Twenty Iowa Cities Benefit from $42.3 Million in Low-Interest State Revolving Fund Loans for Water Quality Initiatives Print
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Written by Emily Toribio   
Friday, 26 July 2013 14:25

Cities of Bonaparte, Burlington, Cambridge, Davenport, Deloit, Des Moines metro area, Dubuque, Gilmore City, Granger, Hills, Indianola, Keokuk, Lambs Grove, Lidderdale, Maquoketa, Melbourne, Monmouth, Sabula, Schleswig, and Sioux City receive
State Revolving Fund Loans to Further Water Quality Projects


Des Moines – Twenty Iowa cities will benefit from a combined total of more than $42.3 million in low-cost water quality loans through the State Revolving Fund. State Revolving Fund Construction Loans are a low-cost construction financing option available for Iowa cities and municipalities for water quality initiatives. Planning & Design Loans are zero percent loans that assist with the first-phase of project expenses. The Iowa Finance Authority and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources jointly administer the State Revolving Fund.

“I commend the twenty cities that recently tapped into the low-cost financing offered through the State Revolving Fund for their shared commitment to advancing affordable, quality water for Iowans,” said Iowa Finance Authority Executive Director Dave Jamison. “These low-cost loans will mean quality water and will help to maintain affordable water rates for thousands of Iowans for generations to come.”

“Many Iowa cities and municipalities have a wide-array of water quality improvement needs, and we are encouraged to see them take advantage of the low-cost financing through the State Revolving Fund in order to reach their community’s needs,” said Iowa Department of Natural Resources Director Chuck Gipp.

The State Revolving Fund has awarded Iowa communities and municipalities more than $2 billion in Construction Loans and $123 million through Planning & Design Loans since program inception. The loans are made available as part of the State Revolving Fund. For more information on Planning & Design Loans, as well as other State Revolving Fund programs, visit

The Iowa Legislature created The Iowa Finance Authority, the state’s housing finance agency, in 1975 to undertake programs to assist in the attainment of low- and moderate-income Iowans. IFA also administers the State Revolving Fund (SRF) in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The SRF assists communities with the costs of upgrading or constructing local wastewater and drinking water infrastructure projects.


Recent loan recipients:


Loan recipient



Project Type


City of Lidderdale              



Drinking Water Construction


Chris Andersen, 712.210.1783


City of Deloit



Planning & Design Loan

Karen Nemitz, 712.269.7993

City of Schleswig



Planning & Design Loan

Jane Smith, 712.676.3361


City of Granger



Planning & Design Loan

Kristy Trzeciak, 515.999.2210

City of Burlington

Des Moines


Planning & Design Loan

Steve Hartman, 319.753.8176


City of Dubuque



Clean Water Construction

Ken TeKippe, 563.589.4133


City of Gilmore City



Planning & Design Loan

Chris McKee, 515.373.6326


City of Maquoketa



Drinking Water Construction

Brian Wagner, 563.652.2484

City of Monmouth



Clean Water Construction

Stephanie Balichek, 563.673.5791

City of Sabula



Planning & Design Loan

Ronda James, 563.687.2420


City of Lambs Grove



Clean Water Construction

Christina Machin, 641.891.1309


City of Hills




Planning & Design Loan


Bonnie Hansen, 319.679.3197

Keokuk Municipal Water Works



Drinking Water Construction

Bill Cole, 319.524.5285

City of Melbourne



Clean Water Construction

Mary Pothast, 641.482.3338


Des Moines Metro Wastewater Reclamation Authority



Clean Water Construction

Scott Hutchens, 515.323.8031

City of Davenport



Clean Water Construction

Tom Leabhart,563.326.7729


City of Cambridge



Drinking Water Construction

Debra Thompson, 515.220.4541


City of Bonaparte

Van Buren


Planning & Design Loan


Nancy Nelson, 319.592.3400

City of Indianola



Clean Water Construction

Jean Furler, 515.961.9410


City of Sioux City



Clean Water Construction

Jade Dundas, 712.279.6957


City of Sioux City



Clean Water Construction

Jade Dundas, 712.279.6957

City of Sioux City



Clean Water Construction

Jade Dundas, 712.279.6957








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