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Written by Gary Howard   
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 10:00
In Case You Missed It: Rand Paul Calls Newt Gingrich Unworthy of Tea Party Support In the Des Moines Register, Ron Paul’s tea party-backed son outlines the case against a Newt nod
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – “Gingrich is not from the Tea Party.  He is not even a conservative.”  These words appear in today’s influential Des Moines Register newspaper.  They’re written by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), elected in 2010 largely with tea party backing.

A son of 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul, Sen. Paul cautions GOPers to be wary of the “tea party” and “conservative” labels that media and pundits are recklessly applying to the former House Speaker.

Rand Paul: Republicans would take a giant step backward by choosing Gingrich

As a U.S. senator elected from and by the tea party, I am often asked about the tea party, the conservative movement and the presidential race.

While conservatives and limited-government activists did, indeed, make great strides in 2010, those could easily be set back by nominating someone with a different set of ideas and values in 2012.

Let me start with something important. I have two goals for 2012:

I want to prevent the European debt crisis from consuming America next.

I want to elect a president who will defend the ideas of constitutional conservatism and limited government.

Unfortunately, while all Republican candidates would be an improvement over the present administration, two of the current frontrunners simply do not represent the tea party, the conservative movement, or the type of change our country desperately needs in 2012.

Let me begin with the most obvious reasons:

Both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich supported the outrageous $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, bailouts — “one of the most unpopular government programs in American history,” even according to President Obama’s own Treasury Department.

Both Romney and Gingrich have been outspoken and unapologetic supporters of the individual mandate. This is the heart and soul of ObamaCare.

For the full article, please click here.

1,350 Supporters Greet Ron Paul at ISU ‘Youth for Ron Paul’ Rally
Turnout far exceeds organizers’ plans for 650 attendees maximum as more than double attend
ANKENY, Iowa – More than 1,350 mostly-young supporters greeted 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul at a “Youth for Ron Paul” (YFP) rally held at Iowa State University (ISU).  Turnout far exceeded event organizers’ estimates considering a similar event will be held tomorrow night at the University of Northern Iowa, a mere one and a half hours drive away.  In addition, YFP organizers were given just a week to organize both Hawkeye State rallies.

“Expectations often run high yet I was still blown away by the energy in the room.  With less than a month until the caucuses, students will play a pivotal role in the outcome, and this will only help Ron Paul,” said Edward King, National Youth Director for the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign. 

“This many students would only show up for Ron Paul – no other Republican candidate,” added Ani DeGroot, Midwest Regional Director for YFP.

The rally took place at ISU in the Memorial Union Great Hall, located at 2229 Lincoln Way in Ames.  It was expected to attract a maximum of 650 attendees, but campaign staff soon realized that the Great Hall was not enough.  In response, the team directed overflow into the Oak Room and South Ballroom.

The ISU event is the first of two YFP events the 12-term Congressman from Texas will hold during a far-reaching three-day visit to Iowa that concludes Saturday night with the ABC News / Republican Party of Iowa Debate. 

Tomorrow’s event, which is free and open to supporters of all ages, will be at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) in the Commons – Slife Ballroom, located at 1224 West 23rd Street in Cedar Falls.  Doors will open to the public at 6:30 p.m.  To enter 30 minutes early and secure a spot near the front of the room, RSVP for the UNI event featuring Dr. Paul at http://ronpaulatuni.eventbrite.com/.

Youth for Ron Paul (YFP), an initiative of the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign, launched on Wednesday, September 7th and since its inception more than 15,300 people signed up to get involved, forming 307 chapters in 46 states.

To learn more and sign up for Youth for Ron Paul, please visit: www.YouthForPaul.com and “like” the Facebook page found at: www.Facebook.com/YouthForPaul.

Ron Paul Iowa Team Salutes Newest ‘Veterans for Ron Paul’
Heroes for Dr. Paul hail from Linn, Polk, and Van Buren counties, and span different service branches
ANKENY, Iowa – The Iowa component of the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign released today new statements of support from a sample of Iowans who recently joined its “Veterans for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition.

These are everyday veterans, yet active citizens in their community with honorable records of service.

Among the latest to join is U.S. Army and Iowa National Guard veteran Andrew Lyons.  Mr. Lyons spent four years active duty as a medic in the 82nd Airborne Division, completing two tours of duty in Iraq.  Following his time in Fallujah and Kurdistan, he continued his service in the Iowa National Guard for three years.

