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Written by Friends of Herman Cain   
Monday, 19 December 2011 14:45
Since my campaign ended, I’ve been honored to hear from so many people who asked me to continue because they felt I was the person who could help this country fix things that urgently needed fixing. I will continue to lead but not as a candidate, because I chose to put family first.

I will continue to be your voice and our voice. We will make 9-9-9 a movement. We will put “strength” back into Peace through Strength and Clarity. We will become energy independent. We will put “united” back into the United States of America.

I know this from you: When the people understand it, they will demand it!

We can’t count on the mainstream media to properly inform us, because too many members of the media are chasing the sensationalized or distorted story. Many Members of Congress are so busy trying to keep up with the legislative process, small incremental changes in the laws and the partisan cat fights that the big changes needed never get addressed. Worse yet, they never even try.

We have seen repeatedly that expecting 535 Members of Congress and the president to make bold changes to truly fix problems from the inside of Washington is not going to happen. Washington is broken! We must change it from the outside.

The late Sen. Everett Dirksen popularized the phrase “when they feel the heat, they will see the light.” We will be the heat like they have never felt it before. Politicians’ actions are ultimately determined by what they believe the people are demanding of them. We will demand bold changes.

This is why I have created The Cain Solutions.

With your continued help and support, The Cain Solutions is designed to change the dynamics in Washington, D.C. The critics will say this can’t be done. Remember, these are the same critics who did not think we would make it as far as we did in the Republican presidential nominating contest.

The Cain Solutions will initially focus on three critical crises:
  1. Economic growth
  2. Sound money
  3. Energy independence
Whether the pundits like it or not, my campaign took off because of the 9-9-9 plan. It was a classic case of an idea that was substantive, effective and easy for people to understand. The tax code is a mess. Rates are too high, loopholes are too prevalent and people in Washington are constantly trying to use the tax code to manipulate behaviors and outcomes. The 9-9-9 plan would achieve a massive transfer of power from Washington to the people. We can make that happen.

Sound money involves both fiscal and monetary sanity. Congress and the White House refuse to enact a responsible budget that’s balanced and achieves real spending restraint. They refuse to address major spending commitments that have us saddled with massive debt and unfunded entitlement obligations. And they constantly try to manipulate the currency to cover this up. Sound money policy would stop the pretending, stop the manipulation and bring back a strong dollar along with sensible fiscal behavior.

Finally, energy independence gets into everything from regulatory reform to national security. Most people have no idea how severely excessive federal regulations hamper our ability to access plentiful, affordable energy resources right here in the USA. Excessive regulations add mightily to the cost of exploration and distribution. And as we are now seeing, we can’t even build a pipeline to get oil from our friends in Canada due to a political stalling tactic by the president.

This regulatory environment is insane. Politicians yammer on about “job creation,” but there is scarcely a better way to create jobs than to get out of the way of domestic oil extraction, production and distribution. It addresses a real need and a real demand that will exist for a very long time in the future. If the people realized this, they would demand an end to these crazy regulatory policies – and change would come.

This will be the initial focus of The Cain Solutions. While we’re putting the effort together, you can sign up at TheCainSolutions.com, so you’ll be among the first to be informed, involved, and inspired when things get rolling.

Cain supporters, stay tuned. We’re still going to get the job done. We’re going to have to do it from the outside, and I will lead the way and be the people’s voice.


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News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Gary Howard   
Monday, 19 December 2011 14:35
Ron Paul Narrowing the Gap with Newt in Latest Iowa Poll
As details of the former Speaker’s record come to light, support for Paul expands and solidifies
ANKENY, Iowa – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul again polled a strong second place in Iowa, this time gaining ground on his competitor Newt Gingrich as details of the former Speaker’s record come to light, according to a new PPP poll.

