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Written by Dana Morgan   
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 09:47

For the first time, the editors of Farm Progress have pulled together all of their reporting on new products exhibited at the 2011 Farm Progress Show.

DECATUR, ILL., (12/08/2011) - The challenge of covering the 90-plus-acre exhibit field of the nation's largest outdoor farm show with more than 500 displays is no easy task. For the first time, the editors of Farm Progress have pulled together a comprehensive look at many new products they found during the 2011 Farm Progress Show.

Editors’ Picks - 100 New Ag Products
With more than 100 products included in the new Farm Progress white paper, "What's New From the Farm Progress Show - 2011 New Products White Paper," the compilation gives you a chance to download and view plenty of new technology. The report is free and available on www.FarmProgressDaily.com.

"We've been putting a team of editors 'on the ground' to cover the show for more than a decade, and every year we're astounded by what we turn up," says Willie Vogt, editorial director, Farm Progress. "In this first-ever edition, farmers can review those products, and have interactive access to company websites and phone numbers if they're ready to buy."

Learn About the Latest Ag Technology
Whether you're looking for information from major company introductions, or dozens of new tools and technologies from specialty and shortline companies, you'll find it in this new report. It's a concise, handy review for producers who visited the show as well.

"The white paper is an efficient, and effective, way to deliver higher-end, in-depth content for our readers," says Jeff Lapin, president, Farm Progress. "It's a service we believe our readers will do more to take advantage of as our library expands."

To download this FREE white paper, go to www.FarmProgressDaily.com and click the link to "What's New From the Farm Progress Show - 2011 New Products White Paper" located at the top right of the site under the "Free Reports" heading. After a very short sign-in, you'll get an e-mail link to the information-packed document. It's that simple.

Additional White Papers
Two additional high-interest white papers are also posted on www.FarmProgressDaily.com and more are in development for the site. "We're producing a range of new white papers in the next year covering a wide range of topics. Already, we're giving farmers an in-depth look at key issues with vertical tillage and with corn production," Vogt said. "And you'll see more covering everything from wind power to balers to technology issues."

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