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The Old Creamery Theatre for Young Audiences receives grant PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Shelley Klimes   
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 12:47
Amana – The Old Creamery Theatre for Young Audiences is pleased to announce they have been awarded a grant in the amount of $6,000 from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation.

The grant will fund performances of The Very Best Me to public elementary schools in Washington County in the spring of 2012. The Very Best Me is The Old Creamery Theatre for Young Audiences 2012 school tour. Each year the tour reaches more than 40,000 Iowa school children with positive messages. The production is based on stories submitted by students across Iowa in grades 1 – 6.

For more information about The Old Creamery Theatre for Young Audiences call 800-35-AMANA or online at

The Old Creamery Theatre Company is a not-for-profit professional theatre founded in 1971 in Garrison, Iowa. The company is celebrating 40 years of bringing live, professional theatre to the people of Iowa and the Midwest.

More news from the Ron Paul Campaign PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Stage & Theatre
Written by Gary Howard   
Tuesday, 22 November 2011 11:03
In Case You Missed It:  Ron Paul Makes Statement on Super Committee 
“This shows how unserious politicians are about our very serious debt problems”
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul released a statement today regarding the congressional Super Committee’s failure to meet its goal with the deadline fast approaching. See below for statement.

“This week marks the deadline for the so-called congressional Super Committee to meet its goal of cutting a laughably small amount of federal spending over the next decade.  In fact the Committee merely needs to cut about $120 billion annually from the federal budget over the next 10 years to meet its modest goals, but even this paltry amount has produced hand-wringing and hysteria on Capitol Hill.  This is only cutting proposed increases.  It has nothing to do with actually cutting anything.  This shows how unserious politicians are about our very serious debt problems. 

“To be fair, however, in one sense members of the Super Committee face an impossible task.  They must, in effect, cut government spending without first addressing the role of government in our society.  They must continue to insist the federal government can provide Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits in the future as promised, while maintaining our wildly interventionist foreign policy.  Yet everyone knows this is a lie.

“Keep in mind that the 2011 federal deficit alone was about $1.3 trillion, which means the Super Committee needs to cut that much PER YEAR rather than over a 10 year period.  If Congress ever hopes to address its debt problem, it must first stop accumulating any new debt immediately, in 2012.

“Federal revenue likely will be about $2.3 trillion in fiscal 2012.  The 2004 federal budget was about $2.3 trillion.  So Congress simply needs to adopt the 2004 budget next year and the federal government will balance outlays and revenue.  That’s all it would take to produce a balanced budget right now.  Was the federal government really too small just 7 years ago, in 2004?  Of course not.  Only Washington hysteria would have us believe otherwise.

“Yet our Republican and Democrat friends on the Super Committee want to take 10 years, or even 30 years, to produce a balanced budget.

“Government spending isn't just wasteful; it is often actively harmful to stated goals.  The Super Committee could simply apply 2004 spending levels across the board and a tremendous victory for fiscal sanity would be accomplished.

“What seems more likely, however, is a rearrangement of the tax code in an attempt to bring in more revenue.  Deductions and credits will be taken away, and the Bush tax cuts will be allowed to expire.  As a result, less money will remain in the private sector to create jobs and produce economic growth.  The Super Committee has an opportunity to take a small baby step in the right direction.  Instead, they no doubt will take this opportunity to raise taxes and make everything worse.  But increasing taxes will only diminish freedom and deepen the recession.  Instead of looking for ways to hike taxes under the guise of “raising revenue,” the Super Committee should put forth a plan of real spending cuts to put America back on the path to liberty and prosperity.”
Ron Paul Endorsed by Cedar Rapids Tea Party Founder; Tim Pugh praises Paul at a ‘Restore America Now’ town hall meeting held in East Central Iowa
ANKENY, Iowa – 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul was endorsed today by Cedar Rapids Tea Party founder Tim Pugh on the first day of the Congressman’s two-day visit to Iowa.

“Ron Paul has an unwavering stance in defense of the Constitution, a conviction to the cause of freedom and liberty, a firm belief in a balanced budget, and devotion to a strong free market economy and a sound monetary policy.  He believes in a strong national defense, and not as the policeman of the world,” said Mr. Pugh. 

“Ron Paul is the father of the modern-day tea party movement.  As a small business owner, a true tea partier and conservative, and as the founder of the Cedar Rapids Tea Party I personally endorse Ron Paul for President of the United States,” said Mr. Pugh.

