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Written by Laurie Bluedorn   
Wednesday, 14 August 2013 11:42
In the last election, the Illinois Republican Party suffered its worst defeat in modern history — spawning Democrat super-majorities in both houses of the General Assembly. After Pat Brady resigned as party chairman, party leadership replaced him with Jack Dorgan — a Springfield lobbyist who is linked to the Illinois Democrat Party leadership and to Bill Cellini, a notorious client currently in prison for federal corruption. 

This is the same Jack Dorgan who was involved in denying any opportunity to grassroots delegates attending the June 2012 Illinois Republican State Convention.
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You have no doubt heard the expression, “All politics is local.” That may be true in many respects, but it’s certainly true in one way which Republicans have paid little attention to. Democrats fill all of their precinct committeeman positions with active party members who get out the vote. Republicans have filled only half of their precinct committeeman positions -- and it’s the precinct committeemen who elect members of the Republican State Central Committee. Do you see where I’m going? If we want to win elections and restore honor and honesty to the party at the state level, the goal is within our reach if we can just fill the open precinct committeeman positions with real grassroots liberty-minded people — and that is one of the goals of the RLC-IL.

It is now self-evident that Illinois Republicans need a change in leadership. In order to bring this about, we must elect Republican candidates from the precinct to the statehouse who demonstrate commitment to basic principles of republicanism — individual liberty, personal responsibility, free enterprise, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and full accountability of elected officials and government agencies. In order to advance this effort to take back the Republican Party for the people — from the grassroots up — we have formed the Republican Liberty Caucus of Illinois. Our members work within the Republican Party to promote strong policy, to vet candidates, and to hold Republicans answerable to the principles of liberty.

Allen Skillicorn
Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus of Illinois
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