Mr. Lyons, a Cedar Rapids resident, proclaims his support with the following statement:

“I support Ron Paul for president because there is no other candidate who is fully committed to revamping our foreign policy.  I fully endorse his idea of bringing troops home from all foreign countries.  Ron Paul’s idea that the current foreign policy of preemptive war undermines our national security compelled me to reevaluate my position on the issue.  After reflecting on my time in Iraq, I realize that our presence over there does indeed create more enemies for the United States, and is counterproductive to our national security interests.”

Twenty-year Navy veteran Kelly Schoen, also of Cedar Rapids, attained the rank of Commander.  She was CO of a squadron of four jets in Norfolk, Virginia, and also went on a pair of six-month cruises on the USS Concord and USS Kalamazoo.  Her statement follows.

“Ron Paul has the integrity demanded of a truly great leader.  We need a leader we want to follow, person who is honest and courageous in the face of adversity, and a leader that serves not his self, but a higher purpose.  That purpose is our nation’s health and that leader is Ron Paul.”

Hailing from the Des Moines area, John Feller began his service in the Merchant Marines in 1945 and left in 1948.  He also served in the Navy from 1951-1954, taking part in intelligence operations, refueling ships, and as a Yeoman on a destroyer.  In total, he crossed the Atlantic 16 times as a Merchant Marine and while in the Navy was off the coast of Korea during the Korean conflict.  Due to exposure to asbestos in the Navy, he has contended with cancer as a consequence and has never fully been compensated for his suffering. 

Mr. Feller was recently featuredin a Veteran’s Day story in the Indianola Record Monitor, highlighting his dedication to his community through his local VFW, helping other veterans and assisting military families.

“I support Ron Paul because he is the only candidate who cares enough about the United States of America.  He has proven this by having served in the Armed Forces of the United States.  This indicates to me that he is really the only candidate who has walked the walk before he talked.  He is definitely the only candidate who has presented a workable solution to the ills that now face our country, and the fortitude and tenacity to implement these same solutions for the betterment of the nation,” said Mr. Feller in a statement to the Ron Paul campaign.

Two-tour Iraq veteran of the U.S. Army, Abe Elam of Douds spent eleven years in the Army and 27 months of those years on the battlefield as a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Also a veteran of the 2008 Ron Paul campaign, he enthusiastically backs Paul this election:

“I support Ron Paul for President because of his strong adherence to the Constitution.  I support his strict foreign policy, true fiscal conservatism, and authentic plan to balance the budget.  I have never felt so strongly about a presidential candidate in all my life.  I am a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom with two tours, spanning 27 months and I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that Dr. Paul cares deeply for America and its sons and daughters who fight for her.  I am caucusing for Ron Paul in my precinct and I am voting for him.”

Ron Paul is one of only two candidates this election with an honorable record of military service.  A flight surgeon during the Cold War era, his commitment to veterans was recently showcased in the campaign’s television ad “He Served,” viewable here.  To view Dr. Paul’s more recent national security-themed television ad title “Secure,” click here.

As a first basic step, those wanting to join the “Veterans for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition should visit www.RonPaul2012.com/Veterans.  Or, if residing in Iowa, local veterans are invited email the Iowa Director of Voter Outreach, Meghann Walker, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

In Case You Missed It: Ron Paul Talks Foreign Policy and U.S.-Israel Relationship Israel should be treated as an independent nation
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul recently discussed his position on the State of Israel and foreign policy in general.

In a video interview published online, conducted by Ron Paul 2012 campaign blogger Jack Hunter, the 12-term Congressman from Texas describes how he was one of few congressmen to oppose rebuking Israel for a strike on Iraq’s nuclear program in the 1980s. 

States Paul in the interview: “To me it was Israel’s business, so I was voting for their independence. I think Israel should be treated as an independent nation and not a puppet of our state.”

Paul went on to talk about his opposition to giving foreign aid to Israel’s sworn enemies, and how Israel should be treated as our best friend not one we dictate policy to.

The full interview can be viewed here.


Grassley statement on Cordray vote PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Grassley Press   
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 09:44
Thursday, December 8, 2011

Senator Chuck Grassley made the following comment regarding his vote against the nomination of Richard Cordray to be the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB.