The endorsement occurred in East Central Iowa before a crowd of 400 supporters during a Cedar Rapids “Restore America Now” town hall meeting held at The Hotel at Kirkwood Center.

Prior to the Cedar Rapids event large crowds of 85 and 125 supporters greeted Dr. Paul in Benton and Jones Counties, respectively, for today’s two other town hall meetings.  Crowds of this size are uncharacteristic as Vinton and Anamosa, where the events occurred, are located in rural areas of the Hawkeye State.

Mr. Pugh said he made his endorsement as a private citizen and added that his views do not necessarily reflect those of the more than 900 Cedar Rapids Tea Party members.  He also has signed onto the national advisory board of the “Gun Owners for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition.

Ron Paul Signs on to Letter Calling for Pay Cut in Congress; Advocates cutting compensation to reduce deficit
LAKE JACKSON, Texas – Yesterday, 2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul joined a bipartisan group of legislators in a letter sent to the members of the Super Committee calling for a reduction in Congressional compensation as part of any proposal to reduce the deficit.

The letter advocates reducing Congressional pay to “send a powerful message to the American people that Congress should not be exempt from the sacrifices it will take to balance the budget.” It also highlights the fact that members of Congress are paid salaries 3.4 times the average full-time American workers.

“Congressman Paul has always voted against congressional pay raises, and he not does participate in the lucrative pension program,” said Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee Chairman Jesse Benton.

“Ron Paul understands that Washington has to tighten its belt just like the rest of America, which is why as President, he plans to take a salary of $39,336, which is approximately equal to the median personal income of the American worker.”


More news from the Herman Cain Campaign PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Stage & Theatre
Written by Friends of Herman Cain   
Tuesday, 15 November 2011 13:26
Cain Campaign Surges, Makes Organizational Enhancements

In response to the overwhelming success atop the national polls and growing campaign structure that has doubled in size over the past month to 75 staff and 1.9 million volunteers, the Cain Campaign has made organizational enhancements to maximize effectiveness.

Mr. Cain is a unique CEO and candidate leading the campaign, with the following senior staff.

Mark Block – Chief Political Strategist and Chief of Staff
A long time Republican Strategist from Wisconsin, Block has been state director of the Wisconsin chapter of Americans for Prosperity since 2005.  He is a veteran of numerous campaigns at the federal and state level, and served as Legislative Assistant to Rep. Bill Stieger (R-WI).  He was elected as a Winnebago County Board Supervisor at age 18 in 1974.

Jamie Brazil – Vice President, Field Operations
Brazil served as National Director of McCain's Citizens for McCain Coalition. He has more than 30 years experience in local, state, federal and international politics, to include the last national elections in Iraq.
J.D. Gordon – Vice President, Campaign Communications
Gordon served as Pentagon spokesman for the Western Hemisphere in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, under both Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary Robert Gates from 2005-09, and is a retired Navy Commander and career public affairs officer. Gordon is also Cain’s foreign policy and national security advisor.

Ed Miyagishima – Vice President, Campaign Operations
Miyagishima served as Director of Protocol and International Affairs for the State of Florida.  He has also served on the campaigns and staffs of Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL), Rick Lazio (R-NY) and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA).  He was a Senior Advance Representative to President George W. Bush, 2007-09.

Rich Lowrie – Senior Economic Advisor
Lowrie has a proven track record in the business world as a managing director of investments at a major wealth management group. He has also held advisory board positions at the American Conservative Union and Americans for Prosperity, and is on the Corporate Visiting Committee at Case Western Reserve University.

"Reflecting upon the dramatic increase in staff size and resulting organizational improvements, Cain remarked, “I am so very proud of my entire campaign team. It is because of their hard work and dedication that we are leading the Republican field. These enhancements will help us keep our momentum."

Cain Shows Foreign Policy Depth in Spartanburg Debate

Spartanburg , SC, Nov. 13, 2011

Presidential candidate Herman Cain continued his rise in national polls leading into Saturday evening’s CBS/National Journal Republican Presidential Debate, in which Cain said President Obama has been on the wrong side of nearly every situation in the Arab world since taking office.

For the second time in debates this week, the first question went to Herman Cain, this time concerning Iran’s effort to develop a nuclear weapon. Cain asserted, “The first thing I would do is to assist the opposition movement in Iran that is trying to overthrow the regime. Our enemies are not the people of Iran – it’s the regime…We need to put economic pressure on Iran by way of our own energy independence strategy.”

