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Written by Tracy Leone   
Wednesday, 28 May 2014 12:17

A Panel Discussion on McCutcheon and Citizens United Supreme Court Decisions

Moderated by Jim Mertens, WQAD

Davenport, Iowa, May 16, 2014 – Quad City Coalition for Democracy announces it will host a forum to discuss how recent Supreme Court decisions on campaign finance are affecting politics in America.

Sixteen states, including Illinois, have formally demanded that Congress take action to amend the US Constitution to undo the US Supreme Court’s decisions in McCutcheon and Citizens United. Close to 600 towns, villages, cities and counties have also made the ask. During the first weeks of March in New Hampshire, forty-seven town meetings called for a constitutional amendment.

In early April, thirteen Wisconsin communities voted overwhelmingly to call on their elected representatives to begin the amendment process. The US Senate will vote this year on a proposed constitutional amendment.

Is money the equivalent to free speech? Do corporations and unions have same rights as natural born citizens? How have these decisions affected politics in our community, especially in places like Coralville where an uninvited outside group spend thousands to affect the outcome of its 2013 City Council Election?

These and other questions will be addressed by our panel of speakers. We hope you will join us for what’s sure to be an engaging discussion on the hottest topic of our time: money in politics.



Ed Broders, President, Iowa ACLU

Christopher Whitt, Political Science, Dept., Augustana College

Maggie Tinsman, Policy Analyst, 18 year member Iowa Senate

Ken Sagar, President, Iowa Federation of Labor, AFLCIO

Ian Russell, Partner, Lane & Waterman LLP


at the Rogalski Center, St. Ambrose University

518 W. Locust St., Davenport, IA

Thursday, MAY 29th

7PM  -  9PM



Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Jacobs Puts forth Principles for Balancing the Budget; Reducing the Debt PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Alissa Ohl   
Wednesday, 28 May 2014 08:30

After releasing ideas on job growth; education, Jacobs now gives specific ideas for tackling Washington’s spending problem

West Des Moines, Iowa – As a part of his nine day, 40-city “Real Solutions” Tour, U.S. Senate candidate Mark Jacobs today released “Private Sector Principles for Achieving a Balanced Budget,” a set of specific principles for tackling both the nation’s debt and deficits.

The United States is facing $17 trillion in debt and continued annual deficits projected to be in the hundreds of billions each year. The debate rages on in Washington about how to solve this issue.

“I’ve always said this was going to be a campaign about ideas and solutions. I want Iowans to know that I will focus on not only the intrinsically-linked issues of creating jobs and opportunity and tackling Washington’s spending problem, but also how we can achieve these objectives. Iowa deserves better than talking points from career politicians. Iowans deserve results,” said Mark Jacobs.

He added, “I am running for U.S. Senate to create an environment that will encourage and allow the private sector to grow more quickly. If we were able to grow our economy just one percent faster per year over the next decade, it would wipe out more than half of our annual budget deficits. More jobs, more opportunity and certainly more fiscal discipline will help Iowa families and businesses.”

Jacobs detailed how he would begin reaching and maintaining fiscal sanity by offering four specific ideas:

  • Passing a Balanced Budget Amendment. Congress has not demonstrated the ability to live within its means. Therefore, we need to provide a structural framework that requires them to do so. A balanced budget amendment creates a mechanism for ensuring that Congress meets and reaches this goal in a specific period of time. After ten years, the amendment would require Congress to set the budget at 99 percent of forecasted revenues, just as we do in Iowa.
  • Reining In the Deficit through Meaningful Spending Reductions. Thoughtful ways to achieve meaningful spending reductions include reductions in discretionary spending; rooting out fraud in government programs; and building bipartisan consensus on entitlement reform.
  • Increasing the Rate of Economic Growth. Spending cuts alone will not solve our financial challenges. Growing the economy at a faster rate must be a component of the plan. The federal government does not create jobs – but it does create the environment in which it is either easier or harder for the private sector to grow. Currently, the Administration is making job growth in the private sector harder. We need to pursue the five priorities I have previously put forth for creating an environment that will foster higher economic growth.
  • Reducing the Debt. The first three ideas relate to achieving a balanced budget. However, we must also begin reducing our country’s $17 trillion debt. Selling unused public assets will enable the country to make a near-term down payment on the debt. This, in turn, will reduce the amount of interest we pay on the debt in the long-term. Ideas include: selling mineral rights on federal lands, selling surplus federal land, and disposing of unused and under-utilized buildings.

Jacobs said, “The bottom line is Washington needs more leaders with real world common sense, whose focus is making headway – instead of headlines. I will continue to offer specifics, push for concrete results, and most importantly, I will show up to work every single day to work on behalf of Iowa’s families and businesses.”