Paul garnered 21 percent, just behind Newt Gingrich who earned 22 percent.  In third and fourth place, respectively, Mitt Romney with 16 percent and Michele Bachmann with 11 percent were the only other candidates to attract double-digit support in this poll of likely Republican caucus goers.  Noteworthy is that Gingrich dropped 5 percentage points in the last week alongside a decline in his favorability numbers, attributed to voters’ changing attitudes toward the former Speaker as details of his record come to light. 

An impressive 77 percent of current Paul voters say they're definitely going to vote for him, compared to only 54 percent for Gingrich, and among voters who say their decision is final, 29 percent support Paul compared to 21 percent for Gingrich, and 18 percent for Romney.  Establishment ties are also a factor, contributing to a boost in support for Paul.  Among voters who are anti-establishment, Paul polls at 34 percent to 18 percent for Gingrich, followed by 12 and 10 percent for Rick Santorum and Romney, respectively.

“As the campaign process plays itself out, and voters learn more about Newt Gingrich, the more people who are tired of the status quo in Washington are looking for someone with the consistency of record to tackle the tough issues,” said Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.  “Ron Paul has always fought for constitutional principles, limited government, and balanced budgets, he has the only plan that cuts $1 trillion dollars in spending year one and gets our country back on track. These are things that resonate with voters everywhere.”

Public Policy Polling surveyed 555 likely Republican caucus voters from December 11th to the 13th and the poll has a +/-4.2 percent margin of error.

View the poll press release by clicking here.  For the full results including questions, tables, and methodology, click here.

Ron Paul Closing in on First
In Case You Missed It:  ‘The Daily Iowan’ Endorses Ron Paul for President
Endorsing Paul “the only logical conclusion”
ANKENY, Iowa – The University of Iowa’s student newspaper, The Daily Iowan, today endorsed GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Caucus for Ron Paul on Jan. 3

The Daily Iowan Editorial Board endorses Texas Rep. Ron Paul for the Iowa Republican presidential caucuses.

The reasons for endorsing Paul over the other Republican contenders are numerous and warranted. The differences between their beliefs on governing primarily motivate our decision.

Paul is a candidate who appeals to voters across the political spectrum. He has also been exceptionally consistent in his time in Congress. He doesn't play political games — even with his opponents — and remains truthful to his word. This alone is a redeeming quality in a candidate in today's political sphere.

Despite the mainstream media writing him off as being unable to win Iowa, he is now polling in second place and may even be the most popular candidate in Iowa, given the margin of error.
The full article can be viewed here.

This endorsement comes on the heels of two successful “Youth for Ron Paul” rallies held in Iowa last week.  One at Iowa State University attracted more than 1,350 supporters, and one at the University of Northern Iowa drew more than 700 supporters.

Ron Paul Closing in on First Place in New Iowa Poll; Holding strong position, support growing
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – A new American Research Group poll of likely Iowa caucus goers released today shows GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul tied for second place with 17 percent of the vote and within 5 points of Newt Gingrich, who garnered 22 percent of the vote. Of note, Congressman Paul wins 39 percent of the vote among independents, more than twice that of the nearest competitor.

“Our campaign is continuing to make strides in the key early-voting states, especially in Iowa,” said Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. “After witnessing packed rallies time and again in Iowa, it is no surprise that we are seeing these encouraging poll numbers.”

This latest poll comes on the heels of a PPP poll, which showed Paul with 18 percent in Iowa. In addition, a recent NBC/ Marist poll had Paul at 17 percent in Iowa and also polling the best against Obama in an Iowa head-to-head matchup.

The full results of the American Research Group poll can be found here.



Ron Paul Endorsed by Sioux City Pastor Rev. Mark McGlohon

Rev. McGlohon calls Dr. Paul “a man of faith”
ANKENY, Iowa – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign announced today that Sioux City, Iowa pastor Reverend Mark McGlohon has publicly endorsed Dr. Paul.

“Ron Paul is the only candidate who understands the challenges we face as a nation.  We need a man like Dr. Paul to put an end to politics as usual and tell the truth even when it is unpopular,” said Rev. McGlohon, a former businessman and now minister living in Sioux City.