Throughout the debate, Cain touched on his foreign policy philosophy – peace through strength and clarity – an expansion of President Reagan’s foreign policy, peace through strength. 

When asked by the moderator about the complex U.S.-Pakistan relationship, Cain said it is not clear if Pakistan is a friend or a foe: “…that relationship must be evaluated…We need a regional strategy in that area of the world such that all of our allies will work together to come up with things that are mutually beneficial to everyone.”

Responding to an email question on advanced interrogation methods and torture, Cain said, “I believe in following the procedures that have been established by our military. I do not agree with torture.  Period. However, I will trust the judgment of our military leaders to determine what is torture and what is not torture.”

In order to keep America safe, Cain said he would support the continued use of Guantanamo Bay and use military courts to try the terrorism suspects and enemy combatants who are held there as part of his national security plan.

Local students studying at Augustana College will perform in an upcoming opera PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Stage & Theatre
Written by Keri Rursch   
Monday, 14 November 2011 14:58

ROCK ISLAND, IL (11/10/2011)(readMedia)-- Opera@Augustana will present Paul Hindemith's

Christine Harb, a Undecided major, is a First Year at Augustana. Harb is from Davenport, Iowa.

Kaleigh Wall, a Art major, is a Junior at Augustana. Wall is from Eldridge, Iowa.

Elyzia Powers, a Undecided major, is a First Year at Augustana. Powers is from Silvis, Ill..

The opera's libretto is by American playwright Thornton Wilder, after his play of the same name. Wilder captures a series of Christmas dinners celebrated by the Bayard family over 90 years and blends them into a one long meal. The tender story follows four generations as they experience birth, death, growth and loss.

"When I listened to it, I found a story that focuses on family during the holidays," said Dr. John Pfautz, director of Opera@Augustana. "It gives us insight into 90 years of a family's holiday dinner, allowing us a glimpse of family traditions, continuing patterns from generation to generation, and lasting family values."

Playing the second-generation father of the Bayard family is Dylan Hinrichs '13, a vocal music education major from Sterling, Ill. One of 11 Augustana students featured in the opera, Hinrichs appreciates the storyline's complexity. "There are a lot of hidden messages lying under the surface of the plot," he said. "Many of the underlying themes are quite controversial and up for different interpretations."

Hinrichs is no stranger to the stage as a performer or as a director. A member of the Augustana Choir and the Augustana Chamber Singers, Hinrichs played Gunther in the Truce of Carols opera last season. He directs a children's choir and performs with an adult church choir. Last summer, he directed a musical for middle-school students.

"The most challenging part of The Long Christmas Dinner is the music," he said. "Hindemith is a 20th-century composer who incorporated several contemporary musical styles, which can be difficult for singers."

The challenging musical score helped convince Dr. Pfautz to present this particular opera. "Pedagogically, it's appropriate that Opera@Augustana presents repertoire that teaches something to the performers as well as the audience. I'm so pleased with how the students have risen to the occasion."

Wooden Snowflakes opens Dec. 1 on The Old Creamery Theatre’s Studio Stage PDF Print E-mail
News Releases - Stage & Theatre
Written by Shelley Klimes   
Monday, 14 November 2011 14:36
Amana – It’s been a long time since cynical Eve has believed in anything, let alone Christmas, Santa Clause, or love. When her car slides off an icy road on Christmas Eve, she finds herself in a different world in the home of Simon, a woodcarver and Christmas believer who wholeheartedly embraces the magic of the season. As the night unfolds, Simon and Eve, believer and nonbeliever, clash time and time again as Eve’s long suppressed wounds rise to the surface to be healed by the love that is Christmas.

Written by Catherine Bush, Wooden Snowflakes opens Thursday, Dec. 1 and runs through Dec. 18. The cast consists of Deborah Kennedy and Tom Milligan of West Amana. Rated Theatre PG, Wooden Snowflakes will play on The Old Creamery’s Studio Stage in Middle Amana.

Show times are Thursdays and Sundays at 3 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. Call the box office at 800-35-AMANA or visit the website at for more information or to purchase tickets. Group and student rates are available.

Wooden Snowflakes is sponsored by The Gethmann Organizations.

The Old Creamery Theatre Company is a not-for-profit professional theatre founded in 1971 in Garrison, Iowa. The company is celebrating 40 years of bringing live, professional theatre to the people of Iowa and the Midwest. We thank KGAN and Fox 28, our 2011 season media sponsor.


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