“This position was created to operate inside the Federal Reserve, without any opportunity to hold the bureau accountable.  That’s the wrong direction.  Lack of accountability contributed in big ways to many of the problems that came to a head in the 2008 financial meltdown.  It doesn’t make sense to try to fix things with more of the same and unchecked power.  Our system of government depends on checks and balances.  Americans deserve to have their voices heard in any regulatory process through the representative branch of government.  This position, as currently set up, flies in the face of those values and principles.”

Newt Gingrich Finds Refuge at Des Moines' Blank Park Zoo PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Sally Bahner   
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 09:27

(DES MOINES, IA) — When Newt Gingrich gets tired of fielding “gotcha questions” from the journalistic wolf packs prowling Iowa, he might want to return to Des Moines’ Blank Park Zoo where he can caucus with its hissing cockroaches.

He has already been there twice this year, according to a zoo spokesperson, once for the opening of the Australian Adventure exhibit and again in August after the Republican debate that preceded Iowa’s straw poll.

Gingrich, a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, native, has a soft spot for zoos, which played a crucial role in his awakening to politics as a profession, a story he relates in his foreword to America’s Best Zoos, by Allen W. Nyhus and Jon Wassner (Intrepid Traveler, $15.95).

“When I was ten, I asked how Harrisburg could get a zoo,” Gingrich wrote in America’s Best Zoos. “The kind older, park official … told me they had closed the zoo during World War II because of rationing and that my job was to come to the next city council and explain why Harrisburg needed a zoo. The next Tuesday, I was right there. I have been hooked on animals, zoos, and citizenship from that point on.”

Authors Nyhuis and Wassner describe Blank Park Zoo as “a standout mid-sized zoo” and praise the zoo’s African Boardwalk, where visitors can hand feed giraffes, and the Australian Trail, showcasing wallabies and emus.

Gingrich might be disappointed that the zoo has no elephant. On the bright side, it has no donkey either.

America’s Best Zoos is published by The Intrepid Traveler. It is available at bookstores, many zoo gift shops, and online at www.intrepidtraveler.com/store.

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News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Gary Howard   
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 09:14
Ron Paul to Visit Eastern Iowa for Eight Town Hall Meetings; Will hold eight town hall meetings over two days in large population centers and rural areas
ANKENY, Iowa – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul will visit eastern Iowa for a series of town hall meetings as the campaign draws nearer to the pivotal 2012 Iowa Caucus.

The visit will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, December 21st and 22nd.  All eight of Dr. Paul’s events this time around are town hall meetings featuring a speech, followed by a question and answer session.

“The Iowa team is pleased to welcome Ron Paul for another set of town hall meetings where he will give voters straightforward answers to questions concerning America’s pressing challenges.  If past is prologue, voters will leave these gatherings knowing that Dr. Paul makes every effort to be engaging, informative, and uncommonly candid,” said Iowa Campaign Chairman Drew Ivers.

Details of the events are as follows.  All times Central.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

10:00 a.m.
Lee County Town Hall Meeting
Comfort Inn & Suites
6169 Reve Court (Hwy. 61 & Hwy. 2) 
Fort Madison, IA 52627

12:00 p.m.
Henry County Town Hall Meeting
Civic Center Meeting Room (old High School)
307 E. Monroe Street
Mount Pleasant, IA  52641

3:00 p.m.
Washington County Town Hall Meeting
Washington Public Library
115 W. Washington Street 
Washington, IA  52353

7:00 p.m.
Quad Cities Town Hall Meeting
Quad Cities Waterfront Convention Center - Iowa Room
2021 State Street 
Bettendorf, IA 52722

Thursday, December 22, 2011

10:00 a.m.
Jackson County Town Hall Meeting
Historic Clinton Engines Building
605 E. Maple Street  
Maquoketa, IA 52060

12:00 p.m.
Dubuque Town Hall Meeting
Grand River Center – Meeting Room #4
Port of Dubuque 
500 Bell Street 
Dubuque, IA 52001

3:00 p.m.
Delaware County Town Hall Meeting
Delaware County Fairgrounds
200 E. Acers Street 
Manchester, IA 52057

7:00 p.m.
Cedar Rapids Town Hall Meeting
The Hotel at Kirkwood Center - Suites D & E
7725 Kirkwood Center   
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

In Case You Missed It:  Ron Paul Discusses Authentic Support for Israel, U.S. should be a friend and ally to Israel – not a “master” as current foreign policy promotes
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul recently discussed his position vis a vis the State of Israel and foreign policy in general.

