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Wednesday, 10 October 2012 13:32
LITA Music’s song, “Waves of Grace” written by David Noble, continues to make “waves” by being the only song included in Nowhere But Up:  The Story Of Justin Bieber’s Mom, a new autobiography by Pattie Mallette with A.J.Gregory.  The book is currently #17 on the New Times Bestseller list.

In her book, Pattie notes the importance of that song to her son and includes those well-crafted lyrics.  LITA Music’s Justin Peters comments, “We are honored to have ‘Waves Of Grace’ included in Pattie’s book and pleased to have played a part in her son’s success.”

Nowhere But Up:  The Story Of Justin Bieber’s Mom looks at Pattie’s sexual abuse as a child as well as her own struggles with drugs and alcohol and her suicide attempt.  She discusses her decision at seventeen not to abort her baby and how she found her way with the help of a Christian counselor.  With strength and courage Pattie eventually found a place of faith and peace filled with “waves of grace” – this is truly an inspirational story for all.

Undoubtedly, Justin Bieber is one of today’s hottest artists and most watched celebs.  His rise to fame came at an early age and one of the songs that helped garner him his first record deal was the song, “Waves Of Grace.”  That song holds a special place in his heart and is often performed during his concert appearances as shown by the numerous videos posted on youtube.com.

Published by Revell (a division of Baker Publishing Group), the book is now available at bookstores everywhere and is being heavily promoted on shows like The View, The Today Show, Ellen, The Huckabee Show, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, Huffington Post and DisneyDreaming.com.

“Waves of Grace”

Written by David Noble

The walls are high, the walls are strong
I’ve been locked in this castle
That I’ve built for far too long
You have surrounded me, a sea on every side
The cracks are forming and I’ve got nowhere to hide

Now I see the walls I’ve built are falling
And Your waves of grace are washing over me

Lord please reign in every part
I give my life to You, I open up my heart
I want to be like You, I want to seek Your face
O Lord please wash me in Your awesome waves of grace

(Lyrics as printed in the book)

Copyright 1995. LITA Music (ASCAP). Administered by Justin Peters/Songs for the Planet, Inc..,

P.O. Box 40251, Nashville, TN 37204.  International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved.
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