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Written by Jenifer Schaut   
Thursday, 03 January 2008 09:44

Earth Day Oprah Show To Air Again on Friday, January 4, 2008!

Great news!  The Earth Day Oprah show that aired last April 2007 which features Shaklee Get Clean will be rebroadcast next week - on Friday, January 4th!  The show focused on making a difference by changing just one thing. Making a difference in the environment and people's lives is what Shaklee is all about.  The Earth Day show generated HUGE interest in Shaklee earlier this year, and we expect the rebroadcast show to do the same. Oprah's daily viewership is 9 million people!  That's a lot of eyes viewing Shaklee - many for the first time!

Feel free to share this information with anyone and everyone you know, and once again, get ready for more interest in Shaklee, in your Shaklee business and in everything you offer to help make a difference in people's lives

To help you be ready for the increased interest we anticipate, both item codes for the Special Edition Get Clean Starter Kit will remain available (#59262 - with 33% discount; and #81798 - with all price tiers, available only through 1-800-SHAKLEE) through January 31st, 2008.
And that's not all!  We are also extending our current promotions.
We're continuing the Join Free with 50 PV promotion, as well as the 6 months PWS with GOLD Ambassador Mission PAK promotion through January 31st, 2008!

Jenifer Schaut
Shaklee Independent Distributor & Global Ambassador

Going Green Has Never Been Easier...ask me how!

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