, Ron Paul and his supporters were definitely the life of the Party at this convention and could very well be the life of the Republican Party so long as Republican Party leaders don't miss this window of opportunity to boost its membership and popularity. Michael Elliott added, “As the old saying goes, hindsight is 20/20, let's see if the other Republican leaders are wise enough to learn from the NFRA's missed opportunity.”

Iowans For Accountability (IFA) is fighting to hold politicians accountable to we the people, and make sure government works for all of us, not just wealthy special interests and the well-connected. IFA is a Non-Party Political Organization (NPPO) that actively supports or opposes ballot issues or candidates, regardless of party affiliation and when necessary, IFA runs its own candidates. Michael D. Elliott is the IFA Chairman. Website: www.ScottcountyIFA.com

Obama for America Campaign Manager Jim Messina and Press Secretary Ben LaBolt to Hold Conference Call With Iowa Reporters to Give a Campaign Update PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Ben LaBolt   
Tuesday, 01 November 2011 11:17


Obama for America Campaign Manager Jim Messina and Press Secretary Ben LaBolt to hold conference call with Iowa reporters to give a campaign update.


Monday, October 31, 2011 at 10:00 AM CT/11:00 AM ET


Please register for the call here and include both your name and outlet with your RSVP. Dial information will be sent after registration is received.


Weekend Straw Polls Show Herman Cain on Top PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by J D Gordon   
Tuesday, 01 November 2011 11:06
Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain continues his straw poll winning streak with victories in Alabama and South Carolina over the weekend.

Cain led the Republican field in the West Alabama straw poll with 50.7% of the votes and 24.5% of the votes in the South Carolina Federation of Republican Women convention straw poll held in Greenville, SC.

“I appreciate the support and vote of confidence from the fine individuals of Alabama and South Carolina.  Together we can win the nomination" said Cain.

The West Alabama and South Carolina straw poll wins follow Cain's successful wins of major straw polls in Florida, Illinois, Kansas City, Minnesota, and Nevada.

The Perry Plan - Energizing American Jobs and Security PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Roman Stockton   
Tuesday, 01 November 2011 10:43

We will energize American jobs and national security through executive
orders and executive actions that expand energy exploration all across
America. Key components of the plan include:

Expand energy exploration offshore and on federal and private lands across
the country by executive order, creating over 1.2 million jobs

Eliminate current and proposed activist EPA regulations from the Obama
administration, saving 2.4 million jobs by 2020 and lowering projected
costs by $127 billion

Reduce, rebuild, and refocus the EPA federal regulators, returning
authority to the states

Level the playing field for all energy producers, removing Obama's
practice of picking winners and losers and ending the Obama war on coal
and natural gas production

Governor Rick Perry's plan is based on a simple premise: Make what
Americans buy. Buy what Americans make. And sell it to the world.

For the full plan please visit link below.


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