Rev. Mark McGlohon began his ministry after almost 20 years in the private sector.  Ordained by The Calvary Baptist Church in 1998, he spent the next four years as a chaplain in Savannah, Georgia.  Rev. McGlohan arrived in Sioux City eight years ago to assume the role of senior pastor of Bethel Baptist Church.

“I believe Dr. Paul is the right person to be president.  He is a man of faith and it is his faith that will guide him in leading our country,” added Rev. McGlohon.

Rev. McGlohon is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and is also a Spiritual Care and Bereavement Counselor for Care Initiatives Hospice.  In making his endorsement, the reverend mentioned he was not necessarily speaking on behalf of his congregation.

If ministering in Iowa, local pastors interested in discussing an endorsement are invited email the Iowa Director of Voter Outreach, Meghann Walker, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Ron Paul Campaign Debuts New Web Ad, ‘Selling Access’ PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Gary Howard   
Monday, 19 December 2011 14:27
Gingrich in his own words, a Washington ‘insider’
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign announced today the release of its latest ad, ‘Selling Access’, another two-minute web video aimed at former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, calling him out as a corrupt Washington insider who got rich through influence-peddling.

The video, which the campaign plans to promote prominently on conservative web sites, includes a clip of Gingrich calling himself an ‘insider’ and another in which the former Speaker brags about getting paid $60,000-a-speech. The video comes after the viral success of Paul’s earlier web ad, ‘Serial Hypocrisy’, which criticizes Gingrich for many of the same issues.

“These are all legitimate and important issues to point out to the American people,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton. “If Americans are serious about changing the status quo in Washington, then they must take into account the record of someone who profited from the housing collapse with taxpayers’ money, advocated for Obamacare-style individual mandates, and who played the Washington game of getting rich due to influence as well as anyone.”

To view the online ad, click here.


Ron Paul Marshalltown Event Attracts 110 Voters PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Gary Howard   
Monday, 19 December 2011 13:12
Crowd size, makeup show growth since prior visits
ANKENY, Iowa – In a sign of growing momentum and voter interest in 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul, 110 voters attended Dr. Paul’s Marshalltown town hall meeting held at the Fisher Community Center.

The turnout is noteworthy as crowds were larger than in two prior visits to Marshalltown, the city that is also county seat to Marshall County, and because of the crowd’s diversity.  In particular a larger share of the voters present today were undecided voters in addition to regular supporters, thus showing both in polls and photographs growth in Paul’s base.
Ron Paul speaks before opening up the floor to a Q&A.


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News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Gary Howard   
Monday, 19 December 2011 13:08
Ron Paul Easily Defeats Competitors in Drake University Presidential Straw Poll

More than 1,200 students participate in online contest held alongside ABC News / RPI debate
ANKENY, Iowa – Ron Paul defeated his fellow competitors for the Republican nomination in a secure online straw poll held for students of Drake University in Des Moines yesterday, demonstrating his campaign’s organizational muscle and his popularity among younger voters.

With 429 votes, first place winner Ron Paul garnered 35 percent of the 1,223 total.  Second place winner Mitt Romney won 311 votes, or 25 percent, and third place winner Newt Gingrich won just 128 votes, or 10 percent.  No other candidate won a double-digit percentage share.

The straw poll victory was announced early in the morning today.  Voting occurred over 24 hours beginning December 10th, with Drake sending students a unique link to their university email address.  Links, then, could not be duplicated and could not be shared on social media for the purpose of voting more than once or padding the online survey. 

Students were able, however, to engage in conventional electioneering by communicating the importance of voting, and that of voting their preference.  Thus, Ron Paul’s victory at Drake demonstrates his official campaign’s organizational muscle, as those getting out the vote were in fact members of the “Youth for Ron Paul” (YFP) core leadership team: Midwest Regional Director for YFP Ani DeGroot and Edward King, National Youth Director for the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign.