In an interview published online, the 12-term Congressman from Texas describes how the United States as a true ally and friend would not limit Israel’s right to defend herself.  Nor would the U.S., under a fairer aid and diplomatic framework, fund Israel’s enemies and create greater Middle East instability.

Ron Paul Tells Newsmax: I Support Israel
By Doug Wead*

In an exclusive Newsmax interview, Congressman and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul confirmed his support for Israel, but cautioned that while the United States should be a “friend” of the Jewish state, America should not be the “master” of Israel.

Paul also says the United States should not dictate Israel’s borders or try to “buy her allegiance” with massive amounts of foreign aid. He argued that foreign aid has actually hurt – not helped – the Jewish state.

The interview was conducted by Newsmax contributor Doug Wead, a presidential historian and New York Times best-selling author.

Paul has recently come under fire from some Jewish groups in America. The Republican Jewish Coalition banned Paul from a debate on Jewish issues in Washington this week because of his “misguided and extreme views,” according to the group’s executive director, Matt Brooks.

Newsmax chatted with Paul to get his side of the issue as the Texas Republican is surging in some presidential polls.

A new Washington Post-ABC News survey in Iowa shows him threatening Mitt Romney as the second-leading candidate behind Newt Gingrich. Paul is now tied with Romney in the early caucus state with 18 percent of the vote, behind Gingrich’s 33 percent.

Rep. Paul’s interview with Newsmax follows:

Newsmax: What should our relationship be with Israel?

Ron Paul: We should be their friend and their trading partner. They are a democracy and we share many values with them. But we should not be their master. We should not dictate where their borders will be nor should we have veto power over their foreign policy.

This is not just about Israel, by the way, this is about how we should conduct ourselves with other countries around the world…

For the full article, click here.
[*Newsmax contributor Doug Wead is a presidential historian and bestselling author.  He also serves as a senior advisor for the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign.]

Ron Paul Iowa Team Touts New ‘Small Businesses for Ron Paul’ Coalition Members, Latest additions to key group operate in Bremer, Davis, Linn, and Polk counties
ANKENY, Iowa – Following recent news of growth in the candidate’s homeschoolers coalition in the Hawkeye State, the Ron Paul Iowa team announced today additions to the “Small Businesses for Ron Paul” coalition.

Small businesses are critical to the economy as the top employers in the nation, so any credible candidate for the nation’s highest office must have visible support among this segment.

It’s reasonable to conclude that those with a finger on the pulse of the real economy and who have the potential to create real jobs will coalesce behind the presidential candidate with real solutions.  An oft-cited example of authentic solutions is Ron Paul’s Plan to Restore America: an economic policy blueprint that cuts $1 trillion in year one of a Paul presidency, eliminates five federal departments, and proposes a balanced budget in year three.

The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign in Iowa is grateful for the support of the following Iowa small business owners who stand with Dr. Paul and offer the following statements.

Matthew Schneider employs 35 people at his video game and movie retailer, Digital Dog Pound, serving Waverly city residents for over 11 years.  He has thrown his support behind Dr. Paul because he believes, “We need an honest, principled leader in the White House.  We need the Republican Party to return to its conservative constitutional roots.  Dr. Paul is one of the few politicians who understand economics, and how to address our economic crisis.  Ron Paul is a true statesman and is America’s last hope to restore America.”

Business partners Cassandra Hansen and David Birchmier operate MPA Computers, a firm that employs seven people and serves hundreds of clients in the Bloomfield-Ottumwa area.  The couple has been in business three years, and together they explain, “Ron Paul is my president because he stands for liberty, follows the Constitution, and seeks to limit the government’s power over my money and business decisions.  As a small business owner, I see the importance of fixing our debt crisis and reducing government spending.  I support him also because he is for limited government and for fixing the source of the problem, not doing more of the same thing that created the issues in the first place.  He predicted every major economic crisis and bubble before they happened.  Ron Paul is a man of principle, and unquestioned integrity.”

Businesswoman Jennifer Elliott owns “A New You” in Coralville and “Inches-A-Weigh” in Cedar Rapids.  She’s been operating for over six years now and has employed between six and 20 employees over the course of her business.  Ms. Elliott is confident a President Paul will eliminate the national debt and reign in the Federal Reserve, and shares her optimism.

