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Written by David Kuhlmann   
Wednesday, 29 August 2007 04:02

Solar screens of Iowa opens its doors and stops the heat!


Solar Screens of Iowa, LLC opened for business earlier this month and is proud to offer business and residential customers Solar/Sun control products to provide comfort as well as saving on energy costs. Having worked as a commercial and residential Energy Consultant, Owner David Kuhlmann, wanted to provide the very best available products for considerably lower prices than that of the competition. Solar Screens of Iowa, LLC provides products from the leader in solar/sun fabrics (PHIFER SUNTEX).


David said “Our screens can save as much as 30% on air-conditioning and heating bills by preventing the radiant heat of the sun from striking and consequently penetrating window and door glass. This is extremely important in the process of conserving energy”. He goes on to explain how the process works. “This is precisely what Sun Control Fabrics accomplish. They block 80%-90% of the sun's heat and light before reaching the glass of your windows. This means most of the sun's radiant energy that would normally penetrate a window, is blocked by Solar Screening.”


Solar/Sun Control fabrics can also lower heating costs during the winter months and help keep interiors at a more constant temperature. A "blanket" of air is created between the screen and the window. This reduces the chilling effect on the area near the window. The screening will also reflect interior heat back into the area.


Phifer’ Suntex is a fabric woven of extremely strong and durable vinyl-coated polyester yarns. The uniform weave design offers excellent outward visibility and good ventilation.

Shading is approximately 80% - 90%. Suntex solar screens are custom built to any size and they come in a choice of five earth tone colors.


Additionally, the screens come with a lifetime guarantee, protect against fading and sun rot, allow soft light and breezes to come through, reduces glare and are pet resistant. Expected return on investment/payback from energy savings is typically 6-12 months.






David Kuhlmann

Solar Screens of Iowa LLC

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