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Written by Julie Myers   
Monday, 24 September 2012 14:23
Now shooting exclusively with digital cinema cameras

Moline, Illinois – 24 September 2012

First in the Quad Cities to acquire this cutting-edge technology, Silver Oaks has just added two SONY 4K cameras to its RED digital cinema cameras. These are the same cameras used to shoot critically-acclaimed television series and big-budget Hollywood films such as The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man. “This technology has been enthusiastically embraced by major directors because it offers the best qualities of 35-millimeter motion picture film in a digital HD format. Digital cinema cameras have the resolution, color fidelity and focus control of 35-millimeter film,” said Greg Scott, president of Silver Oaks.

RED cameras started the revolution in the motion picture industry when they were introduced in 2007. RED’s creator, Jim Jannard, founded and ran Oakley before following his passion to invent the innovative digital cinema camera. The cameras give film and video producers a total digital HD format that rivals 35mm cinematography.

With a staggering 4,096 lines of horizontal resolution – or 4K – this technology offers unprecedented resolution quality, depth of detail and color saturation. In comparison, HDTVs and even digital IMAX movies are at about 1.2K. Silver Oaks’ digital cinema cameras have four times the number of pixels as a high-end HD video camera, with data capture rates up to 300mb per second. “Images pop off the screen with stunning clarity,” said Silver Oaks video director, Greg Marten. “And by recording in the REDCODE RAW data format, there’s also greater flexibility in post-production to manipulate and enhance images, offering additional creative opportunities to our clients.” “With our 4K digital cinema cameras, we can capture a truly dynamic video image equivalent to a theatrical 35mm film – a distinctive capability that no one else in this market can offer, and which is paramount to our national clients,” said Scott.

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