“Our country needs to pay less in taxes and create more jobs so small business owners like me can succeed.  Ron Paul’s voting record is consistent and constitutional.  These principles made our country great and they will make it great once again.  I support Dr. Paul most of all as a mother of two young children because I believe in his values and that he is the only candidate who will institute real change in our nation,” said Ms. Elliott.

These statements conclude with comments from 18-year small business owner and employer of five, Jeremy Goemaat, President of LogicBox Inc. in West Des Moines. 

“Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate who precisely predicted our world’s financial predicament.  Examine his wise solutions that are backed by historical context and a solid moral foundation, and you will see why more and more people are waking up to the message of this true founding father of our time,” said Mr. Goemaat.

The above business owners are universally enthusiastic in their desire to spread the word about the Ron Paul campaign, who they call the only candidate who will restore America now.  As a function of this announcement, they now serve on the “Small Businesses for Ron Paul” national advisory board.

As a first basic step, those wanting to join the “Small Businesses for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition should visit www.RonPaul2012.com/SmallBusiness.  In addition, those ready to join are asked to email Meghann Walker, Director of Iowa Voter Outreach, at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Ron Paul Campaign Announces Grand Opening Events at Five New State Headquarters: Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota
and Washington open doors for debate watch parties
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign announced today the public grand openings of five new state operations headquarters, each of which will be open to supporters the evening of Thursday, December 15th for variety of activities including a debate watching party.

Official Ron Paul state operations headquarters in Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota and Washington will open their doors to Ron Paul supporters for activities ranging from volunteer recruitment and training, campaign materials distribution, special guest appearances, and refreshments.  All will take place amid a family-friendly atmosphere and all will feature a debate watching party.

The Republican debate airs at 9:00 p.m. EST on the Fox News Channel.  The event is sponsored by Fox News and the Republican Party of Iowa, and will occur at the Sioux City Convention Center in Sioux City, Iowa.  As such, Dr. Paul will be unable to attend these grand opening celebrations.


The Colorado operation will hold its event at 6:00 p.m. MST at the Ron Paul Colorado headquarters, located at 2955 Ulster Street #101, Denver, CO 80238.  Colorado staff will begin the evening at 6:00 p.m. with a social hour from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., followed by a debate viewing on a large projection screen from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.  Staff will raffle off official Ron Paul 2012 merchandise during the commercial breaks, with the grand prize a Ron Paul autographed copy of his book Liberty Defined.  All are eligible to enter for prize drawings just by attending.  Food from Denver’s own Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs, which is often voted best hot dogs in Denver, will also be provided.

“Ron Paul’s rising poll numbers and solid fundraising have allowed us to extend our operations to Colorado.  Our team has concluded that we’re well positioned to make a tremendous impact here because of our uniquely motivated Colorado supporters who have shown that they are willing to climb the highest mountains to deliver the state to Dr. Paul,” said Colorado State Director Matt Holdridge.


The Maine operation will hold its event at 7:00 p.m. EST at the Ron Paul Maine headquarters, located at 190 US Route 1, Falmouth, ME 04105.  Maine staff will speak briefly, direct volunteer sign-up and orientation, and hand out campaign materials such as buttons, signs, literature and the like.  Music, refreshments and finger-foods also will be provided.  Supporters who recruit the most volunteers, and the region that is best represented, will receive a prize.

“We’re pleased to work with supporters who succeeded in causing part of Ron Paul’s vision for a more prosperous America – namely, his call to audit the Federal Reserve – to be featured in the state Republican platform.  We’re already discovering that many Maine voters appreciate Dr. Paul’s message of liberty.  We feel that as Maine goes, so will the nation, hopefully in the direction of peace, prosperity and freedom as our candidate alone champions,” said Maine Deputy State Director Ryan Flowers.

To RSVP for the Maine grand open, click here or call 207-274-0099.


The Minnesota operation will hold its event at 6:30 p.m. CST at the Ron Paul Minnesota headquarters, located at 11000 Cedar Lake Road, Minnetonka MN 55305.  Campaign staff will get to know their fellow supporters better and discuss local precinct strategy, and they will distribute campaign materials such as literature and lawn signs.  During debate time, staff will serve pizza and soft drinks.

“Minnesota’s Ron Paul 2012 campaign welcomes new and old faces to visit our local headquarters, get to know the staff, pick up campaign materials, and enjoy some camaraderie as we share pizza from American Pie and watch the GOP presidential debate televised from Iowa,” said Marianne Stebbins, Minnesota Campaign Chair.

