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Wednesday, 09 January 2013 13:16
After six years of what seems to be an ever-revolving cast, Thunder Power remains the collective musical outlet of a group of friends residing in Omaha, anchored by constant members Alex Boardman, Will Silvey Simons and Ian Simons.
They have released four EPs (two solo, two split), and they’re at long last ready to release their debut LP Volumes, out now on Slumber Party Records.
Volumes, recorded at ARC Studios in Omaha, features 11 tracks that capture the band’s musical approach of attempting to reach peak instrumental lushness, all balanced by the off-putting beauty (and sometimes frailness) of introverted songwriting.
Please visit for a couple of track previews.
Below is a still shot from Thunder Power's video for "Spiraling Sky" from Volumes. You can watch the video here.
or click this link...
The Spiraling Sky story is intricate yet universal. Toki, a monkey from another universe, embarks on a journey of psychedelic self-discovery and finds that he has more in common with transuniveral beings than he ever imagined possible after he ends up teleporting to a gathering at the home of early 20th century English nobleman Alexander Boardmont, 15th Earl Boardmont. Those in attendance receive an omen of a strange happening about to occur in the form of a cryptic medieval parchment, but do not know what to make of it until Toki bursts into the living room. As you will see, the cast (including two adorable live gibbons AND an animated monkey!) brings the story to life in a compelling mix of live and animated footage with a feel that is equal parts Downton Abbey, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Scooby-Doo.
You can also find the video for "Foreign Soil" from Volumes at
Thunder Power taking it easy on a beautiful fall afternoon in Omaha
A few kind words about our previous releases...
"Thunder Power is a band that understands dynamics, recalling a Moe Tucker-fronted Velvet Underground with just a splash of Pixies. Definitely worth keeping an eye on."
- My Old Kentucky Blog, Indianapolis, IN,
"Thunder Power reminds us of the kind of simplicity that is all we need to survive on, the ways that letters are put into words and then the way that they’re given context – the way that no matter what we’re going through, there’s really no stopping and that’s usually what gets us through and over to the other side."
"Soulful twee-pop…you’ll be humming…throughout the day."
"Thunder Power manages to flesh it out in subtle ways…making for little moments that let some maturity and individuality show through."
"I realize they have a forceful name, but their music is reminiscent of Belle and Sebastian: it’s got an extremely catchy and whimsical feel to it."
"Whatever the song, it doesn’t discount the fact that Thunder Power is an excellent band with amazing potential. They proved it with Love Yourself… and they definitely do so again with And Everything After."
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