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Written by Jeff Giertz   
Friday, 28 March 2014 10:19
Last week, Bruce Braley took his Iowa Works tour to workplaces from the Missouri River to the Mississippi to highlight Iowans' hard work, promote the need for policies that strengthen the middle class and create good-paying jobs, and discuss his own working background.

Iowans learned about Bruce's plans to fight for middle class families, because that's where he comes from.

Council Bluffs

"What I'm doing this week is traveling around the state this week, stopping by businesses and showcasing many of the various jobs I worked as I was growing up in Iowa, including a number of jobs I did to help pay my way through college and law school. Some of those jobs were waiting tables, washing dishes and working as a cook and a bartender. So Duncan's Cafe was the perfect place for me to kick off the 'Iowa Works' tour." -Bruce Braley [KMALand, 3/19/14]

"Council Bluffs was Braley’s first statewide stop visiting with Iowans about the need for policies that strengthen the middle class and create good-paying jobs. He even served coffee to Duncan patrons, something he did to pay for college at Iowa State University. In fact, he began delivering newspapers in the second grade and has been working ever since, doing other jobs like selling greeting cards, truck driving, even baling hay and shelling corn." [Council Bluffs Nonpareil, 3/20/14]


"Braley, who once worked in construction, told employees he understands what it means to work hard and provide for your family, which is why he believes training and union apprenticeship programs are needed for more local skilled jobs. ‘We have to be looking at ways to get kids interested earlier in a career path that will lead them to a good paying job,’ said the representative.” [KMEG, 3/19/14]

Des Moines

"The Democrat from Eastern Iowa is in the middle of an ‘Iowa Works’ tour, where he's putting the focus on policies that strengthen Iowa's workforce. Thursday he was at the DMACC campus in Ankeny, at their Advanced Manufacturing Center. He spoke with students and teachers about job training and how to keep higher education affordable.” [WOI-TV, 3/20/14]

"‘The most important thing congress could do to help the middle class is restore the minimum wage and pass the bill that Senator Harkin and I have cosponsored in the House and Senate,’ Braley says, ‘and that would restore the minimum wage to the level of purchasing power to the level it had the last time that we increased it.’” [Radio Iowa, 3/21/14]


"Braley attended Iowa State University from 1976 to 1980, first studying journalism but graduating with a degree in political science before attending law school at the University of Iowa. He reminisced about his four years tending bar and washing dishes at Minsky’s Pizza Joynt in west Ames, which closed in 2005, to pay his way through college. 'That’s where I learned a lot about customer service jobs,' he said. And if you’ve ever been in a place like that after an Iowa State football game, or basketball game, you deal with high volumes of customers and you work extremely hard under stressful conditions.” [Ames Tribune, 3/25/14]


"'I grew up in a small town, Brooklyn, Iowa. I spent a lot of my time working on farms just like this one,’ said Braley. Braley has always had a connection to those making a living off the land and while Dougherty, Iowa may be a long way from Washington D.C., Braley says he knows how important rural jobs can be to the state’s economy.” [KIMT, 3/20/14]


“Braley said despite the resistance to a minimum wage hike — particularly among Republicans — he will continue to advocate. ‘I’m going to keep talking about it because I think it’s an important issue. Most people can’t survive on a minimum wage job,’ he said.” [Telegraph Herald, 3/21/14]


"He's focusing on policies that create jobs and boost the middle class. He visited the Republic Truck Company to emphasize the impact of good paying jobs on the Iowa economy. ‘These types of jobs are the types of work people do every day,’ said Braley. ‘Nobody usually says thank you and yet they have an extraordinary impact on the people of Iowa.’” [WHBF, 3/21/14]

"‘I know what it takes to get a commercial driver’s license,’ Braley said. ‘I’ve driven a truck and worked construction to pay my way through school.’ Making those regulations easier to understand cuts costs to business, which frees up money that can be used for further investment, he said.” [Quad-City Times,3/21/14]

Cedar Rapids

“U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Braley concluded his Iowa Works tour at a Cedar River bridge that he said was replaced, in part, as a result of his legislative efforts to create a funding stream to replace bridges destroyed by the floods of 2008… During the Iowa Works campaign tour, Braley has highlighted Iowans’ hard work, the need for policies that strengthen the middle class and create good-paying Iowa jobs, and discussed his own working background, which includes four summers working on bridge crews.” [Quad-City Times, 3/24/14]
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