In addition, the atmosphere for a Ron Paul victory at Drake was almost assured.  Drake was the site of last night’s ABC News / Republican Party of Iowa Debate, so Paul supporters were notably energized.  In addition, during Paul’s same three-day visit that concluded with the debate, he held two YFP rallies.  More than 1,350 mostly-young supporters attended his Iowa State University rally and more than 700 students attended his University of Northern Iowa rally.  In late October, Ron Paul spoke in Iowa City to 1,200 members of the University of Iowa and general community.  ISU, UNI, and UI are YFP chapters, and so is Drake University, to name only a few Iowa YFP chapters in the Hawkeye State.

Youth for Ron Paul, an initiative of the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign, launched on Wednesday, September 7th and since its inception more than 18,000 people signed up to get involved, forming 355 chapters in 46 states.

To learn more and sign up for Youth for Ron Paul, please visit: www.YouthForPaul.com and “like” the Facebook page found at: www.Facebook.com/YouthForPaul.

For the full Drake University straw poll results, please click here.

Ron Paul Issues Statement on NRLB-Boeing Resolution
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul released a statement today saying that he was pleased with the National Labor Relations Board’s decision to drop its lawsuit against Boeing for deciding to build a new plant in South Carolina.

Statement from Congressman Ron Paul:

“Hearing that the NLRB decided to stop pursuing its ongoing harassment of Boeing was welcomed news. I would like to think this is more than just a political move by the Obama administration with an election year looming, but experience tells me otherwise.

“I have long been an advocate for the rights of workers to work without interference by big government, often acting as facilitator for big labor. My unblemished voting record on the issue of right to work, according to the National Right To Work Committee, is a testament to that fact.

“The idea that government bureaucrats, acting to empower union officials, would try to stop a private company from building a new plant is an affront to the very principles of economic liberty this country was founded upon. These are principles I have pledged to uphold my entire career.

“As President I will work to repeal all federal laws that force workers and employers to submit to union officials and their enforcers in the federal bureaucracy.”

Two Buena Vista Area Tea Party Co-Founders Endorse Ron Paul
Activists Ken Hach and Jim Treat prefer Paul
ANKENY, Iowa – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign announced today that Congressman Paul was endorsed by two co-founders of the Buena Vista Tea Party Patriots.

“I support Ron Paul for President of the United States because his ‘Plan to Restore America’ includes specific goals to stop wasteful spending by $1 trillion the first year, balance the budget in three years, and return the country to Constitutional government.  His years of service in Washington have proven his integrity and strength of character in dealing with foreign policy as well as internal issues,” said Ken Hach.

“Of the people I have talked with, their primary concerns are jobs and the economy.  Based on the points I mentioned earlier, both situations would improve greatly under a Ron Paul presidency,” added Mr. Hach.

Mr. Hach, a retired school administrator, is also owner of Wind on Rails, Inc. and currently serves on the Buena Vista board of county supervisors.  He has been in the wind farming business for 33 years.

“Our country is on a precipice of disaster if we do not have a change of leadership in Washington.  My decision to join the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign was because Dr. Paul is a patriotic American with common sense.  Ron Paul believes in the sanctity of life, the family as the bedrock of society, a strong national defense, and to fight to win when at war.  He will return America to the precepts on which our forefathers birthed the greatest country that history has ever recorded and ensure it is governed in accordance with the Constitution,” said Jim Treat.

Mr. Treat has been an active member of the Buena Vista County Republican Party for three decades, and proudly served in the U.S. Army.

The BV Tea Party Patriots formed in 2009 and is comprised of people who believe in the United States and its founding ideals as expressed in the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Emancipation Proclamation.  It is a community of people who also believe in the American dream: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  They believe that being an American is an honor, as well as a great responsibility.

The endorsement occurred on the day Ron Paul’s son, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), argued on several cable news and radio shows that one of Ron Paul’s competitors for the GOP nomination, Newt Gingrich, is unworthy of tea party support.  Senator Paul’s Des Moines Register op-ed arguing the same point, published today, can be read here.

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