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Written by Bobby Ross   
Wednesday, 30 October 2013 12:25
Hello Fellow American!

I'm embarking on my national campaign to institute strict Term Limits for our members of Congress.  You have heard from me in the past.  This month we witnessed our government instigating a shutdown demonstrating to all Americans and peoples of all the other nations of the world that our Federal Government is broken.  It's not working.  I'm not throwing rocks at the Right (Republicans) nor the Left (Democrats).  As one man, one American born voter, I just want to 'fix' it.

There are already strict Term Limits for our President and Vice President.  No more than two terms shall be served.  And only one if the voters vote them out after their first term which was the first form of Term Limits initiated by the wisdom of our Forefathers.  Here in California, as in many States, we have strict Term Limits for our State Legislators.  We do not have them for our Congressional  Representatives because not one single one of them will present a bill bringing this issue in front of Congress.  Our Forefathers established this nation on the premise of WE THE PEOPLE being free.  It took them a long time to do so by fighting a bloody Revolution against England, and then endless debates between the 13 original States to put into words  three documents that define all human freedoms.  The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill or Rights were irrefutable then, and they are still to this day.  And the true genius of these documents is that they are subject to change as time marches on.

Today, the professional politician is the reason our government is broken.  I can expatiate on this, but as a professional songwriter, this 'simple' statement stands on it's own, like a good Country song.  I am asking you, I'm imploring you to join me.  One man's voice can be heard if others reading it spread his words to others.  Our Democracy is founded on the preposition that one man's voice is important. 

WE THE PEOPLE can 'fix' our government.  We need to do so for ourselves, for our children and for their offspring.  America is the shining light of freedom for all Americans, it also represents the Glow of Liberty for all the peoples we share this planet with who aspire for Independence.  Many millions of our fellow Americans have fought, been wounded and died to insure our country will survive.  Let us not let their sacrifice go in vain.  Join me like many others across America are doing by signing up at this site: 


LT Bobby Ross


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