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Sen. Tom Harkin Statement on Iowa Senate Debate PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Sen. Tom Harkin   
Monday, 29 September 2014 11:19
Des Moines, IA – US Sen. Tom Harkin issued the following statement after the Iowa Senate debate tonight:

“Bruce Braley was the clear winner of tonight’s debate. Bruce did a great job showing Iowans who he is and what he stands for – someone who grew up in small town Brooklyn, Iowa, worked hard to put himself through college, and has never forgotten where he’s come from. Bruce showed a command of the issues that matter to Iowans and demonstrated clearly that he’ll never stop working to stand up for Iowa in the US Senate.”
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Bob Quast for Term Limits PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Bob Quast   
Monday, 29 September 2014 11:14

Two stories – an ocean apart – recently gripped America. ISIS revealed what pure evil looks like after the beheadings of innocent Americans, women and children. An elevator video of Ray Rice and his future wife revealed what domestic violence really looks like. These two unrelated stories – when combined – are what my family has dealt with since 1999 when my sister Lynnette was tortured by her abusive husband, murdered in their Ohio home, and discarded in garbage dumpsters throughout Michigan.

Lynnette’s killer is free today. I asked my US Congressman, Bruce Braley, for his help in stopping the early prison release and federal interstate transfer of Lynnette’s killer. Mr. Braley did nothing. I’ve proposed a two-sentence Lynnette’s Law that could protect society from vicious killers; our government’s first duty is to protect Americans from violent threats, foreign and domestic. Bruce Braley has refused for more than three years now to even respond to my repeated requests for his help on this law. This motivated me to enter this US Senate race and offer Iowans a better choice on November 4.

Beyond my personal mission of domestic violence awareness, prevention, and government funding (and getting tough on violent crime), I have three key solutions to the dysfunction that is Washington DC:

  1. Term Limits – Both parties are broken, blaming the other without solving our real problems. Some describe me as a JFK Democrat, but I’m a lifelong independent…just like 38% of registered Iowa voters. I’m working to represent all 3.1 million Iowans in DC for one term of six years. Two terms should be the limit.

  2. Energy Made in the USA – Iowans benefit from cheap electricity made mostly from American fossil fuels. Bruce Braley voted for a carbon tax that would destroy Iowa’s middle class, raising energy costs by thousands for every Iowan. I’m fighting for careers in domestic energy, often union protected, paying $60,000-100,000 per year; Mr. Braley’s vision is part-time work at $10.10/hour. Low-cost American energy is essential to the return of Made in the USA products and jobs. I support renewables like Iowa’s wind industry, while promoting conservation as the best solution to protect our environment. Mr. Braley’s top dark-money supporter is Tom Steyer, who made his billions from the fossil fuels he now opposes for political gain.

  3. Accountability – Voters are desperate for a leader who supports our US Constitution and the rule of law (Google “Dave Brat”), while fighting big government waste and the endless DC scandals. My fight for accountability is well documented at www.Life101byBob.com . During Mr. Braley’s eight years in DC, our US debt has exploded from $8 to $18 Trillion! Finally, Mr. Braley shamefully initiated the illegal IRS targeting of conservatives. Let’s replace the IRS with a Fair Tax.

I am running to offer Iowans common sense solutions to some of the toughest problems America has faced in my lifetime. Please visit www.BobQ2014.com to learn more about your third and best choice for US Senate.


Most respectfully,

Bob Quast for Term Limits

Independent Candidate for US Senate in Iowa

News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Pate for Iowa   
Friday, 26 September 2014 15:09




(Cedar Rapids, IA)  Today, former Iowa Secretary of State and Mayor of Cedar Rapids, Paul D. Pate released his plan to use technology to make it easier for those serving in the military to vote.


"I am committed to ensuring those who defend our freedoms have every viable option to participate in our elections."   My goal is to make Iowa one of the top states in military voting by pursuing state of art technology which allow overseas military voters to turn a 60-day process into less than a 5 minute transaction," stated Pate.


Pate unveiled today he will pursue funding sources from the Department of Defense to implement innovative technology like South Dakota's military voting program.  The Department of Defense office of Federal Voting Assistance previously made grants available to help fund improved technology.


By combining advanced technology and using the security of the Common Access Card (CAC) issued by the Department of Defense for validation, military absentee voting will be secure and simplified for military voters to register to vote, request and receive an absentee ballot and mark an absentee ballot within a few minutes.  The absentee ballot is then printed and returned to the local county auditor for counting.  This new technology significantly reduces paperwork required by our military personnel and substantially shortens the process while increasing security.  The Common Access Card issued by the Department of Defense which verifies and authenticates the identity of the military voter is the key component


Pate shared, "I believe, if new technology is available that allow our military personnel secure an easy access to voting we should honor them with our efforts to make this possible.  Currently, as a result of diligent efforts put forth by our local county auditors and the Secretary of State's office, Iowa is recognized as an "All Star" state by the Military Voter Protection Project."


A lifelong Iowan and small business owner, Pate is recognized as a Patriotic Employer by the National Committee for Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve.



Loebsack to speak at Mercy Medical Center’s 125th Anniversary Celebration in Clinton PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Joe Hand   
Friday, 26 September 2014 09:50

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Dave Loebsack announced today that he will be speaking at the 125th Anniversary Celebration of Clinton’s Mercy Medical Center. The celebration will be held Friday, September 25.

Mercy Medical Center’s 125th Anniversary Celebration

Mercy Medical Center

1410 North 4th St.


Dave will arrive at 1:30pm

Brad Anderson statement on audit report showing mismanagement in the Iowa Secretary of State office PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Politics & Elections
Written by Lara Henderson   
Friday, 26 September 2014 07:51
DES MOINES, Iowa - Brad Anderson, candidate for Iowa Secretary of State, released the following statement in response to a new audit report detailing current Secretary of State Matt Schultz' mismanagement of the office:

"The Auditor’s report released today detailing the incredible mismanagement of the Secretary of State’s office under Secretary Matt Schultz is troubling and should concern all Iowa taxpayers. Iowa taxpayers deserve a Secretary of State who will do the job of Secretary of State rather than chase headlines and keep political cronies on the payroll without requiring them to show up for work.  Iowans value work and have no tolerance no-show political appointees, especially at a time when our local election officials face tight budgets and struggle to pay for updated voting equipment.  

"While my opponent in the Secretary of State’s race says he wants to 'continue Secretary Schultz’s good stewardship of the office,' I believe the time has come for new, fiscally responsible leadership in the office. I urge all the candidates in the Secretary of State’s race to join me and call on the no-show employees identified in the audit to either immediately document their work or return the salary they were paid to the general fund."

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