To view or download “Private Sector Principles for Achieving a Balanced Budget,” please click here.


As GOP Candidates Race Ever Further to the Right, Braley Focuses on Fighting for Iowans in New TV Ad PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Jeff Giertz   
Wednesday, 28 May 2014 08:00
As GOP candidates race to outdo each other's obstructionism, Braley discusses motivation, approach to working for Iowans

DES MOINES, IA – As the Republican primary for US Senate takes an increasingly rightward turn in its closing days, Braley for Iowa launched a positive TV ad today featuring Rep. Bruce Braley speaking about why he’s motivated to fight for Iowans and how he approaches standing up for people. The spot is the third of Braley’s Senate campaign.

Braley said, “Fighting for Iowans means knowing them – who Iowans are, what Iowans care about, and the challenges that Iowans are facing. I grew up in Brooklyn, Iowa, and worked my way through college doing jobs like road construction, waiting tables, and driving trucks. I worked as a lawyer in Waterloo representing Iowans, from farmers struggling through the farm crisis to families denied insurance benefits they deserved. And I’ve fought for working families in Congress to improve wages and create job growth. I’m running for Senate to strengthen and expand opportunities for working families, because that’s where I come from.”

The 30 second spot starts airing on broadcast and cable TV today across the state of Iowa with no set end-date.

The ad can be viewed at the following link: http://youtu.be/w_4dCsa_FpI

News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Pate for Iowa   
Monday, 19 May 2014 16:21


(Cedar Rapids, IA)  Today, former Iowa Secretary of State and Mayor of Cedar Rapids, Paul D. Pate after exceeding the necessary petition signature requirement by 100% while submitting over 2000 in 60 days, continues to build momentum by announcing that he has over $55,000 cash on hand from over a hundred donors in just a few short months.

"I'm overwhelmed by the continuing rapid growth of support Iowans are showing for this campaign.  It is clear they do not want nor can they afford to have Iowa's chief elections commissioner be a partisan political operative from either party.  I have served the people of Iowa as Secretary of State and hold the proven experience to be that non-partisan leader they desire," stated Pate.

A nationally recognized small business leader by the Small Business Administration, Pate is the President of Pate Asphalt Systems in Marion and recently served as Mayor of Cedar Rapids from 2002 -2006.  While Mayor, Pate was elected President of the non-partisan Iowa League of Cities representing over 870 municipalities.  Previously, he served as Iowa Secretary of State from 1995-1999 and represented NE Cedar Rapids, Marion and parts of Linn, Buchanan and Delaware Counties in the Iowa Senate from 1989-1995.

"As I travel across the state the consistent message that I've been receiving is that Iowans want access to voting with safeguards to protect against potential voter fraud.  Those two priorities are not mutually exclusive and will take real leadership to ensure both," said Pate.

Pate and his wife, Jane, of 35 years are the parents of three adult children and five grandchildren.

Paid for by Pate for Iowa

Jacobs for Iowa Releases Radio Spot Featuring Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Alissa Ohl   
Friday, 16 May 2014 14:34

West Des Moines- The latest radio advertisement today released by Jacobs for Iowa features Iowa’s Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, touting Secretary Northey’s recent endorsement of Mark Jacobs for U.S Senate.

The 60-second spot is being aired statewide. To listen to the ad, please click here.

Full script below:

Northey: I've never endorsed a statewide Republican candidate in a primary before, but like they say, there's a first time for everything. Hi, this is Bill Northey and I am pleased to endorse business leader Mark Jacobs in the US Senate Republican primary.

As the Secretary of Agriculture in Iowa, I consider it my job to promote agriculture and it’s businesses. These jobs include family farms, small town elevators, big city factories and hundreds of smaller companies in between. In Iowa, the business of agriculture pays a lot of bills.

Mark Jacobs has the experience to help Iowa agriculture and the thousands of jobs related to farming. As a successful CEO, he protected jobs and made a payroll. That's good for Iowa agriculture.

Even more, I've gotten to know Mark and he has a work ethic that would make any Iowan proud.

He's a conservative and a man of principle. I hope you will consider a vote for Mark Jacobs on June 3rd. This is Bill Northey...thanks for listening.

Jacobs: I’m Mark Jacobs and I approve this message. Paid for by Jacobs for Iowa.


About Mark Jacobs

A life-long Republican, Mark previously served as president and CEO of Reliant Energy, a Fortune 500 electric power company. During his time at Reliant Energy, he played an integral role in the turnaround of the company. Mark graduated from Roosevelt High School in Des Moines in 1980. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University and an MBA from Northwestern University. Mark and his wife, Janet, have three children: Clark, Christy, and Sam. The family resides in West Des Moines.

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