Recently, Ron Paul attracted more than 3,000 Minnesota supporters at a campaign rally held in St. Cloud.

North Dakota

The North Dakota operation will hold its event at 6:00 p.m. CST at the Ron Paul North Dakota headquarters, located at 500 N. 3rd Street, Bismarck, ND 58501.  From 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. North Dakota staff will host a grand opening celebration and open house during which guests will be invited to sign up as volunteers.  At 7:00 p.m., campaign staff will make a brief presentation and distribute campaign materials such as signs, literature, buttons and the like.  Guests may then watch the televised Republican presidential debate while enjoying soft drinks, hors d'oeuvres, pizza, and cake. 

“Ron Paul’s recent rise in the polls firmly establishes him as a top GOP candidate and his campaign is now bringing a strong presence to the state of North Dakota.  I am tremendously excited to open our office to the public and share with them Dr. Paul’s lifelong fight for liberty and his positive vision for restoring America.  Ron Paul is the only candidate who has expertise on the intricacies of our economic crisis and, over a 35-year track record, he has illustrated the moral character and wisdom sorely needed in the White House.  As President, Dr. Paul will cut $1 trillion in his first year, balance the budget by his third year, and courageously exhibit the leadership necessary to bring about commonsense, limited government,” said North Dakota State Director Jared Hendrix.

To RSVP, please call Mr. Hendrix directly at 701-516-7593.

Ron Paul recently visited Fargo, North Dakota to address a free-market policy forum.

Washington State

The Washington operation will hold its event at 4:00 p.m. PST at the Ron Paul Washington headquarters located at 13600 NE 20th Street, Bellevue, WA 98005.  Washington State Rep. Cary Condotta (R-12) is slated to speak at 4:30 p.m. to endorse Ron Paul for the presidency.

Also that evening, Washington campaign staff will sign up supporters for volunteer and caucus training, distribute promotional materials, watch the GOP debate live, and involve volunteers in contacting voters.  Soft drinks and appetizers will be served initially, and pizza will be ordered during the debate time.

“Washington is a state Ron Paul can most assuredly win.  Dr. Paul’s message strikes a chord with residents because they have watched not only the federal government, but also their local government, overspend for years as they now teeter on the edge of bankruptcy.  Furthermore, residents value their civil liberties and support peace alongside a strong national defense.  Many enthusiastic supporters have already stepped forward, but we’re looking for many more to help us assure a victory 12 short weeks from now at the precinct caucuses on Saturday, March 3rd,” said Washington State Executive Director Pedro Serra.   

National, state, and local media wanting to cover these events should send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Reaction to the Blagojevich Sentencing PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by various   
Monday, 12 December 2011 16:23
Moline, IL...State Representative Rich Morthland (R-Cordova) responded to today's sentencing of convicted former Governor Rod Blagojevich on 18 federal counts, including that Blagojevich sought to auction off the Senate seat Barack Obama was vacating to become president:


"I have full faith in our legal system's ability to deliver justice to the people of Illinois. Rod Blagojevich's corrupt reign as Governor of the State of Illinois has tarnished our State. The former governor betrayed the trust of the hard working citizens of Illinois.


"While we are ready to put this chapter of Illinois history behind us, we must let this violation of public trust serve as a constant reminder to elected officials to remain steadfast in their duty to the citizenry as honest and faithful servants."

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was sentenced to 14 years in prison today.


For questions or more information, please contact the constituent services office at (309) 762-3008 or via e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




Lt. Governor Simon statement on Blagojevich sentencing


CHICAGO – December 7, 2011. Lt. Governor Sheila Simon today said the sentencing of former Governor Rod Blagojevich on corruption charges will not kill the state’s pay-to-play culture unless it prompts serious ethics reform.

"We cannot rely on a prison sentence to deter corruption,” Simon said. “Illinois needs stronger ethics laws to kill pay-to-play politics. It's time we expose conflicts of interest before they cost taxpayers, and clear the way for true public servants to rebuild trust with the public. Increased transparency, coupled with the threat of serious prison time, can end these shameful courtroom battles. Together we can put this chapter behind us, restore integrity to government and live up to our legacy as the Land of Lincoln.”

Simon is a former Jackson County prosecutor and served on the Illinois Reform Commission, which was created in 2009 in the wake of Blagojevich's arrest and helped pass the state's first campaign finance limits law. She will work with the General Assembly to pass legislation in 2012 to strengthen the state’s financial disclosure law.



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